Polaroid Land Camera Model 80A

The Polaroid Land Camera Model 80A was a popular camera model released in 1965 by the Polaroid Corporation. It was designed to be an easy-to-use, convenient point-and-shoot camera that used instant film instead of conventional roll film. The Model 80A featured a rangefinder focusing system, f/11 lens with three shutter speeds (1/50 sec., 1/100 sec., and 1/200 sec.), flashcube socket, electronic flash synchronization capability, retractable carrying handle for portability, and a built-in light meter to help determine the proper exposure.

It also had a detachable film back which allowed users to easily switch between different types of instant films such as black & white and color packs. The Model 80A offered photographers an economical way to capture high quality photographs quickly and easily without having to wait for prints from their local drug store or photo lab.

The Polaroid Land Camera Model 80A is a classic instant film camera from the 1970s. This iconic piece of equipment was the first to use Polaroid’s trademarked integral print film and revolutionized photography by producing an image in just 60 seconds. With its simple, yet sophisticated design, this camera has become a collector’s item that offers stunning results even today.

Whether you’re looking for vintage charm or impressive image quality, the Polaroid Land Camera Model 80A is sure to deliver.

Is a Polaroid Land Camera Worth Anything?

A Polaroid Land camera can be a valuable collectible item, depending on the particular model and its condition. Some models of these classic cameras are highly sought after by collectors, with prices ranging from $50-$500 or even higher depending on the specific model and its condition. For example, some early SX-70 models that were produced between 1972-1977 can bring in over $1000 if they are kept in good working order.

If you have an old Polaroid Land camera, it may be worth something to the right collector!

When Did the Polaroid Land Camera Model 80 Come Out?

The Polaroid Land camera model 80 was released in 1947 and is considered to be the very first instant camera. It was the first of its kind, utilizing a roll of film that would allow users to take pictures and have them developed within minutes. The Model 80 also featured an adjustable lens, enabling photographers to control their focus for better results.

In addition, it included one of the earliest forms of flash technology with a built-in bulb that could be triggered manually or by using a light meter. This revolutionary device changed photography forever and has been used as an inspiration for many new cameras today.

What Film Does Polaroid 80A Use?

The Polaroid 80A is a vintage instant camera released in 1973 that uses the now-discontinued Polaroid 809 film. This type of film was unique because it used color dyes rather than silver halides, which allowed for brighter and more vivid colors with excellent saturation and contrast. The Polaroid 80A has become a collector’s item due to its classic design and ability to produce stunning photos with just one click of the shutter button.

How Much Would an Old Polaroid Camera Be Worth?

The value of an old Polaroid camera depends on many factors, such as its condition, age and model. In general, vintage Polaroid cameras can be worth anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand depending on the rarity and condition of the camera. More common models like the SX-70 often sell for around $100 to $200 while rarer models like the Big Shot or Spectra can fetch prices in excess of $1000.

Other factors that may influence value include whether or not it comes with accessories and if it is still working properly.

Polaroid Land Camera Model 80A Film

The Polaroid Land Camera Model 80A is a vintage instant camera that was originally released in 1965. It uses an electronic flash system to ensure well-exposed photos, and it can work with both roll film and pack film. This model of camera is also known for its ability to produce vibrant colors on the finished product.

Furthermore, this camera has an adjustable shutter speed of 10 seconds to 1/1000th of a second, giving photographers more control over their shots.

Polaroid Land Camera Model 80 Wikipedia

The Polaroid Land Camera Model 80 was introduced in 1947 by Polaroid Corporation and is the first commercial self-developing camera. It uses instant film to produce a positive print within two minutes of exposure, making it an incredibly popular choice for amateur photographers. This camera has several design features that make it unique, such as its collapsible bellows system, adjustable focus lens and built-in flash.

The Model 80 can still be used today with special films available from third-party vendors.

Polaroid Land Camera Model 80A Worth

The Polaroid Land Camera Model 80A is a classic instant film camera from the 1970s and is highly sought after by vintage collectors. It has an estimated value of up to $200 depending on its condition, making it a great investment for those looking to purchase a piece of photography history. The Model 80A was known for its durability, reliable performance, and easy-to-use design that made it popular among amateur photographers at the time.

Whether you’re just starting out in photography or are an experienced collector, this camera is sure to be a valuable asset!

Polaroid Land Camera Model 80 How to Use

The Polaroid Land Camera Model 80 is a classic instant film camera that was first released in 1965. It is easy to use and requires no complex settings adjustments; simply set the aperture dial for sunny or cloudy conditions, focus the lens, press down on the shutter button, and watch your photograph develop before your eyes! With its vintage charm and ease of operation, it remains a popular choice among both amateur photographers and professional artists looking to capture unique photos with an old-school aesthetic.

Polaroid Land Camera Model 80 Manual

The Polaroid Land Camera Model 80 is a classic instant film camera that was first released in the 1950s. It has since become an iconic part of photography history, thanks to its simplicity and ease of use. The manual for this camera provides all the information necessary to operate it correctly, including detailed instructions on how to load film, assemble and disassemble the camera, as well as troubleshooting tips.

For photographers looking for vintage charm with modern convenience, the Polaroid Land Camera Model 80 manual is an essential resource!

Polaroid Land Camera Model 80B

The Polaroid Land Camera Model 80B was first released in 1965, making it one of the earliest instant film cameras available. This camera uses Polaroid’s Type 80 black and white film, producing photographs with a unique matte finish. The camera features an adjustable focus lens as well as a range of shutter speeds from 1/500th to 10 seconds.

It also has manual exposure settings that allow users to adjust their shots for different lighting conditions. All-in-all, the Polaroid Land Camera Model 80B is an iconic piece of photographic history that still produces beautiful results today!


The Polaroid Land Camera Model 80A is a great choice for anyone looking to capture photos on the go. Its simple and intuitive design makes it quick and easy to use, while its vintage charm offers a unique photographic experience. With its wide range of features, from adjustable shutterspeed and aperture settings to improved flash technology, the Polaroid Land Camera Model 80A is an excellent option for those who want to capture their memories in style.

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