Basler Line Scan Camera

Basler Line Scan Cameras are digital cameras that capture a single line of light at one time. They rapidly scan the line in order to generate an image and can be used for a variety of applications including industrial automation, document scanning, medical imaging, and more. The most common type of line scan camera is charged coupled device (CCD) based which captures light using an array of pixels along the length of the CCD sensor.

Basler utilizes this technology to create advanced high speed cameras with enhanced resolution and fast frame rates capable of capturing up to 10kHz. These cameras also feature advanced on-camera preprocessing capabilities such as color correction, shading compensation, defect detection/correction, among others designed to streamline image processing tasks.

Basler line scan cameras are a great choice for high-speed industrial applications. As the leader in the production of line scan cameras, Basler offers superior performance and reliability. With up to 16k resolution, these cameras provide high-resolution imaging with excellent accuracy and dynamic range.

They also feature fast frame rates and low noise levels, making them ideal for capturing detailed images quickly in challenging environments such as manufacturing sites or robotics systems. In addition, their ease of integration makes them easy to incorporate into existing solutions.


What is the Cost of Basler Cameras?

The cost of Basler cameras is highly dependent on the type and model you choose. For example, their Ace series starts at around $500 USD for a basic camera, while the top-of-the-line models can reach up to $5000 USD or more. Additionally, pricing can vary depending on the features and accessories included in each purchase.

If you need specialized lenses or filters, these will add to the total cost as well. Ultimately, it’s best to contact an authorized distributor or reseller directly for exact pricing information based on your individual needs.

What is a Line Scan Camera Used For?

A line scan camera is a specialized imaging device typically used in industrial, medical and scientific applications. It operates by scanning a single line of light across the object being photographed, capturing one-dimensional images in succession to create an entire two-dimensional image. This type of camera is often used for very precise measurements since it can detect subtle changes in brightness or color along its line of sight, allowing for detailed analysis and identification of objects or shapes.

Line scan cameras are also frequently utilized when inspecting manufactured products on assembly lines to identify defects or ensure product quality control.

What are Basler Cameras Used For?

Basler cameras are used for a variety of applications ranging from industrial automation to medical imaging. In industrial settings, they are often used in automated inspection processes to inspect products and detect defects. In the medical field, Basler cameras can be used for diagnosing diseases or monitoring patient vitals.

They offer high-resolution images with superb color accuracy and low noise levels, making them ideal for detailed analysis of objects and subjects. With their compact size and easy integration into existing systems, Basler cameras have become an increasingly popular choice among organizations looking to reduce costs while maintaining image quality.

How Do I Choose a Line Scan for My Camera?

When choosing a line scan for your camera, it is important to consider the type of application you are using. For example, if you’re capturing images from moving objects, then a higher resolution and faster line rate may be necessary. Additionally, the area of coverage should also be taken into account; cameras with larger sensors can capture more detail over wider areas than those with smaller sensors.

It’s also important to consider the available interface options when selecting a camera – different interfaces support different speeds and image sizes. Finally, make sure that the camera supports all of the features that you need such as software integration or external triggering capabilities.

Basler Line Scan Camera


Color Line Scan Camera

The Color Line Scan Camera is an imaging device that uses a single line scan to capture color images. It works by passing light through an image sensor in one direction, capturing the entire image at once. This type of camera is great for applications such as barcode scanning, document scanning and surveillance systems where high-resolution images are needed quickly.

The camera can also be used to create 3D models with its ability to capture multiple angles at once.

Line Scan Camera Price

Line scan cameras are some of the most sophisticated imaging tools available, and as such, they come with a hefty price tag. Prices for line scan cameras can range from several hundred to several thousand dollars depending on the features and resolution required for your application. If you need an advanced imaging solution that is capable of capturing high-speed images in a wide variety of environments, then a line scan camera may be worth investing in.

Teledyne Line Scan Camera

Teledyne Line Scan Cameras offer a reliable and high-performance solution for industrial image capture. They are capable of providing consistent, high resolution images at an extremely fast rate, making them ideal for applications such as automated inspection systems and robotics. With models available in both digital and analog versions, Teledyne line scan cameras can be integrated into existing systems or used to develop new ones.

Their robust design ensures that they are able to withstand extreme conditions while still delivering accurate results.

Keyence Line Scan Camera

Keyence Line Scan Cameras are an advanced vision system technology used to capture and analyze images at high speeds. They use a single line of sensors to take single frame photos which can be used for many applications such as inspection, sorting, positioning, identification and more. Keyence Line Scan Cameras provide extremely accurate results with excellent resolution and accuracy even in challenging conditions such as low light or fast moving objects.

The cameras are reliable, robust and easy to configure for any kind of application making them ideal for industrial automation tasks.

Line Scan Camera Python

Line Scan Camera Python is a powerful open source programming language that can be used to develop imaging applications for line scan cameras. With its simple syntax and intuitive libraries, it makes writing code for these cameras easy and efficient. It also offers an array of advanced features such as image processing tools and machine learning capabilities, making it the perfect choice for developers looking to create sophisticated imaging solutions.

Line Scan Camera Vs Area Scan

Line scan cameras are specialized imaging systems that capture a single line of data at a time, while area scan cameras capture an entire image in one go. Line scan cameras are typically used to take images from moving objects and processes, such as conveyor belts or web inspection applications. This is because they can continuously acquire data without the need for motion control.

On the other hand, area scan cameras are best suited for static scenes where precision and detail resolution is needed. Therefore, depending on what you need to capture and measure will determine which camera type is best for your application.

Line Scan Camera Raspberry Pi

A Line Scan Camera Raspberry Pi is a powerful camera solution that allows you to capture high-resolution images and video in real time. It features an advanced image sensor with adjustable resolution, frame rate, and exposure settings for precise control over your imaging results. This compact device also has the capability to interface with other Raspberry Pi components such as motors or servos, making it an ideal choice for applications such as surveillance systems, machine vision projects, or robotics.

With its low cost and easy setup process, the Line Scan Camera Raspberry Pi provides a great option for anyone looking to get started on their next project.

Line Scan Camera Application

Line scan camera application is a type of imaging system that utilizes an array of sensors to rapidly capture images in the form of lines. This technology is widely used in applications such as industrial automation, inspection systems and machine vision. Line scan cameras have superior scanning capabilities compared to other imaging technologies because they are able to accurately detect objects moving at high speeds and provide precise measurements.

Additionally, line scan cameras produce higher-resolution images than traditional CCTV systems, making them ideal for industrial quality control processes.


Overall, the Basler Line Scan Camera is an exceptional tool for capturing images in high speed and with great precision. Its lightweight design makes it easy to install and transport while its wide range of features allows users to customize their imaging needs in a variety of ways. With its excellent image quality, fast speeds, and robust feature set, the Basler Line Scan Camera is well worth considering for anyone looking for a reliable line scan camera solution.

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