Sony Cinealta Lens

Sony Cinealta lenses are a series of high-end cinema lenses designed for professional filmmakers. They feature an advanced optical design that produces sharp, clear images with minimal distortion and flare. These lenses also have a wide dynamic range to capture more detail in both bright and dark scenes.

Sony Cinealta lenses are made from quality materials such as aluminum and glass, which makes them durable enough to withstand the rigors of daily use on a film set. The unique design of the lens allows users to quickly adjust focus, even when shooting at different angles or distances from their subjects. This versatility makes Sony Cinealta lenses ideal for capturing beautiful cinematic shots.

Sony’s Cinealta lens is a powerful and versatile tool for filmmakers who want to capture high-definition footage. With its wide angle range, it can help you create stunning cinematic images with unparalleled sharpness and clarity, while giving you the freedom to adjust focus, aperture, and depth of field as needed. The lens also features advanced image stabilization technology that makes it easier to shoot in low light conditions or when your camera is moving quickly.

Whether you’re shooting a documentary or an epic feature film, Sony’s Cinealta lens will give you all the tools necessary for capturing impeccable results every time.

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What is the Lens Coverage of Sony Cinealta?

The Sony CineAlta is a high-end digital cinema camera system designed for professional filmmakers and cinematographers. The lens coverage of the Sony CineAlta is quite impressive, offering a wide range of focal lengths to suit any project. Specifically, it offers lenses with coverage ranging from 16mm to 400mm in full frame format; and 8mm to 200mm in Super35 format.

Additionally, there are options for anamorphic lenses as well as specialty primes such as macro or fish-eye lenses that can expand your creative possibilities!

What is Sony Cinealta?

Sony CineAlta is a range of professional digital movie cameras developed by Sony to meet the needs of filmmakers, television producers, and other content creators. The Sony CineAlta lineup includes both dedicated video cameras for shooting in 4K UHD resolution as well as cinema-style camcorders for recording in HD formats such as XAVC and AVCHD. Additionally, CineAlta models feature advanced picture settings and color science so that users can get the most out of their images.

With features like S-Log 3 gamma curves and built-in ND filters, Sony’s CineAlta series provides filmmakers with all they need to capture stunning visuals at any budget level.

Sony Cinealta Lens


Sony Cinealta Lens Review

Sony’s Cinealta lenses offer the highest quality images available on the market today. With a wide range of focal lengths and accessories, these lenses provide exceptional sharpness and color accuracy for capturing stunning cinematic footage. Reviews praise their robust build quality, ability to produce smooth bokeh and excellent low light performance.

The fact that they are lightweight yet still durable makes them ideal for use in challenging shooting environments as well. Whether you’re an experienced filmmaker or just getting started with cinematography, Sony’s Cinealta lenses are sure to deliver outstanding results every time.

Sony Cinealta Lenses Price

Sony Cinealta lenses are considered some of the best cinema lenses on the market, and their price reflects this. While prices vary depending on the type and size of lens you require, a typical Sony Cinealta prime lens will cost between $3,000-$5,000 USD. Zoom lenses can range from $20,000 up to $50,000 or more for higher-end models.

However, these lenses offer superior image quality and control that is worth the investment if you want to bring your projects to life in an extraordinary way.

Sony Cinealta Lenses Pdf

The Sony Cinealta line of lenses provides a wide range of options for filmmakers and videographers. Designed to meet the needs of broadcast, film and digital cinematography, these lenses offer superior sharpness, color accuracy and contrast when used with compatible cameras. With Sony’s PDF brochure you can learn more about their high-quality optics including detailed information on each lens model such as specifications, features and sample images.

Whether you’re shooting in low light or capturing 4K resolution video footage, you’ll find that Sony Cinealta Lenses will give your project the professional finish it deserves.

Sony Cinealta Primes Mkii

Sony Cinealta Primes Mkii are a line of high-end lenses designed specifically for digital cinematography. They feature advanced optical elements and coatings, along with precise mechanics, allowing them to capture stunning images in both bright and low light conditions. These lenses offer superior sharpness, color reproduction accuracy and optical performance that make them ideal for professional filmmakers.

The Sony Cinealta Primes Mkii series also includes specialty lenses such as the 24mm T2.0 Macro Prime lens created for close-up shots or the 50mm T1.5 Prime lens made especially for shooting at night or in other dimly lit environments.

Sony Cinealta 4K Six Lens Kit

The Sony Cinealta 4K Six Lens Kit is an ideal package for filmmakers and videographers who want to capture stunning images. The kit includes a set of six prime lenses that are designed to work with the latest digital cameras, and they offer outstanding resolution and color reproduction in capturing 4K footage. With a wide range of focal lengths from 16mm to 135mm, this lens kit will help you create beautiful cinematic shots no matter what type of shot that you’re going for.

Sony Cine Lens

Sony Cine Lens is a line of professional-grade video lenses designed for use with Sony digital cinema cameras. They are constructed from aluminum and feature high-end optics, with large maximum apertures offering excellent low-light performance. With motorized zoom, focus, iris and image stabilization functions all in one lens, the Sony Cine Lenses provide filmmakers with an unprecedented level of control over their footage.


In conclusion, the Sony Cinealta lens is an excellent choice for filmmakers who are looking to capture stunning visuals in their projects. Its high-quality construction and advanced optics make it a great asset on any set. With its wide range of focal lengths and various mounting options, this lens can be used in practically any situation with ease.

Furthermore, its unique design allows users to get maximum image quality without having to worry about distortion or color aberration issues. The Sony Cinealta lens is a must-have item for anyone serious about creating top-notch films!

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