Still Cruisin Tripod

Still Cruisin’ Tripod is a unique and innovative tripod that has been designed specifically for photographers who want to capture the perfect shot while on the go. It features three adjustable legs that can be quickly adjusted to various heights, angles, and positions in order to get just the right angle for any situation. Additionally, its lightweight design makes it ideal for travel use as it can easily fit into most backpacks or bags.

Its rubber feet ensures stability on any surface and its quick-release plate allows users to easily switch out cameras without having to waste time with complex setups. Ultimately, Still Cruisin’ Tripod is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a versatile solution when shooting on the move.

Still Cruisin Tripod is a fantastic option for photographers who are looking to take their photography skills to the next level. This light-weight and sturdy tripod allows you to capture stunning images from virtually any angle, allowing you to explore your creative side as a photographer. It has adjustable leg angles and a quick release plate that makes set up and break down easy and convenient.

With its solid construction and professional look, it’s no wonder why this tripod is one of the most popular choices among serious amateur photographers.


Q1: What is the Purpose of Still Cruisin Tripod

The Still Cruisin Tripod serves as a multi-purpose support system for photography and videography. This tripod is designed to provide stability and flexibility, allowing you to capture crystal clear photos and videos in any setting. It features three extendable legs with adjustable height settings, making it easy to adjust the positioning of your camera or camcorder.

The rubberized feet ensure that the tripod remains secure on any surface while providing additional grip so you can take steady shots without worry. The compact design allows for convenient storage when not in use, making it perfect for on-the-go photographers and filmmakers alike!

Q2: How Much Does the Still Cruisin Tripod Weigh

The Still Cruisin Tripod is a lightweight and compact tripod designed for easy portability. It weighs only 2.8 pounds, making it one of the lightest tripods on the market while still providing stability and durability. The three-section legs feature quick-release leg locking mechanisms which make it easy to adjust the height of the tripod with minimal effort, and its reversible center column allows you to get low-angle shots without any hassle.

Its maximum load capacity is 5kg/11lbs, more than enough to support most DSLR cameras or camcorders.

14 Lbs (970G)

14 lbs is equal to 6.35 kg, which is a relatively small weight. This amount of weight could easily be lifted by an adult with minimal effort and can typically be found in everyday items like laundry detergent or pet food bags. For comparison, the average person weighs around 70-80 kg (154-176 lbs).

Therefore, 14 lbs is less than 1/10th of most adults’ bodyweight and would barely make a dent in someone’s total mass if they were carrying it around all day.

Q3: Is the Still Cruisin Tripod Compatible With Phones And Other Devices

Yes, the Still Cruisin Tripod is compatible with phones and other devices. It has a universal phone holder that can accommodate all sizes of smartphones, up to 4-6 inches in length. The tripod’s adjustable legs allow it to easily be used on flat or uneven surfaces and its 360 degree ball head rotation allows for full range of motion when shooting videos or taking photos from different angles.

Additionally, this versatile tripod also features an integrated quick-release plate which makes it easy to quickly mount and unmount your device onto the tripod for convenient transport.

Still Cruisin Tripod


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