Colorburst 50 Kodak Instant Camera

The Kodak Colorburst 50 Instant Camera is an iconic instant film camera released by Eastman Kodak in the 1970s. It takes pictures on special self-developing film, which eliminates the need for a darkroom or photo processing equipment. The camera’s design is simple and easy to use, with just two shutter speeds (1/90th of a second and bulb) and one aperture setting (f/11).

The Colorburst 50 also features an electronic flash that works automatically when needed. With its classic style and vivid colors, the Colorburst 50 provides beautiful photos that are sure to be treasured for years to come!

The Kodak Colorburst 50 Instant Camera is an ideal choice for anyone looking to capture memories in a unique and fun way. With the ability to print photos directly from the camera, it eliminates any need for a computer or printer – making it perfect for spontaneous photo ops. The one-touch operation makes it easy to use, so even beginners can take great shots with vibrant colors that really pop off of the page!

How to Use Instax Mini Film in Old Kodak Instant Cameras (my version)

What Film Does Kodak Colorburst 50 Use?

Kodak Colorburst 50 is a film specifically designed for use in 35mm cameras. It is renowned for producing vibrant colors and sharp images, making it ideal for those looking to capture stunning landscapes or vivid portraits. The film features an ISO rating of 50, giving the user plenty of options when shooting in varying light conditions.

Additionally, its unique emulsion technology allows photographers to create stunning photos with beautiful saturation and contrast. Kodak Colorburst 50 has been used by professional photographers around the world to create amazing results that make their work stand out from the crowd.

How Much is a Kodak Colorburst 100 Worth?

Kodak Colorburst 100 is a vintage instant camera, first released in 1977. Due to its age and rarity, it can be quite hard to determine the exact value of this particular model. Generally speaking, Kodak Colorburst 100 cameras are currently worth anywhere from $50USD – $200USD in mint condition, depending on factors such as brand new or used status and availability.

If you’re looking for an even more accurate estimate of your camera’s worth, sites like eBay provide excellent resources for assessing the current market value.

When Did Kodak Stop Making Instant Film?

Kodak stopped making instant film in 2009, after over 30 years of production. The company was forced to discontinue the product due to a steady decline in demand as digital photography became more popular. Kodak had tried unsuccessfully to revive sales by releasing new models such as the JoyCam and disposable versions, but these failed to catch on with consumers.

In 2008, Kodak declared its intention to cease production of all instant films and cameras; their last model was the Fun Saver Single Use Camera which ceased production in 2009. While some third-party companies have attempted to fill this void since then, none have been able to replicate or compete with the quality of Kodak’s iconic products.

How Does Kodak Instant Camera Work?

Kodak instant cameras work by using a film pack loaded with 10 exposures of self-developing color film. To take a picture, the photographer presses the shutter button which activates the camera’s electronic flash and starts the development process. The film begins to develop immediately after exposure, producing an image that can be seen in about one minute.

Once fully developed, users can peel off their photo from its protective backing and add on any embellishments like stickers or frames for extra fun!

Colorburst 50 Kodak Instant Camera


Kodak Colorburst 50 Film Size

Kodak Colorburst 50 is a 35mm color negative film that offers exceptional image quality and excellent colors. Its ISO rating is 50, making it suitable for most lighting conditions, including bright sunny days or even indoor shots with flash. This film also has excellent sharpness and contrast as well as great skin tones giving you professional-looking results.

Kodak Colorburst 50 provides an ideal balance between saturation and accuracy in color reproduction to help you create memorable photos every time.

Colorburst 50 Kodak Instant Camera Battery

The Colorburst 50 Kodak Instant Camera Battery is an efficient and reliable power source for your instant camera. It features a slim design that makes it easy to carry and store, while providing up to 50 hours of continuous operation with two AA batteries. The battery is 100% mercury-free and provides stable voltage output for consistent performance in any environment.

With its low price point, the Colorburst 50 Kodak Instant Camera Battery makes a great choice for anyone who needs long-lasting power on their instant camera.

Kodak Colorburst 50 Year

Kodak Colorburst 50 is an instant film created by Kodak that was released in 2020. It’s the first new color instant film to be developed and released by Kodak since 1986, and it celebrates the company’s 50th year of producing its iconic Colorburst films. The new emulsion offers vibrant colors, high-contrast images with good detail, and improved reciprocity failure characteristics compared to older films.

Its unique design captures natural skin tones for portraits as well as vibrant pastel hues for landscapes. With a wide range of applications from fine art photography to street scenes or fashion shoots, this versatile film creates stunning results every time.

Colorburst 100 Kodak Instant Camera Worth

The Kodak Colorburst 100 Instant Camera is a fun and easy way to capture moments as they happen. It takes photos in less than one minute and uses advanced technology to create vibrant colors, sharp details, and improved resolution. This camera is also known for its durability and affordability, making it the perfect choice if you’re looking for an instant photography solution that won’t break the bank.

Whether you need a quick snapshot or something more professional-looking, the Kodak Colorburst 100 Instant Camera has you covered – all at an unbeatable price!

Colorburst 100 Kodak Instant Camera Film

The Kodak Colorburst 100 Instant Camera Film is an easy to use and highly versatile film that is perfect for capturing special moments. It features a glossy finish, vibrant colors, and sharp details with every shot. The film also has excellent resistance to fading, so your photos will stay as vibrant and clear as the day they were taken.

With its wide range of exposure settings, you can experiment freely with this amazing instant camera film!

Kodak Colorburst Film

Kodak Colorburst film is a classic color negative format film that has been around since the 1970s. It produces vivid colors and high resolution images, making it an excellent choice for photographers of all levels. The film also stands up to light well, meaning you can capture rich and accurate hues even in bright conditions.

Additionally, Kodak Colorburst films are known for their vibrant grain structure which can give your photos an extra pop of life!


The Colorburst 50 Kodak Instant Camera is a great choice for any photographer, from the beginner to the experienced pro. With its unique design and features, it’s sure to bring out your creative side. Its easy-to-use controls make it suitable for all levels of photography, while its bright colors help you create stunning images in no time.

The camera also offers great value as well with an affordable price tag and a variety of film options available. All in all, the Colorburst 50 Kodak Instant Camera is an excellent choice for anyone looking to take their photography up a notch or two!

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