Hitachi Mini Dvd Camcorder

Hitachi Mini Dvd Camcorder is a compact and lightweight camcorder that offers excellent video quality in a small package. It has a 2.7-inch LCD screen for easy viewing, as well as built-in speakers for audio playback. The camcorder uses DVD media to save your recordings, allowing you to record up to 8 hours of footage on one disc.

It also features an SD card slot for extra storage space or sharing files with other devices. The camcorder supports various types of recording formats such as MPEG4, DivX and WMV9, making it compatible with most computers and digital devices. With its ease of use and portability, the Hitachi Mini Dvd Camcorder is great for capturing memories at home or on the go!

The Hitachi Mini Dvd Camcorder is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a stylish and versatile recording device. This camcorder has an ergonomic design that makes it comfortable to hold, but also allows you to record high-quality video footage with ease. It’s lightweight and compact size make it easy to carry around, so you can capture all your special moments wherever life takes you!

Additionally, the Hitachi Mini Dvd Camcorder features a variety of features such as automatic focus and exposure control, electronic image stabilization, and built-in editing functions for added convenience. With its impressive range of features and portability benefits, this mini dvd camcorder is ideal for capturing memories in any situation.

Camcorder, More Like Camcord-RW (It's A Disc Joke)


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What Type of Media Does the Hitachi Mini Dvd Camcorder Record to

The Hitachi Mini Dvd Camcorder is capable of recording high-quality footage to mini DVD discs, which are 8 cm (3.15 in) in diameter, making them highly portable and easily stored. The camcorder can also record to digital media cards such as Secure Digital (SD), MultiMediaCard (MMC), and Memory Stick Duo/ Pro Duo. These cards are commonly used with digital cameras, allowing users to transfer the recorded video files directly onto their computer or other device for editing or playback without needing a physical disc.

The Hitachi Mini Dvd Camcorder Records to Dvd-R And Dvd-Rw Discs

The Hitachi Mini DVD Camcorder is a great choice for anyone looking to record videos and store them on discs. It records to both DVD-R and DVD-RW discs, so you’ll have the flexibility of using whichever disc type best suits your needs. The device is small enough to fit in your pocket, but powerful enough to capture video with excellent quality.

You can also transfer data from other devices such as cameras or camcorders via its USB port, meaning you don’t need multiple recording devices when you’re on the go. With this camcorder, recording memories will be easier than ever before!


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Does the Camcorder Come With a Battery Included

Yes, most camcorders come with a battery included. Most of the time, it’s an internal lithium-ion battery that is built into the device and can’t be removed. This type of battery usually lasts for several hours on a single charge and can be recharged by plugging your camcorder into the wall or using an external charger.

Some camcorders may also include additional batteries in their package, which you can use to extend shooting time if needed.

Yes, the Hitachi Mini Dvd Camcorder Comes With an Np-Fv100 Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery And Charger Included in the Package

The Hitachi Mini Dvd Camcorder is an excellent choice for anyone looking to capture high-quality video on the go. It comes with a powerful NP-FV100 rechargeable lithium ion battery, which provides up to 2 hours of recording time and can be recharged using the included charger. The camera also features a 3″ LCD screen and digital image stabilization, making it easy to view footage in real-time or review recordings after shooting.

With its small size and comprehensive feature set, the Hitachi Mini Dvd Camcorder is ideal for any videographer who needs both portability and performance from their equipment.


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How Many Hours of Video Can I Record on One Disc

The amount of video you can record on one disc depends on a variety of factors, such as the type and quality of the recording media (e.g., DVD, Blu-ray, etc.), the resolution and frame rate at which you’re recording, and even your playback device’s capabilities. Generally speaking though, if you are using standard-definition DVDs or Blu-rays with an average bitrate of 8 Mbps (megabits per second), then it is possible to store up to 4 hours worth of video content on a single disc. If you’re using high definition discs that can support higher bitrates such as 10 Mbps or more, then it’s likely that 6 hours or more could be stored on one disk.

You Can Store Up to 2 Hours of Standard Definition Video Or 1 Hour of High Definition Video on One 4Gb Dvd Disc Using the Hitachi Mini Dvd Camcorder’S Single Sided Recording Mode

Using the Hitachi Mini Dvd Camcorder’s single sided recording mode, it is possible to store up to 2 hours of standard definition video or 1 hour of high definition video on one 4GB DVD disc. This offers a convenient and reliable way for users to capture their favorite moments without having to worry about running out of storage space quickly. The camcorder also offers advanced features such as motion detection and time lapse recording, which can be used in combination with the single-sided recording mode to create unique videos that last longer than what can fit onto a traditional DVD disc.

Hitachi Mini Dvd Camcorder


Hitachi Dvd Camcorder Battery

The Hitachi DVD Camcorder Battery is specifically designed to provide reliable power for your camcorder. It is a Li-ion battery that offers long life, fast charging, and low self-discharge rate. With its high capacity of 1800mAh, it can deliver up to 4 hours of recording time without needing to be recharged.

This makes it an ideal choice for those who want their camcorder running during extended periods of use.

Hitachi Dvd Cam Manual

Hitachi’s DVD Cam is an easy to use digital video camera with a built-in DVD recorder. It allows users to record their own videos and store them on DVDs for playback at any time. The Hitachi Dvd Cam Manual provides step-by-step instructions on how to operate the device, from setting up the initial recording settings to burning your videos onto discs.

With its user friendly design, this manual makes it simple for anyone to begin creating digital videos in no time!

Hitachi Dvd Cam Charger

The Hitachi Dvd Cam Charger is a great choice for those who need to keep their camcorder charged and ready to go. It comes with a 6-foot long cord that allows you to easily reach your device, no matter where it may be located. The charger also features an auto shutoff feature which helps protect the battery from overcharging or undercharging.

This ensures that your device stays in optimal condition at all times and makes sure you get the most out of your footage.

Hitachi Dvd Camcorder

Hitachi’s DVD Camcorder offers a great way to capture your memories in high-definition quality. With one-touch recording, you can easily record video footage directly onto a DVD disc – no computer needed! It features an easy to use interface and comes with a powerful 10x optical zoom for capturing distant objects clearly.

Plus, the three inch LCD touch panel display makes it easy to view your recordings and make changes on the fly. Whether you’re shooting home movies or important events, Hitachi’s DVD Camcorder is an ideal choice for preserving those special moments forever.

Hitachi Dvd Cam Dz-Bx37A

The Hitachi DZ-BX37A DVD Cam is an all-in-one video camera that allows you to capture both digital stills and full motion video. It features a 2.5 inch LCD screen, 10x optical zoom lens, and records onto 8cm miniDVD discs or Memory Stick media cards. It also has advanced editing functions like disc navigation, chaptering, effects modes and audio dubbing for creating your own movies right out of the box.

Hitachi Dvd Cam Bx35A Manual

The Hitachi Dvd Cam Bx35A Manual provides detailed instructions on how to use this device. It explains the features and functions, as well as how to troubleshoot any issues you may have with your device. With this manual, you can easily set up and start using your DVD camcorder for all of your video recording needs in no time!


This Hitachi Mini Dvd Camcorder is a great choice for anyone looking to capture special moments easily and quickly. It is affordable, lightweight, user-friendly, and offers good quality recordings for its price range. With the ability to record up to 8 hours of footage at once on one DVD disc and the convenience of having all your media stored in one place makes this camcorder an ideal option for those who want high-quality video without breaking their budget.

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced videographer, the Hitachi Mini Dvd Camcorder will provide you with everything you need to take your videos from good to great.

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