BT21 Camera Protector

BT21 Camera Protector is a protective film designed to protect the camera lens of your phone from scratches, dust, and dirt. It is made from a special material that prevents air bubbles and allows for easy installation without any tools. The protector also has anti-reflective properties which reduce glare and improve image clarity when taking pictures on your device.

Additionally, it offers protection against UV rays as well as shock absorption in case of accidental drops or bumps. This product can be easily applied by using its included adhesive strips so you don’t have to worry about damaging your phone’s camera lens while applying this protective film.

BT21 Camera Protector is a great way to keep your camera safe and secure while capturing all of life’s moments. This protector offers protection from dust, scratches, rain and other environmental factors that can damage your camera lens or body. The soft silicone material ensures that the protector fits snugly over the lens or body of your camera while still allowing you easy access to the buttons and functions on your device.

With BT21 Camera Protectors, you can rest assured knowing that your valuable equipment will be well protected when shooting in a variety of settings.

How Do I Put the Camera Cover on My Bt21?

To put the camera cover on your BT21, start by aligning the camera lens hole with the primary lens of your device. Once aligned, apply slight pressure to snap it into place. Make sure that all sides and edges are securely attached before using your device again.

If you have difficulty attaching the cover properly, make sure that no dirt or dust is blocking any of its contact points with the phone body. Additionally, try cleaning both surfaces with a soft cloth to remove any excess debris for better adhesion.

Do Screen Protectors Ruin Camera Quality?

No, screen protectors will not ruin camera quality. In fact, a good quality tempered glass or plastic film protector can actually help to improve the clarity and sharpness of your photos by protecting against scratches and dust that could be drawn into the lens area. Additionally, some screen protectors are designed with special anti-glare coatings that reduce reflections in bright light and make it easier to take clear pictures without having to worry about glare washing out the image.

If installed correctly and maintained properly, a screen protector should have no negative effect on camera performance whatsoever.

Are Screen Protectors for Cameras Worth It?

Screen protectors for cameras can be a great investment for photographers and videographers. They provide additional protection against dust, dirt, scratches, moisture, and other environmental factors that can damage your camera’s LCD display or lens. Additionally, they help reduce glare from the sun when shooting outdoors.

Screen protectors also make it easier to clean fingerprints and smudges off of your camera’s LCD display without damaging its surface. For these reasons and more, many professional photographers recommend investing in a screen protector for their camera equipment to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Should You Put a Camera Protector on Your Iphone?

Yes, you should definitely put a camera protector on your iPhone. Camera protectors are designed to prevent scratches and dirt from getting onto the lens of your phone’s camera, which can reduce image quality. They also help absorb any shocks or drops that might occur when using your phone outdoors or in less than ideal conditions.

There are many different types of camera protectors available for iPhones, so make sure you choose one that fits snugly over the lens without blocking any other elements such as buttons or ports. Doing this will ensure maximum protection for your device while still allowing you to take great pictures!


The BT21 Camera Protector is the perfect addition to any photography enthusiast’s bag. Its durable construction and design make it an ideal choice for keeping your camera safe while out in the field or on vacation. Not only does it protect your camera from bumps and scratches, but it also helps prevent moisture damage.

With its stylish appearance, ease of use, and affordability, this camera protector gives you peace of mind knowing that your beloved camera will remain safe no matter where life takes you.

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