Spartan Precision Tripod

Spartan Precision Tripods are a high-end, professional quality tripod system designed for the most demanding photographers and videographers. They feature precision-machined aluminum alloy components, titanium coated quick release plates, and folding legs that provide superior stability and portability. The leg locks offer secure locking with no slippage or play in any position.

They have a wide range of adjustable height settings ranging from 28 inches to 78 inches, making them suitable for any type of shot or situation. Other features include rubberized feet on the base to prevent slipping on smooth surfaces, bubble level indicators for accurate leveling and non slip padded grips on the top platform for added comfort while shooting. All together they make Spartan Precision Tripods an ideal choice when you need a reliable support system that won’t let you down in challenging conditions.

The Spartan Precision Tripod is a great choice for any photographer, from beginner to professional. It provides solid stability and support in every situation with its three-section aluminum legs, adjustable center column, and bubble level. The heavy-duty magnesium die-cast canopy ensures that your camera stays securely attached while adjusting angles and panning shots.

With an impressive maximum load capacity of 8kgs, this tripod is the perfect tool for capturing stunning images without compromise!

Spartan Precision Equipment Sentinel Tripod – Reviewed by Kevin Owens


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What is the Maximum Weight Capacity of the Spartan Precision Tripod

The Spartan Precision Tripod has a maximum weight capacity of 13.6 lbs (6.2 kg). This is great for photographers and videographers who need to carry heavier equipment like DSLR cameras, lenses and other accessories with them during shoots. The tripod’s design also features an ergonomic grip handle that allows you to adjust the height quickly and easily while keeping your gear secure on the go.

The Maximum Weight Capacity of the Spartan Precision Tripod is 8 Lbs (3

6 kg). The Spartan Precision Tripod is an incredibly versatile and reliable tripod, capable of supporting a wide variety of cameras, lenses and other equipment. With its maximum weight capacity of 8 lbs (3.6kg), this tripod will easily support most digital SLR cameras along with any smaller compact systems or mirrorless camera bodies.

Furthermore, the precision features on this tripod make it perfect for capturing sharp images in any situation – from low-light settings to macro photography – without compromising stability or image quality. Additionally, the three-way pan head ensures smooth movement when adjusting your shots while also allowing for precise positioning that can be locked into place with ease. Ultimately, the Spartan Precision Tripod is one of the best choices available for anyone looking for a lightweight yet robust solution that won’t weigh you down!

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Does This Tripod Come With a Carrying Case

This particular tripod does not come with a carrying case. However, there are several types of cases available on the market that can be used to store and transport your tripod safely. Be sure to select one with ample room for all of the components, including legs, panhead and any additional accessories you need to bring along.

Look for features like padded material, adjustable straps or handles and water resistant materials if you plan on taking your tripod outdoors. Investing in a good quality carrying case will help protect your gear from scratches and damage during transport so it is always ready for use when you arrive at your destination.

Yes, It Comes With an Adjustable Shoulder Strap for Easy Transport And Storage

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How Tall Does the Tripod Extend When Fully Extended

When fully extended, a typical tripod can reach heights of up to 6.5 feet (2 meters). The exact height will depend on the type and model of the tripod you own. Some tripods come with adjustable legs which allow for even taller heights.

Additionally, some tripods are designed to fold down into a more compact size making them easy to transport without compromising their ability to extend high enough for most shooting scenarios.

Fully Extended, the Spartan Precision Tripod Has a Height of 61 Inches (155 Cm)

The Spartan Precision Tripod is a great choice for taking detailed and high-quality photos. It has been designed to be one of the most versatile tripods on the market, with an impressive height when fully extended. The tripod can reach up to 61 inches (155 cm) in height, offering plenty of flexibility for photographers looking to capture shots from different angles and heights.

Additionally, the tripod features 3-way panhead operation which allows users to adjust the camera at almost any angle they need. Along with its extendable legs and adjustable central column, it’s easy to achieve just about any shooting position imaginable – making it perfect for both professional photographers as well as amateur enthusiasts who want greater control over their photographs.

Spartan Precision Tripod



Overall, the Spartan Precision Tripod is an excellent choice for photographers who want a lightweight but strong tripod that can handle all types of cameras and equipment. It is easy to set up and use, has adjustable legs so it can fit any terrain, and is made with high-quality materials. The rubber feet ensure stability and safety on uneven surfaces, while the quick release plate makes switching between shots fast and simple.

With its versatility, durability, affordability and portability – this tripod would be an ideal companion for any photographer’s journey!

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