Basler High Speed Camera

Basler high speed cameras are digital cameras designed to capture and record images at very fast speeds. They use specialized optics, sensors, and image processing technologies that enable them to take pictures up to 1000 frames per second (fps). This makes them ideal for capturing motion in a variety of applications including scientific research, machine vision inspection systems, industrial automation processes, medical imaging studies, law enforcement training scenarios and much more.

Basler’s high speed cameras also come with features such as an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI), advanced triggering capabilities for precise timing control over the camera’s operation and embedded software development kits (SDKs) for easy integration into existing systems.

Basler high speed cameras offer a unique combination of features that make them ideal for capturing fast-moving objects. They have exceptionally high frame rates, global shuttering technology, and an ultra-fast readout rate that ensure the highest image quality possible. With these powerful features, Basler captures the most challenging motion sequences with stunningly clear results.

Plus, they are extremely easy to operate and integrate into existing systems due to their plug & play compatibility. All in all, Basler’s high speed cameras provide superior performance and flexibility at an excellent value for money price point – making them the go-to choice for any professional looking for top-notch imaging solutions!

Testing BASLER ace acA640-120gc GigE industrial camera

What is the Cost of Basler Cameras?

The cost of Basler cameras varies depending on the type and model you purchase. Generally, prices range from around $1,000 for a basic camera to upwards of $50,000 for specialized industrial models. If you’re looking for something in between these two extremes, consider investing in one of the company’s mid-range cameras that offer features like higher resolution sensors and frame rates.

Ultimately, the cost will depend on your specific requirements and budget – but with so many options available you’re sure to find a product that suits your needs within your price range.

What are Basler Cameras Used For?

Basler cameras are used for a variety of industrial and scientific applications. In the industrial sector, they are often used to capture high-speed images in machine vision systems, as well as for automated inspection tasks like defect detection and process control. They can also be used in non-destructive testing (NDT) applications such as x-ray imaging or ultrasonic imaging.

For scientific applications, Basler cameras provide excellent image quality for research in fields such as biomedicine, microscopy, astronomy and robotics. Additionally, their compact design makes them perfect for use with mobile robots or drones where space is limited.

What is the Resolution of Basler Camera?

Basler cameras provide a wide range of resolutions depending on the model, ranging from VGA up to 20 Megapixels. The most popular models are the Ace series, which feature resolutions of 1.3 MP (Ace acA1300-200um) to 12 MP (Ace acA4000-17um). In addition, Basler also offers specialized high resolution camera lines with even higher image quality and more advanced features such as Auto Gain Control and Sensitivity Boosting.

These include their dart series featuring resolutions of 2 MP (dart BCON for MIPI), 5MP (dart USB3 Vision) and 8MP (dart BCON for LVDS).

What Size Sensors are in a Basler Camera?

Basler cameras are equipped with a variety of different size sensors to meet the needs of various application requirements. The most common sizes include 1/1.2″, 1/2″, 2/3″ and 1″. These options provide varying levels of resolution, from high-quality VGA (640×480) up to 5 megapixels or more depending on model selection.

Additionally, Basler’s ace series also offers sensors with an even higher level of resolution such as 12 megapixels for ultra-high image quality and detail. With so many sensor sizes available, Basler makes it easy to find the right camera for your particular application needs.

Basler High Speed Camera


Basler Camera

Basler cameras are perfect for a variety of applications, from industrial automation to medical technology. They offer excellent image quality in both monochrome and color formats, along with flexible interfaces such as GigE Vision and Camera Link that allow integration into existing systems. Basler cameras also boast fast frame rates, global shutter technology, and various lens options to accommodate different types of environments.

With their high performance features in an affordable package, Basler is an ideal choice for those looking to capture reliable images quickly and efficiently.

Basler Line Scan Camera

Basler line scan cameras are the perfect choice for applications that require an efficient and reliable way to acquire large amounts of data quickly. These cameras feature high resolution sensors, fast frame rates, and a wide range of optics options to meet any application’s specific requirements. With up to 5K lines per second readout speed and excellent image quality, Basler line scan cameras deliver superior performance in demanding industrial settings like factory automation or non-destructive testing.

Basler Ace

Basler Ace cameras are some of the most reliable and highest-performing cameras on the market. Featuring a wide range of resolutions, from VGA to 12 megapixels, Basler Ace models can capture detailed images with low noise levels that make them ideal for industrial applications. Additionally, these cameras feature GigE Vision® technology for fast image transmission over standard Ethernet networks and come equipped with Pregius™ global shutter CMOS sensors for optimal image quality in challenging lighting environments.

Basler Pylon

Basler pylon is a software development platform used for the rapid creation of reliable, hardware-independent software for camera applications. It provides support for Basler cameras and other third-party cameras with GigE Vision or USB3 Vision interfaces. Additionally, it offers a wide range of features such as image acquisition, image processing and analysis functions, real-time streaming capabilities and programming in C/C++ or Python scripting languages.

With its intuitive user interface and comprehensive documentation, Basler pylon makes it easy to get started with camera vision application development.

Area Scan Camera Price

Area scan cameras are an essential piece of equipment for many industries and applications. They offer high resolution images with a wide range of features, making them ideal for industrial inspection, machine vision systems, scientific research, and more. The cost of area scan cameras can vary significantly based on the model you choose as well as any additional components you may need to get the job done.

Generally speaking, prices can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars up to several thousand depending on your needs.

Basler Camera Price

Basler cameras are some of the most reliable and cost-effective digital imaging solutions on the market. Prices for Basler cameras vary depending on the model, resolution, and features required, but typically range from around $500 to several thousand dollars. The benefit of investing in a Basler camera is that it provides excellent quality images at a relatively low cost compared to other digital imaging solutions.


Basler high speed cameras are a great choice for any application that requires fast, accurate imaging. With their high resolution, wide dynamic range, and advanced features like frame rates up to 10 megapixels per second, they provide an excellent solution for applications in automotive production lines and medical systems. They are reliable, affordable solutions that can be used with confidence in challenging environments.

Thanks to the robust design of Basler cameras and the company’s strong commitment to customer service, users can expect years of trouble-free operation from these products. In conclusion, Basler’s high speed camera technology is sure to satisfy customers’ needs for fast imaging with reliable accuracy and performance.

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