Celestron Heavy-Duty Altazimuth Tripod

Celestron Heavy-Duty Altazimuth Tripod is a sturdy, durable tripod for use with Celestron telescopes. It features an adjustable aluminum leg design that can support up to 11 lbs (5 kg) of telescope weight and has adjustable height settings ranging from 24” – 47” (61 cm – 119 cm). The mount head also includes two slow motion control knobs for making precise movements in both the altitude and azimuth axes.

Additionally, this tripod offers a stable base thanks to its non-slip rubber feet which provide a secure footing on any surface. Its 1/4” – 20 mounting plate ensures compatibility with most standard camera tripods while its steel construction provides long lasting durability even in harsh outdoor conditions. Overall, the Celestron Heavy-Duty Altazimuth Tripod is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a reliable solution when using their Celestron telescope outdoors or indoors.

The Celestron Heavy-Duty Altazimuth Tripod is perfect for the astronomer looking to set up a large telescope with ease. This sturdy and reliable tripod offers strong support when it comes to mounting your telescope, allowing you to get stable images even in windy conditions. Made from durable materials, this tripod can withstand heavy loads while providing smooth and precise altitude/azimuth adjustments.

With its heavy-duty construction and adjustable height legs, the Celestron Heavy-Duty Altazimuth Tripod is an invaluable asset for any serious stargazer!

Celestron Heavy-Duty Altazimuth Tripod

Q: What is the Maximum Weight Capacity of the Celestron Heavy-Duty Altazimuth Tripod

The Celestron Heavy-Duty Altazimuth Tripod has a maximum weight capacity of 20 lbs (9 kg). The tripod is designed to provide stability and support for larger telescopes and mounts. It features adjustable height, sturdy aluminum legs, rubber feet for added grip on any surface, slow motion controls on both axes, and bubble levelers to ensure accuracy when aiming the telescope.

Additionally, it comes with an accessory tray that can hold up to 5lbs of astronomy accessories such as eyepieces or other tools. With its heavy-duty construction and solid design, this Celestron tripod offers excellent strength and stability for your astronomy needs.

Q: Does the Celestron Heavy-Duty Altazimuth Tripod Come With an Accessory Tray

Yes, the Celestron Heavy-Duty Altazimuth Tripod does come with an accessory tray. This removable tray is designed to store and organize your gear, making it easier for you to have all of your telescope accessories within reach. The accessory tray is constructed from durable aluminum and includes a bubble level so that you can make sure your telescope is properly balanced when mounted on the tripod.

It also features two adjustable clamps which allow you to attach additional items such as cameras or binoculars.

Q: How Tall is the Celestron Heavy-Duty Altazimuth Tripod When Fully Extended

The Celestron Heavy-Duty Altazimuth Tripod is fully extended to a height of 59.5 inches (151 cm). This tripod is designed with adjustable aluminum legs, making it easy to adjust the height according to your needs. It also includes an accessory tray and bubble level for precision alignment, as well as rubber feet for stability on uneven surfaces.

With a maximum load capacity of 20lbs (9 kg), this heavy-duty tripod can easily support any telescope or spotting scope up to that weight limit. Whether you’re using a smaller refractor or large reflector, the Celestron Heavy-Duty Altazimuth Tripod will provide you with stable viewing platform from which to observe the night sky!

Celestron Heavy-Duty Altazimuth Tripod

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Celestron Heavy-Duty Altazimuth Tripod 93607 Manual

The Celestron Heavy-Duty Altazimuth Tripod 93607 Manual is an excellent tool for anyone who needs a sturdy and reliable tripod to support their astronomical observations. This manual includes detailed instructions on how to assemble and adjust the legs, as well as proper care and maintenance guidelines that will help ensure your telescope remains in the best condition possible. Additionally, this tripod features adjustable height settings up to 55 inches, making it ideal for both terrestrial and celestial observation sessions.

The heavy-duty construction ensures that your equipment stays securely in place while you explore the wonders of space!

Celestron Heavy-Duty Altazimuth Tripod Review

Celestron’s Heavy-Duty Altazimuth Tripod is a great choice for those looking for a sturdy, reliable tripod to mount their telescope. It features adjustable aluminum legs and an easy-to-use azimuth lock knob that allows you to quickly secure the telescope in place. With its heavy-duty construction and secure mounting system, this tripod can handle up to 50 lbs of weight, making it perfect for larger telescopes or heavier equipment.

Setup is also simple, with leg extensions that easily reach up to 68″. Overall, Celestron’s Heavy Duty Altazimuth Tripod offers excellent stability at an affordable price point – making it a great choice for any astronomer!

Celestron Heavy-Duty Altazimuth Tripod Youtube

The Celestron Heavy-Duty Altazimuth Tripod is a must-have for any astronomy enthusiast. It’s strong, stable design makes it ideal for supporting your telescope or spotting scope while you observe the stars. With its adjustable height and heavy-duty construction, this tripod provides an excellent platform to help ensure steady viewing of celestial objects.

There are also plenty of helpful YouTube videos that provide assembly instructions and tips on how to best use the tripod to get the most out of your stargazing experience!

Celestron Tripod Replacement Parts

Whether you need a tripod leg or an accessory to replace a missing part, Celestron has many replacement parts available for telescopes and mounts. These include everything from tripod legs and spreaders to hand controllers, motors, encoders, power supplies and more. With the variety of options available for replacement parts, users can ensure their telescope is always running optimally.

Celestron 93607

The Celestron 93607 is a powerful telescope designed for intermediate and advanced astronomers. It features an 8-inch Schmidt Cassegrain optical tube assembly, providing ample light gathering power and clear views of the night sky. The optics are of excellent quality, and with its sturdy tripod mount it can handle up to 20 pounds of astronomical equipment.

The fully computerized NexStar+ hand controller makes finding celestial objects easy and allows users to customize their viewing experience. This telescope is great for those looking for a higher powered telescope without breaking the bank!

Alt-Azimuth Tripod

An Alt-Azimuth Tripod is a type of mount designed to hold telescopes and other astronomical instruments. It uses two axes of rotation, the azimuth axis for horizontal movement, and the altitude axis for vertical movement. This allows the telescope or instrument to be pointed in any direction without having to be reoriented each time.

The tripod also provides stability and reduces vibration from wind or other sources which can affect image quality.

Tripod for Celestron Binoculars

Tripods are a great addition to any Celestron binoculars. They provide the user with increased stability, allowing for better viewing and long-distance observation without having to strain or hold your arms up in awkward positions. Tripods also help reduce fatigue from extended use, making them ideal for those who plan on using their binoculars for longer periods of time.

Additionally, tripods can be easily adjusted to different angles, giving you flexible options when searching the sky or watching wildlife.

Celestron Replacement Tripod

Celestron replacement tripods are sturdy and reliable pieces of equipment designed to provide a secure platform for your telescope or binoculars. Made from tough aluminum, these tripods feature adjustable height controls and non-slip rubber feet which ensure that your instrument is held securely in place. The center column has a tension control knob for easy setup, while the panning arms make it simple to adjust the field of view.

Whether you need a lightweight solution for casual astronomy or heavy duty support for astrophotography, Celestron replacement tripods offer reliable performance at an affordable price.


The Celestron Heavy-Duty Altazimuth Tripod is an ideal choice for anyone looking to keep their telescope steady and secure. With a solid steel construction, adjustable height settings, and intuitive design, it’s the perfect tripod for any astrophotography enthusiast. Its heavy-duty build ensures that your telescope won’t move or wobble even in windy conditions while its adjustable legs make setting up easy.

This tripod is well worth the price tag and provides excellent stability with minimal effort on your part.

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