Horseshoe Curve Camera

Horseshoe Curve Camera is a camera mounted on the side of Altoona, Pennsylvania’s Horseshoe Curve railroad line. The camera uses two lenses to capture two pictures at once—one from each direction—of an approaching train. It has been in operation since 2003, and was created by as part of their effort to document railroading along this iconic stretch of track.

Every image taken by the camera is posted online for viewing and download. In addition to capturing trains passing through the curve, the camera also offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape which includes Kittanning Point and Bald Eagle Mountain in the distance. The Horseshoe Curve Camera captures images that cannot be found anywhere else, giving viewers a unique glimpse into one of America’s most iconic stretches of railroad track!

If you’re looking for a great view of the Horseshoe Curve in Pennsylvania, then look no further than the Horseshoe Curve Camera! This camera is mounted at an elevated position on top of Allegheny Portage Railroad National Historic Site and offers stunning 360-degree views of the curve. Whether you’re planning a trip to see it in person or just want to experience it from afar, this camera will give you an amazing vantage point that’s sure to amaze!

Q: What is the Horseshoe Curve Camera

The Horseshoe Curve Camera is a unique photographic tool that enables photographers to capture stunning images of the iconic horseshoe curve in Pennsylvania. It is a specialized camera that mounts onto any standard tripod, allowing for the photographer to perfectly align the camera with the shape and curves of the horseshoe curve. With this special setup, photographers are able to create breathtaking panoramic shots by mounting two cameras on either side and shooting simultaneously – creating an incredible perspective from both sides at once.

The resulting photos showcase how amazing and vast the area around Horseshoe Curve really is. Not only does it provide an impressive view from above, but it also offers insight into some of nature’s more hidden secrets as well.

Q: Where Can I Find This Camera

If you’re looking for a particular camera, the best place to start is online. You can easily search and compare cameras from various retailers like Amazon or B&H Photo Video. Additionally, many local stores also carry a wide variety of cameras.

Try visiting your closest electronics store or taking a trip to your nearest photography shop for more personalized advice and selection. If you’re having trouble finding exactly what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to reach out directly to the manufacturer as they may be able to help direct you in the right direction!


Horseshoe Curve Camera is a photography technique used to capture sweeping landscapes and majestic vistas. It is achieved by setting up your camera at the apex of a horseshoe-shaped curve in order to get an angle that captures both sides of the curve in one shot. This technique can be used to take dramatic shots with grand scale, allowing photographers to explore their creative side while also capturing amazing scenery from unusual angles.

Horseshoe Curve Camera requires careful setup, as the photographer must make sure their camera and lens are positioned just right so that all parts of the photograph come together seamlessly for optimum results. Additionally, it’s important for the photographer to understand how focal length plays into this type of photo composition in order to ensure perfect depth-of-field and clarity throughout the image frame.

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Q: How Often Does the Camera Update Its Footage

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Horseshoe Curve Virtual Railfan

The Horseshoe Curve Virtual Railfan is an online fan site for rail enthusiasts. It offers up-to-date and comprehensive information about the iconic curve, including news, photos, videos, and a live camera feed from one of its two locations on Altoona’s famous “Railroaders Memorial.” The website also provides detailed history of the area as well as contact information for any questions or comments.

Visitors can explore the history and scenic beauty of this historic location in an interactive way through the virtual railfan experience.

Horseshoe Curve Train Tracker

The Horseshoe Curve Train Tracker is an interactive map that allows users to view the status of all trains running through the famous Horseshoe Curve in Pennsylvania. It offers real-time updates on the speed, location, and direction of each train so you can stay informed about your journey or plan ahead for future trips. With this convenient resource available online, travelers can rest assured knowing they have up-to-date information about their chosen form of transportation.

Horseshoe Curve Website

The Horseshoe Curve Website is a great online resource for visitors interested in learning more about this iconic landmark. Located near Altoona, Pennsylvania, the site provides detailed information about the history and significance of the curve as well as photos and videos from past events held there. Visitors can also find out how to plan their own visit to the area or even book tickets for guided tours led by expert staff members.

Whether you’re looking for facts about its construction or simply want to experience something unique and memorable, the Horseshoe Curve Website has it all!

Horseshoe Curve Train Schedule

The Horseshoe Curve Train Schedule is a convenient and affordable way to travel between Altoona, PA and Pittsburgh, PA. The train runs several times a day with stops in both cities as well as Johnstown, Latrobe, Greensburg and more. With regular fares starting at just $9 one-way, the Horseshoe Curve Train Schedule provides an easy commuting option for anyone looking to get from A to B quickly!

Horseshoe Curve Admission Prices

Horseshoe Curve National Historic Site admission is free for those who wish to explore the park. There is a $5 fee for parking that can be paid online prior to arrival, or at the entrance upon entering the park. The fees collected support visitor services and facilities available at Horseshoe Curve.

Come experience this amazing historic site!

Strasburg Railroad Webcam

The Strasburg Railroad Webcam offers a live view of the famous railroad located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. This webcam allows viewers from around the world to watch as vintage steam-powered trains journey along the tracks through picturesque Amish country. The Strasburg Railroad is America’s oldest operating short line railway and has been entertaining visitors since 1832.

With this unique webcam, you can enjoy an up close and personal look at the historical locomotives without ever leaving your home!

Horseshoe Bend Live Cam

The Horseshoe Bend Live Cam offers an incredible, real-time view of one of the most incredible landscapes in the United States. Located on the Colorado River near Page, Arizona, this unique formation is made up of red sandstone and limestone formations that have been carved by thousands of years of erosion into a spectacular horseshoe shape. With views from both the land and water, you can experience all the beauty this natural wonder has to offer with just a few clicks!

Is Horseshoe Curve Open

Horseshoe Curve is open to visitors, with all safety protocols in place. Visitors are required to wear face masks and practice social distancing while visiting the site. Additionally, there is no train service at Horseshoe Curve until further notice due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, visitors can still enjoy the rich history of this beloved landmark that has been around since 1854.


The Horseshoe Curve Camera is an amazing tool for transportation and rail enthusiasts alike. Not only does it provide a unique view of the historic curve, but also allows visitors to experience all the sights and sounds from anywhere in the world. It has become an invaluable resource for anyone interested in learning more about this iconic landmark.

With its ease of use, high resolution images, and fascinating history, the Horseshoe Curve Camera is sure to be a hit among both local residents and travelers alike.

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