Panasonic Pv-L550 Vhs-C Camcorder

The Panasonic PV-L550 VHS-C Camcorder is a compact, lightweight camcorder that offers easy operation and excellent video quality. It features an 8x optical zoom lens to capture clear images from far away. The camera also has two built in microphones to record sound with greater clarity.

It includes an LCD viewfinder for precise framing of shots and a 2″ color LCD monitor for previewing recordings or playing back footage with ease. Additionally, the AV/S Video Out feature allows you to connect the camera directly to your TV or VCR for viewing on larger screens. The PV-L550 can be powered by either 6 AA batteries or AC power so you have plenty of options when it comes time to charge up before each use.

The Panasonic PV-L550 VHS-C Camcorder is perfect for capturing memories and preserving them in high quality. This camcorder features a 23x optical zoom, allowing you to get close up shots of even the farthest subjects. Its intuitive menu system makes it easy to operate, while its 2.5” color LCD monitor allows you to see what you’re shooting in real time.

The included AC adapter and rechargeable battery means that you can stay powered up for long recording sessions without having to worry about running out of juice. And with its sleek design and lightweight build, this camcorder is perfect for taking with you on all your adventures!

Panasonic Palmcorder VHS-C PV-L550D Camcorder eBay Demo

Q: What Type of Camcorder is the Panasonic Pv-L550

The Panasonic Pv-L550 is a VHS-C camcorder that was released in 1997. It has a number of features, such as an LCD monitor, digital zoom, and image stabilizer. The camera also has a microphone input jack for recording audio directly to the tape.

It uses standard VHS tapes and can record up to one hour of high quality footage at SP mode or two hours in EP mode. Additionally, it includes easy-to-understand controls so users can easily adjust settings like exposure levels and focus.

Q: Does the Panasonic Pv-L550 Include an Ac Power Adapter

Yes, the Panasonic PV-L550 includes an AC power adapter. This adapter is capable of supplying up to 5 Amps at 24V and can be used with a range of different types of cameras in order to provide the necessary power requirements for them. The AC power adapter also comes with a number of safety features such as over-voltage protection, short circuit prevention, and temperature control which makes it suitable for use with any camera model.

Q: Are There Any Other Accessories Included With the Panasonic Pv-L550

Yes, the Panasonic Pv-L550 comes with a variety of accessories. It includes an AC Adapter to power your camcorder, a DC Cable for connecting to other devices such as TVs or computers, and an AV (Audio Video) Cable for viewing video on bigger screens. Additionally, it also has two rechargeable batteries – one large battery and one small spare battery – so you can keep recording even when the main battery runs out of juice.

Finally, the package also contains a handy carrying case to make transporting your Panasonic Pv-L550 easy and convenient.

Panasonic Pv-L550 Vhs-C Camcorder


Panasonic Pv L550 Vhs C Camcorder Specs

The Panasonic PV-L550 VHS-C Camcorder is a high quality piece of equipment that offers an array of impressive specs. It has a 3CCD sensor, 16:9 widescreen recording capability, 400x digital zoom, and a 2.5 inch color LCD monitor. This camcorder also includes such features as built-in image stabilization and time lapse recording, giving you the ability to capture amazing footage in any situation.

With its intuitive user interface and durable construction, this camera is sure to provide years of reliable operation for your video needs!

Panasonic Pv L550 Vhs C Camcorder Review

The Panasonic PV L550 VHS C Camcorder is an excellent choice for anyone looking to capture memories on an old-school format. This camcorder has a great design and easy-to-use controls, making it accessible even to those who may not be familiar with video equipment. The quality of the recordings is clear and crisp, providing beautiful footage you can enjoy for years to come.

Reviewers have praised this model for its reliability, affordability, and overall performance – definitely worth considering if you want a reliable budget option!

Panasonic Pv L550 Vhs C Camcorder Price

The Panasonic PV L550 VHS C Camcorder is an excellent choice for anyone looking to capture high-quality videos with ease. With a price tag of around $200 USD, this camcorder offers great value and performance for the money. It features a 2.5″ color LCD monitor, 20x optical zoom lens, built-in microphone and more – making it perfect for capturing those special moments in life with amazing clarity and detail.

Panasonic Pv L550 Vhs C Camcorder Manual

The Panasonic Pv L550 VHS-C Camcorder Manual is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to purchase and use this camera. It provides instructions on how to operate the camera, as well as troubleshooting tips and maintenance information. The manual also includes a parts list of all the components included with the camcorder so you can be sure that your product is functioning correctly.

With its comprehensive guide, the Panasonic Pv L550 VHS-C Camcorder Manual will help ensure that users get maximum enjoyment out of their experience with this powerful device.

Panasonic Pv-L559 Palmcorder Camcorder

The Panasonic PV-L559 Palmcorder Camcorder is a great choice for anyone needing to capture high quality video footage. This camcorder features an advanced 2x digital optical zoom, making it easy to get close up shots of your subject. It also has a 3″ LCD monitor so you can review the footage without having to connect it to another device.

Additionally, this camcorder has a built-in microphone and headphone jack for audio recording and playback, as well as an external port for connecting external devices such as laptops or phones. With all these features combined with its lightweight design, the Panasonic PV-L559 Palmcorder Camcorder is perfect for capturing life’s special moments on camera!

Panasonic Pv-L550D Battery Charger

The Panasonic PV-L550D Battery Charger is a reliable and efficient charger designed to quickly recharge your NiMH or NiCd batteries. This charger has an LED indicator that displays when the battery is fully charged, as well as an adjustable current control for precise charging. The Panasonic PV-L550D also includes safety features such as overcharge protection and thermal monitoring to ensure your batteries remain safe during the charging process.

With its long lifespan and easy operation, you can rely on the Panasonic PV-L550D Battery Charger to keep your NiMH or NiCd batteries powered up and ready to go.

Panasonic Pvl353 Vhs-C

The Panasonic Pvl353 VHS-C is a compact, high-performance camcorder that offers excellent picture quality and convenience. It features an advanced 3CCD system for superior color reproduction and low noise, a powerful 25x optical zoom lens to capture distant scenes, and the ability to record up to two hours of video on a single tape. The PVL353 also includes image stabilization technology, providing smooth motion recording even when shooting handheld.

Panasonic Pv-L579

The Panasonic PV-L579 is a VHS camcorder from the late 1980s. It offers great performance for its time, with features like auto/manual focus, automatic exposure control and dual audio recording. It also has an impressive zoom range of up to 10x magnification and a built-in light for night shooting.

The camera body is lightweight yet durable making it ideal for on-the-go videographers. Overall, the Panasonic PV-L579 is a reliable machine that still provides great results today.


The Panasonic PV-L550 VHS-C Camcorder is a great choice for anyone looking to capture memories and special moments on tape. With its small size, high quality recording features, and extensive range of accessories, this camcorder has everything you need for an enjoyable video experience. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, the PV-L550 offers something that everyone can appreciate – an easy way to create professional videos in no time at all.

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