Running Board Strobe Lights

Running board strobe lights are special lighting systems that are installed on the sides of a vehicle. They usually feature bright and powerful LED lights, which can be used for various purposes such as warning other drivers or providing additional illumination to the side of the car. These running board strobe lights are often attached at the bottom of each side panel, near the foot step area or undercarriage.

In addition to their function as warning devices, they also enhance visibility during nighttime driving. Some models feature multiple colors, while others have adjustable brightness levels according to different needs. Additionally, they may come with installation accessories including power inverter and wiring harnesses for easy installations in any type of vehicles.

Running Board Strobe Lights offer a great way to get noticed on the road. They provide intense, bright lighting that can help you stand out in traffic and be seen day or night. Not only do they make your vehicle look more stylish but they are also an easy upgrade to add safety features when driving at night.

Whether you’re looking for something functional like extra visibility or just want to add some style, Running Board Strobe Lights are the perfect solution!

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What Vehicles Can Use Strobe Lights?

Strobe lights can be used on a variety of vehicles, from emergency response vehicles such as fire trucks and ambulances to tow trucks, construction vehicles, utility vans and cars. Emergency response strobe lights are typically white or blue in color and serve the purpose of alerting other drivers or pedestrians that they should move out-of-the-way due to an emergency situation. Tow truck strobe lights may be amber in color so that other drivers will know to move aside for them.

Construction vehicle strobe lights are usually orange or yellow so others can recognize the type of vehicle in their vicinity and take extra safety precautions if necessary. Utility vans might have any combination of colors depending on what service they provide, while personal vehicles with installed strobes must adhere to state regulations regarding lighting visibility and brightness levels.

Can Any Led Strobe?

Yes, any LED light can be used as a strobe. A strobe is simply a flashing light that emits short bursts of intense illumination at regular intervals. Because LEDs are already capable of emitting quick flashes and pulses of light, they make ideal choices for use in strobes.

Furthermore, LEDs typically require less power to operate than traditional incandescent bulbs while offering longer life spans due to their lack of filaments or other fragile components. This makes them more cost-effective and reliable lighting solutions for applications such as stage lighting or emergency warning systems where frequent use is expected.

What Does Strobe Mean on Led Lights?

Strobe lights are a type of LED light that rapidly alternates between on and off states, creating an effect similar to the strobing technique used in photography. This rapid flashing creates an illusion of motion, making it ideal for applications such as stage lighting and special effects. The intensity of the strobe effect can be adjusted by changing the flash rate or duty cycle, so you can create different levels of intensity from slow pulsing to very fast flashes.

Strobe lights can also be synchronized with other types of lighting equipment to create complex visual displays.

Running Board Strobe Lights


Whelen Running Board Lights

Whelen Running Board Lights are a great way to provide extra visibility for emergency vehicles. They’re designed to fit underneath the running boards of police cars, fire trucks, and other emergency vehicles. The lights have an adjustable angle that can be adjusted up or down for optimal light distribution and come in a variety of colors including amber, blue, red and white.

These lights are sealed against the elements so they can withstand any weather condition while still providing bright illumination on the scene.

Running Board Light Stick

The Running Board Light Stick is an essential accessory for any off-road vehicle. It provides a bright light source when traversing difficult terrain at night, ensuring that you can see where you are going and make your way safely to wherever you need to be. The stick has two settings: one that allows it to illuminate the area around the vehicle and another that projects forward in front of the tires, giving ample warning of any obstacles ahead.

This handy tool is also waterproof and rechargeable, making it a great addition to your outdoor adventure gear!

Running Board Emergency Lights

Running board emergency lights are a great way to increase the visibility of your vehicle, especially when responding to an emergency. These lights are usually mounted on the running boards or side steps of vehicles and can be powered by either a 12-volt power source or hardwired directly into the electrical system. They come in different sizes, colors and wattages so you can customize them to meet your specific needs.

Running board emergency lights provide additional lighting for police officers, firefighters, EMS personnel and other first responders who need enhanced visibility for their vehicles during critical moments.

Led Running Board Lights

Led Running Board Lights are a great way to add a touch of style and safety to your vehicle. These lights are designed to be highly visible, making them an excellent choice for night-time visibility when running boards may otherwise be difficult to see. In addition, they can also provide extra illumination if you’re loading or unloading cargo in the dark.

Led Running Board Lights come in several different styles and colors so you can easily find the perfect look for your car or truck.

Code 3 Running Board Lights

Code 3 Running Board Lights are a great way to improve visibility for police vehicles. They offer a bright light output, making them ideal for increasing the safety of officers and other traffic on the road. These lights mount on the side step running boards of most law enforcement vehicles and will illuminate with blue or red LEDs when activated.

This is an important feature for any vehicle that needs to be seen in dark or foggy conditions as well as during emergency situations where quick response time is essential.

Red Led Running Board Lights

Red LED running board lights are a great way to add extra safety and visibility to your vehicle. These lights are typically installed underneath the running boards on either side of the vehicle, and they can help increase the visibility of your car from a distance. They also provide an added layer of protection while driving in low light conditions, since they will be illuminated at all times.

Red LED running board lights are easy to install and maintain, making them an excellent choice for anyone looking for increased safety on their ride.


In conclusion, running board strobe lights are a great way to customize your car and add a unique touch. They provide an amazing visual effect that will make you stand out from the crowd and create a sense of style in your car. Additionally, they are easy to install and operate, as well as relatively inexpensive compared to other aftermarket lighting products.

Not only do these lights enhance the look of your vehicle but also increase visibility at night for added safety on the road. Whether you’re looking for something eye-catching or just more practicality on the roads, running board strobe lights have it all!

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