Johnson Laser Level Tripod

A Johnson Laser Level Tripod is a device used to help ensure accuracy when setting up and leveling objects. It consists of three legs made from aluminum or steel that can be adjusted with the aid of a bubble level. The laser level has an adjustable head which projects a vertical line onto the surface, allowing for precise placement of materials in relation to each other.

Additionally, its height can be adjusted using an integrated crank mechanism or by adding extension poles for higher levels. With its portability and ease of setup, this tool is ideal for any task related to construction, carpentry, framing and surveying jobs.

The Johnson laser level tripod is the perfect tool for any job requiring precise alignment. This heavy-duty, aluminum-alloy tripod is fully adjustable, allowing you to easily adjust the height and angle of your laser level with its sturdy locking legs. The included quick release plate makes it easy to switch out levels quickly and efficiently while the rubber feet keep it firmly planted on any surface.

Additionally, this tripod comes with a handy carrying case for convenient transport and storage when not in use.

Johnson All-In-One Mounting Pole With Tripod

Do I Need a Tripod for Laser Level?

Yes, you need a tripod for your laser level. A tripod is essential for any type of construction or surveying work. It allows you to set up the laser level at a specific height and angle, which helps ensure accuracy when taking measurements or leveling surfaces.

The tripod also provides stability so that the laser beam remains steady even if there are vibrations in the ground or air around it. A good quality tripod should be able to hold the weight of your tool securely and have adjustable legs so you can adjust its position according to your project needs.

How Do You Attach a Laser Level to a Tripod?

Attaching a laser level to a tripod is surprisingly simple. First, you must extend the tripod legs so that it is at your desired height and make sure it is stable. Once the tripod legs are in place, take the provided mounting plate from your laser level kit and attach it to the top of the tripod with screws or bolts.

After attaching the mounting plate securely, line up your laser level on top of it and use either screws or a tightening knob to secure it firmly in place. Make sure you have placed all connections firmly as this will prevent any wobbles when using your laser level on uneven surfaces.

Can I Use a Camera Tripod for Laser Level?

Yes, you can use a camera tripod for laser level. Camera tripods are designed to provide a stable base and an adjustable height so they can be used with many different types of equipment, including laser levels. Camera tripods typically have three legs that spread out in order to make the base more stable and secure.

Additionally, most camera tripods also come with a head adapter which allows you to attach a variety of devices such as lasers or cameras onto them. With this flexibility it is easy to see whycamera tripods are often chosen when needing stability for lasers and other tools requiring precise measurements.

How Do You Use Johnson Laser Level?

Using a Johnson laser level is easy and straightforward. Start by setting up the tripod for the laser, making sure it’s stable and secure. Adjust the leveling bubble to ensure that the unit is in its horizontal plane.

Turn on the power switch and wait until you hear a tone indicating that it has been activated. Use either an automatic self-leveling feature or manual settings to adjust the beam’s vertical angle (also known as plumb line). Once you have adjusted your desired settings, press down on the locking mechanism or tighten clamp of your tripod so no vibrations will affect your measurements.

Now you are ready to start measuring! Aim at any target – wall, window, door frame etc., and make note of where your beam intersects with other points/surfaces around it.

Johnson Laser Level Tripod


Johnson Laser Level Kit

The Johnson Laser Level Kit is a great tool for any DIYer or contractor looking to quickly and accurately level surfaces. This kit includes an accurate laser level that projects four lines of light, two wall mounts, a tripod stand, and the necessary batteries to get you up and running right away. With its easy-to-use controls, this kit provides all you need to ensure your next project is even and straight.

Johnson Laser Level 40-0918

The Johnson Laser Level 40-0918 is a highly accurate and reliable self-leveling tool which makes it the perfect choice for professional contractors. Its bright LED display and easy to use controls make it simple to set up and adjust, while its advanced accuracy ensures that you can get the job done right. With a range of up to 100 feet and an adjustable base mount, this laser level is versatile enough for any project.

Whether you’re working on a construction site or in your own shop, the Johnson Laser Level 40-0918 will help ensure your results are precise every time.

Johnson Laser Level Accessories

Johnson Laser Level Accessories can provide the user with a great deal of convenience when it comes to setting up and leveling projects. From wall mount brackets that make it easy to set up a laser level on any surface, to tripod adapters for mounting the device on tripods or sticks, Johnson offers a wide variety of accessories designed specifically for use with their laser levels. With these accessories, users are able to free up their hands while performing detailed measurements and leveling tasks.

Johnson Tripod Parts

Johnson Tripod Parts are essential to any photographer’s equipment. They provide stability and support for cameras, lenses, and other photography accessories. Johnson tripods come in a variety of sizes and materials so that you can find the perfect one for your needs.

From lightweight aluminum models to more robust carbon fiber designs, Johnson has something for everyone. With quality parts like quick release plates, adjustable legs, counter-balance systems, and center columns included with each tripod purchase – it is no wonder why they are a favorite among photographers everywhere!

Johnson Hot Shot Laser Level

The Johnson Hot Shot Laser Level is a great tool for any DIYer or professional contractor. It’s easy to use and provides precision accuracy when leveling walls, door frames and more. Its auto-leveling technology ensures that it remains level even when the surface moves slightly.

The laser has an operating range of up to 100 feet, making it ideal for larger jobs. With its bright red beam, you can easily see where you’re aiming the laser and it operates on AA batteries so you don’t have to worry about a power source while working outdoors.

Johnson Laser Level Parts

Johnson Laser Level Parts are essential for any construction or home improvement project. From laser level receivers to wall brackets, Johnson offers a wide selection of parts to meet your needs. Their precision engineering ensures that each part is designed for accuracy and durability in the most challenging environments.

Whether you’re working on a small remodeling job or larger scale construction projects, trust Johnson Laser Level Parts to get the job done right!

Outdoor Laser Level

An outdoor laser level is an extremely useful tool to have in your arsenal of handyman and DIY equipment. Not only can it help you ensure a perfectly leveled surface, but it can also be used to accurately mark the position of surfaces or objects so that they line up properly. Outdoor laser levels are portable and lightweight, making them easy to transport when working outdoors.

They come equipped with a variety of features such as bubbles levels, adjustable tripod stands and automatic self-leveling capabilities, allowing for maximum precision when measuring angles or distances between objects.

Johnson Torpedo Laser Level

The Johnson Torpedo Laser Level is an essential tool for any construction or home improvement project. It features a self-leveling laser that automatically adjusts to ensure accuracy and precision when working on jobs like hanging pictures, installing shelves, or framing walls. This level also comes with a tripod stand to make setup quick and easy.

With its bright LED visibility in all lighting conditions, the Johnson Torpedo Laser Level can help you get projects done quickly and accurately.


The Johnson Laser Level Tripod is a great choice for anyone looking to do home improvement projects or any kind of DIY project. It provides an accurate and easy way to level surfaces with its laser technology, which helps you get the job done quickly and accurately. The tripod itself is lightweight and adjustable, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

With its durability, accuracy, convenience, ease of use, affordability, this product makes a great addition to any tool collection.

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