Sony Broadcast Camera

Sony broadcast cameras are professional video cameras used in television and film productions. They offer superior picture quality, reliability, and a variety of features that make them ideal for capturing high-quality images. Sony broadcast cameras use advanced CMOS technology to provide excellent low light performance while maintaining accurate color reproduction.

They also feature built-in optical image stabilization, auto focus tracking, remote control capability, and many other features designed to enhance the user’s experience. With their wide range of lenses available, these cameras can be used for commercial or documentary filming as well as live broadcasts such as sports events or news coverage. Their robust build makes them durable enough to withstand daily usage in extreme conditions without losing any functionality or quality of footage captured.

Sony broadcast cameras are renowned for their superior quality, high-definition images and excellent sound capture. With features like low noise levels, wide dynamic range sensors and large sensor sizes, Sony’s broadcast camera series offers the perfect combination of performance and affordability. Whether shooting from a studio or in the field, Sony broadcast cameras provide crisp visuals with stunning clarity that make them ideal for any kind of production.

With impressive image processing speed and advanced autofocus systems built in, these cameras are ready to capture your most creative ideas without breaking your budget.


Did Sony Release a Camcorder That Could See Through Clothes?

No, Sony did not release a camcorder that could see through clothes. This rumour was based on an April Fool’s prank article from the British tabloid The Sun in 2006 as well as a similar hoax from the Spanish newspaper El Mundo in 2007. Both tabloids claimed that Sony had developed and released such a camcorder but these claims have since been debunked.

In actuality, no such product has ever existed or been created by any company.

Which Cameras Did Sony Discontinue?

Sony recently announced that it will be discontinuing several of its popular camera models, including the A330, A380, and A390 DSLR cameras. The company cited declining sales as the cause for their decision to discontinue these products. Sony also decided to stop selling its NEX-3N mirrorless camera and Cyber-shot HX20V point-and-shoot model due to similar market forces.

Additionally, Sony’s older Alpha SLT series cameras—the A33, A55V and A57V— have been discontinued as well. For those who are still using these models of cameras from Sony, they should be aware that they may soon become obsolete with no replacements available on the market.

Why are Sony Camcorders Out of Stock?

The demand for Sony camcorders has been increasing in recent years as more and more people are looking for an easy way to record special moments. With this surge in popularity, there have been instances of Sony camcorders being out of stock due to high levels of consumer demand. This is likely because the production rate may not be able to keep up with the current level of sales.

Additionally, a shortage in components or other materials needed to manufacture the product can also contribute to stock issues. Ultimately, it’s important that consumers stay aware of availability and act quickly when new products become available on store shelves or online retailers so they don’t miss out on their desired camera model.

Is Sony a Professional Camera?

Yes, Sony is a professional camera. Its full-frame mirrorless Alpha cameras are well known for their high resolution sensors, fast autofocus and excellent image quality. In addition to its impressive stills capabilities, Sony’s video features make it one of the most popular choices among filmmakers and videographers alike.

With 4K recording options and advanced stabilization technology, you can capture stunning footage with minimal effort. Additionally, the range of lenses available from Sony provides professionals with an extensive selection that they can choose from in order to achieve the best results possible.

Sony Broadcast Camera


Sony Broadcast Camera Price List

The Sony Broadcast Camera Price List offers a range of quality cameras for broadcast-level productions. Depending on your budget, you can choose from the PXW-FS7M2 4K XDCAM Super35 Camera System, the HXR-NX80 Full HD NXCAM Camcorder, or the NEX EA50UH Professional Camcorder. Prices range from around $4,000 to over $17,000 for this top of the line equipment.

Whether you’re shooting a feature film or just need something reliable for everyday video production and broadcasting needs, Sony has a camera to fit your budget.

Sony Broadcast Cameras 4K

Sony’s Broadcast Cameras 4K offer remarkable image quality and resolution, boasting a 15.6-megapixel Super 35 CMOS sensor that captures images up to 4096 x 2160 pixels. Its high dynamic range of 14 stops and low noise levels ensure all the details in both light and dark scenes are captured with beautiful clarity. The camera also offers an array of features including dual base ISO sensitivity, 16-bit linear output, multiple gamma curves, advanced colorimetry, fast frame rates up to 120fps at 1080p resolution and simultaneous recording on two cards for longer shooting times.

Sony Professional Broadcast Cameras

Sony has a wide selection of professional broadcast cameras, designed to meet the diverse needs of broadcasters and other video professionals. These cameras offer exceptional picture quality, advanced features like 4K resolution, slow motion capabilities and full HD recording for stunning results. Sony’s broad lineup includes ENG/EFP shoulder-style camcorders as well as studio and field production models with interchangeable lens systems that can be used in a variety of shooting scenarios.

With their cutting-edge technology, these powerful cameras are perfect for capturing high-quality images in any setting.

Sony Professional Camera 4K

Sony’s Professional Camera 4K is the ideal choice for filmmakers and videographers who demand advanced features and high-quality video recording. This camera provides a wide range of capabilities, including support for up to 4K resolution recording at 30 or 24 frames per second, as well as a variety of picture profiles designed to optimize image quality in any shooting environment. Additionally, it offers an array of professional-grade features such as slow motion recording modes, dual media slots for simultaneous capture on two memory cards, and more.

Whether you’re creating movies or capturing moments with friends and family, Sony’s Professional Camera 4K has you covered.

Broadcast Studio Camera

Broadcast studio cameras are the workhorse of any live production. They provide a high-quality image, and come with a variety of lenses and features that allow for creative shooting styles. These cameras can be used in both traditional studios as well as multi-camera environments, making them an essential tool for creating dynamic visuals and capturing key moments in any broadcast environment.

4K Broadcast Camera

A 4K broadcast camera is a professional-grade video camera that produces stunningly sharp images in 4K ultra high definition (UHD) resolution. It offers up to four times the resolution of standard HD cameras and provides superior image quality with great clarity, color, and accuracy. The increased resolution also allows for more creative options when editing footage as it provides greater detail and dynamic range.

A 4K broadcast camera is an ideal tool for filmmakers looking to capture beautiful cinematic shots and create truly breathtaking visuals.


Overall, Sony broadcast cameras are great tools for video professionals to capture high-quality videos. They offer many features and options that make it easy to get the perfect shot every time. With their wide selection of lenses and accessories, you can customize your camera to fit your individual shooting needs.

Their ease of use makes them ideal for both beginners and seasoned pros alike. Whether you’re producing a feature film or just capturing home movies with family and friends, Sony’s broadcast cameras have everything you need to create stunning visuals.

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