Zetronix Blueline Body Camera

Zetronix Blueline Body Cameras are a line of body cameras designed to provide law enforcement officers with an easy and reliable way to record footage while on duty. These body cameras are equipped with features such as two-way audio, night vision, HD video recording, and more. They also come with a variety of mounting options that make it easy for officers to securely attach the camera wherever they need it.

Zetronix Blueline makes sure these devices meet all applicable standards when it comes to data security and privacy laws so you can be sure your footage is safe from being viewed by unauthorized personnel. Additionally, these body cams have long battery life and durable construction making them ideal for even the toughest environments.

The Zetronix Blueline Body Camera is the perfect choice for law enforcement professionals who need a reliable and easy to use body camera device. With its slim design, durable construction, and long battery life, this body cam offers officers peace of mind when on duty. The Blueline also features an intuitive LCD display that allows for simple operation and allows users to quickly view recordings without having to remove the device from their uniform.

Additionally, the built-in motion detector ensures footage is captured during critical moments while automatic storage keeps videos securely stored in case of emergency or incident review.

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What Features Does the Zetronix Blueline Body Camera Offer

The Zetronix Blueline Body Camera offers an array of features designed to meet the needs of law enforcement and security personnel. The camera is equipped with a 1080p HD video resolution, night vision capability, 12-megapixel image quality, and one-touch recording. It also has built-in motion detection technology that will trigger the device to start recording in the event of any movement within its field of view.

It can store up to 16GBs of data on its internal memory and comes with a USB cable for easy transfer onto other devices or computers. Additionally, it features a rechargeable battery that allows for up to 8 hours of continuous recording time before needing to be recharged. With these features combined in one body camera, users are able to capture high-quality images and videos even in low light settings without compromising quality or durability.

The Zetronix Blueline Body Camera Offers an Hd Recording, Night Vision, And a Wide 120° Field of View

The Zetronix Blueline Body Camera is an exceptional choice for anyone looking for a reliable, high-quality body camera. This lightweight device offers HD recording with crisp sound and clear video footage, even in low light conditions thanks to its night vision capabilities. Additionally, it has a wide 120° field of view that allows you to capture more of your surroundings than other cameras on the market.

For added convenience and security, this body camera features easy one-button operation as well as encryption technology that prevents unauthorized access to recorded data. With all these features combined into one impressive package, the Zetronix Blueline Body Camera is sure to exceed expectations!

It Also Records Audio And Has Motion Activated Recording Capabilities

The motion activated recording capabilities of this device are incredibly useful in many scenarios. This feature allows the user to set up the device to start recording only when it senses movement, saving precious storage space and battery life while still capturing important footage. The audio recording capability is also incredibly helpful for providing context or clues as to what’s happening on camera or off-camera.

Audio recordings can be saved separately from video, so you can choose which one you want to keep and review later without needing both recordings at once.


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Is the Zetronix Blueline Body Camera Waterproof

The Zetronix Blueline Body Camera is designed with a waterproof casing, so it can be used in wet weather conditions. It has an IP67 rating which means that it is certified to be dust-proof and protected against immersion in water for up to 30 minutes at a depth of one meter. This makes the camera perfect for law enforcement officers who are out on patrol, as they need reliable equipment that can withstand any kind of weather condition or environment.

Furthermore, the camera also features a rugged design, allowing it to survive drops from several feet off the ground and still function properly under harsh environmental conditions.

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Does the Zetronix Blueline Body Camera Provide Live Streaming Capabilities

The Zetronix Blueline Body Camera does not provide live streaming capabilities. This body camera is designed to capture video recordings and store them on an SD card or internal memory. It can also be connected to a computer via USB cable for downloading and viewing recorded footage, but it cannot stream live video directly from the device itself.

No, the Zetronix Blueline Does Not Offer Any Live Streaming Options But You are Able to Playback Recorded Videos Directly on Your Device Or Via an Hdmi Connection With a Tv/Monitor Compatible With 1080P Resolution Video Output Display Devices Such As Computers Or Tvs Set to 1080P Resolution Mode Setting

No, the Zetronix Blueline does not offer any live streaming options. However, you are able to view recordings of videos directly on your device or by connecting it to a compatible TV/monitor with an HDMI connection. The device supports 1080p resolution video output display devices such as computers or TVs set to 1080p resolution mode setting for playback of recorded videos.

This allows you to watch your recorded videos in high-definition quality without having to worry about buffering issues that can occur when using live streaming services.

Zetronix Blueline Body Camera

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The Zetronix Blueline Body Camera is an innovative product that can help law enforcement officers and citizens alike. With its long-lasting battery life, lightweight design, and high-quality video recordings, the camera provides a powerful tool for police officers to protect themselves from false accusations while also providing evidence of any crime witnessed by the officer. By equipping law enforcement with this technology, we can ensure that justice is served in every situation.

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