Bell And Howell 16Mm Camera

The Bell and Howell 16mm camera is a classic motion picture camera used by filmmakers since 1921. This camera was designed with an adjustable shutter, allowing for the capture of multiple exposures on single frames of film. It has an adjustable aperture and focal length lens that allows for wide shots or close-up footage.

The viewfinder is a split image prism offering an accurate frame reference while the built in reflex mirror provides improved viewing capability. Additionally, it has both manual and electric focusing capabilities as well as dual registration pins to ensure proper alignment when rewinding film into magazines or cassettes. With its simple design, reliable operation, and affordable price tag this model remains one of the most popular choices amongst hobbyists, amateur filmmakers, and professionals alike!

The Bell and Howell 16mm Camera is a classic piece of filmmaking equipment that has been used for decades by movie directors, cinematographers, and amateur filmmakers alike. This camera is known for its reliability and versatility as it can capture stunning visuals due to its professional-grade optics. Additionally, the Bell and Howell 16mm Camera allows users to switch out lenses, add filters, and make other adjustments to get the desired shot.

Its small size also makes it an excellent option for shooting in tight spaces or on location where space is limited. All these features make this camera a must-have if you are looking to create memorable films with beautiful visuals!

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Is 16Mm Film Still Made?

Yes, 16mm film is still being made. Although it has become less popular over the years due to the prevalence of digital cinematography and video formats, 16mm film has remained a viable medium for independent filmmakers who prefer its unique look and feel. Film stock is widely available from major suppliers such as Kodak, Fuji, and Agfa Gevaert in both reversal (positive) and negative formats for black-and-white or color shooting.

Additionally, specialized companies like Cinelab London offer dedicated services for developing 16 mm film. With these options available to filmmakers today there is no reason why they should not be able to make great movies using this classic format.

What is 16Mm Camera?

A 16mm camera is a motion picture camera that uses 16mm film. It was first invented in 1923 by Eastman Kodak and quickly became the most popular format for amateur filmmakers, thanks to its affordability and quality of image. In many ways, the 16mm camera revolutionized filmmaking as it allowed for much smaller cameras to be used, which were way more portable than their 35mm counterparts.

The small size also made shooting with multiple cameras easier, thus allowing filmmakers to capture more angles during a single take. Today, the use of 16mm has decreased significantly due to digital technology being able to replicate its look and feel at a lower cost; however there are still some who prefer shooting with this format because it gives them a richer texture and an analog aesthetic that can’t be replicated digitally.

What is the Difference between 16Mm And Super 16?

The main difference between 16mm and Super 16 is the image size. While both formats use standard 16mm film, in a regular 16mm frame, only 13.5 mm of the film is used to capture an image. On the other hand, with Super 16, 15.8 mm of that same film is used for each frame resulting in a much larger captured area and thus more details being able to be seen onscreen compared to traditional16mm format.

Additionally, due to having higher resolution than regular16mm format (roughly 4:3 aspect ratio vs 2:1 aspect ratio), it can also provide wider field-of-view when using lenses designed for this format as well as potentially better depth of field control when shooting closeups or macro shots with longer focal lengths lenses.

What is the Smallest Super 16 Camera?

The smallest Super 16 camera is the Kinefinity Mavo LF. This lightweight and compact camera offers a wide range of features, such as 4K/UHD recording, an interchangeable lens mount system, built-in ND filters, dual-ISO capability up to 12800 ISO and 14 stops of dynamic range. It also has various video formats including ProRes 422HQ and CinemaDNG Raw with 10bit color depth.

For filmmakers on the go that need a professional quality image without compromising on portability, this camera is the perfect choice.

Bell And Howell 16Mm Camera


Bell And Howell 16Mm Magazine Camera 200

The Bell and Howell 16mm Magazine Camera 200 is a highly sought-after film camera due to its reliability, portability, and the fact that it can be used for both still photography and motion pictures. This classic camera features an automatic magazine loading system which allows you to quickly reload up to 200 feet of 16mm film without interruption. Its design ensures sharp focus and consistent exposure accuracy with every shot taken.

The large viewfinder also makes it easy to frame your shots perfectly while the built-in light meter helps you get the best results in any lighting conditions. Whether you’re a professional filmmaker or just starting out in filmmaking, the Bell & Howell 16mm Magazine Camera 200 provides all the tools needed to create stunning images on film!

Bell And Howell Filmo

Bell and Howell Filmo is a popular vintage movie camera from the early 20th century. This 16mm camera was first manufactured in 1920, making it one of the earliest cameras to be widely used by amateur filmmakers. It’s known for its iconic design, which includes a two-handled body with an adjustable lens barrel that slides up and down depending on the shooting distance desired.

The Filmo is also equipped with various features such as variable shutter speed control, manual focusing capabilities, and even interchangeable film magazines to allow longer films to be shot without having to reload each time. With so many great features packed into such an iconic piece of hardware, it’s no wonder why Bell And Howell Filmo remains one of the most beloved vintage movie cameras today!

Bell And Howell Automatic Cine Camera

The Bell and Howell Automatic Cine Camera is a classic motion picture camera that was first used by Hollywood filmmakers in the 1920s. It features a single-lens reflex design, which allows for quick focusing on different subjects without having to re-adjust the lens. This camera has been used for many iconic films over the years, such as The Wizard of Oz and Gone with the Wind.

Its popularity amongst filmmakers remains strong today due to its reliable construction and easy maintenance.

Bell & Howell Camera 70 Model

The Bell & Howell Camera 70 Model is a classic 35mm film camera, released in the mid-1950s. It was well known for its solid construction and dependability, making it popular among amateur and professional photographers alike. The camera featured an automatic film advance, shutter speed up to 1/500 of a second, and manual aperture settings for more control over exposure.

With its rangefinder focusing system, the Camera 70 offered sharpness and accuracy that made it one of the most sought after models from Bell & Howell’s extensive line of cameras.

Bell And Howell 240

The Bell and Howell 240 is a 35mm film projector designed for home use. It was introduced in 1948, making it one of the earliest models of hand-held projectors available on the market. The Bell and Howell 240 is known for its quiet operation and high quality projection capabilities, allowing viewers to enjoy films at home with minimal noise disturbance.

Its simple design makes it easy to set up and operate, while its reliable mechanics make it highly durable over time.

Bell And Howell 70 Dl

The Bell and Howell 70 DL is a classic piece of photography equipment from the late 1960s. It’s an 8mm movie camera that features automatic exposure control, built-in light meter, and a single frame capability for still shots. This camera was designed to be lightweight yet durable, making it ideal for amateur photographers who wanted to capture high quality footage without having to lug around heavy equipment.

Its features allowed users to capture beautiful images with ease – something that makes this vintage item a must-have collector’s item today.


In conclusion, the Bell and Howell 16mm Camera is a great option for those looking for an affordable yet high-quality camera. It offers features like easy loading, adjustable focus, and reliable performance that make it a great choice for amateur or professional filmmakers. With its simple design and durable construction, it can be counted on to take beautiful shots of any scene you’re trying to capture.

Whether you’re shooting indoors or outdoors, this camera will help bring your creative vision to life with ease.

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