Clear Touch Document Camera

The Clear Touch Document Camera is an interactive digital camera that allows users to capture, digitize, and display documents in real-time. The device features a 12 megapixel CMOS sensor for high resolution images up to 20x magnification. It also has built-in LED lighting which provides bright, clear images even in low light conditions without the need for additional external lights or flash units.

Additionally, it supports multiple connections such as HDMI, VGA and USB for connection with projectors and displays. Its intuitive touch screen user interface makes it easy to navigate menu options and settings quickly. With its simple setup process and wide range of applications from document sharing to presentation materials this product is ideal for educators who want to bring their lessons alive with vivid visuals.

The Clear Touch Document Camera offers a unique way to quickly and easily display documents, photographs, artwork and more. With 1080p HD resolution and an adjustable arm it’s perfect for classroom or office presentations. The camera is easy to use with simple plug-and-play setup that allows you to broadcast your presentation on the big screen in no time at all.

It also has an LED light ring that ensures detailed images even in low light conditions, so you can be sure your documents will look their best when projected onto the wall or board.

New Document Camera from Clear Touch

How Do You Use a Document Camera With a Clear Touch Board?

Using a document camera with a Clear Touch board is quite simple. First, connect the document camera to the USB port of your computer or laptop and install any necessary software. Once installed, open up the Clear Touch Board software on your device and select “Source” from the main menu.

Then, choose “Document Camera” as your source option. This will allow you to project images from your document camera onto the board for all participants in the meeting or lesson to view clearly. You can also annotate directly over these images using either digital ink or touch tools – providing an interactive way of teaching and collaborating remotely!

How Do I Connect My Clear Touch Camera to My Document?

The first step to connecting your Clear Touch camera to a document is to make sure the device is connected properly. Ensure that you have the correct USB cable, and plug it into both devices securely. Once you’ve done this, open up the document file on your computer and select “Insert” from the menu bar at the top of your screen.

Then choose “Image”, then click on “From Camera or Scanner”. Your Clear Touch camera should automatically be detected by your computer’s operating system, allowing you to easily import images directly into your documents.

Are Document Cameras Obsolete?

Document cameras are not obsolete and they remain a useful tool in classrooms, boardrooms, and other settings. Document cameras provide an easy way to project physical documents, 3D objects or experiments onto digital screens for everyone to see. They allow presenters to easily share images of notes or diagrams on the big screen using only one device instead of having to scan each document individually.

Document cameras also come with features like annotation tools which can be used to highlight important information or draw attention to specific details during presentations. In addition, many document cameras have built-in video recording capabilities that make it possible for viewers who were unable attend a presentation in person to watch the recorded version later online. As technology continues to advance there is no doubt that more advanced models will become available but overall document cameras are still very much relevant today and offer an efficient solution for all kinds of visual displays needs.

How Do I Get My Document Camera to Work on My Computer?

In order to get your document camera to work on your computer, you’ll need to make sure that the document camera is connected properly. First, connect the USB cable from the document camera into a USB port on your computer. Next, install any software or drivers necessary for the device as instructed by its user manual.

Once done, open up your preferred image capturing and video conferencing program and select ‘document camera’ as your input source. You should then be able to display whatever is in front of the lens onto your monitor or projector screen.

Clear Touch Document Camera


Document Camera for Teachers

Document cameras are a great tool for teachers to use in the classroom. They provide an interactive way to display documents, slides, and 3D objects for students to better see and understand concepts being taught. Document cameras also allow teachers to easily annotate over visuals or capture video of student work without having to pass around physical copies.

This can be especially helpful during online learning when physically sharing materials isn’t possible.


The Clear Touch Document Camera is an all-in-one device that gives users the ability to capture, project, and share documents with ease. Its portability makes it perfect for teachers who want to show their students different materials in a fun and interactive way while saving time and energy. Furthermore, its affordability allows almost anyone to purchase one without breaking the bank.

The Clear Touch Document Camera is truly a great tool for any classroom or office setting!

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