Micro Ca-25 Digital Inspection Camera

The Micro CA-25 Digital Inspection Camera is a powerful and versatile device that allows users to get an up close and detailed look at hard-to-reach areas. It features a 25 mm color LCD monitor, which provides clear images even in low light conditions. The camera also has LED lights for added illumination, as well as 360° rotating head for easy positioning.

Its waterproof design makes it suitable for use in wet environments such as plumbing applications or automotive repair jobs. This inspection camera also has recording capabilities, allowing users to capture still photos or video clips of their inspections directly onto its internal memory card. With the included cable, users can easily transfer these files to a computer or other compatible device.

The Micro CA-25 Digital Inspection Camera is an essential tool for any homeowner or professional handyman. Featuring a 25mm camera head with adjustable LED lighting, this digital inspection camera allows you to take clear and detailed images of hard-to-reach areas. With its easy to use controls and 2 meter cable length, you can quickly inspect inaccessible spaces and diagnose problems before they become larger issues.

Whether it’s plumbing repairs or electrical work, the Micro CA-25 Digital Inspection Camera is sure to make your job easier.

How To Use The RIDGID® micro CA-25 Inspection Camera

What is a Digital Inspection Camera Used For?

A digital inspection camera is a tool used to visually inspect areas that are difficult to access or hard to reach. This type of camera uses an electronic display for viewing and can be connected directly to computers and smartphones, allowing for real-time remote monitoring. A digital inspection camera can be used in various industries such as plumbing, electrical engineering, automotive repairs, HVAC maintenance, and surveying.

It’s also a great tool for inspecting cracks in walls or ceilings due to its ability to magnify the image up close while still providing clear images from afar. Additionally, they come with LED lighting which allows the user to see even in dark places making it ideal for inspecting pipes under sinks or behind appliances where light may not otherwise reach.

How Do You Use a Ridgid Snake Camera?

Using a Ridgid snake camera is easy and straightforward. To use the camera, simply insert the cable into an inspection port or open area and feed it through to where you need to inspect. The camera head can be rotated remotely with a joystick so that you can get a clear view of whatever needs inspecting from multiple angles.

You may also use accessories such as magnets, hooks and other attachments to help access hard-to-reach places. Once inside, the camera will send back realtime video footage directly on your device for easy viewing and analysis.

Micro Ca-25 Digital Inspection Camera

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Ridgid Micro Ca-25 Extension

The Ridgid Micro CA-25 Extension is an ideal tool for those who are looking for a powerful yet compact solution to their needs. This extension offers up to 25 feet of reach and can be conveniently stored in its own carrying case, making it perfect for jobs that require extra power or access in tight areas. It also features a durable construction and quick release ratcheting mechanism, as well as comfortable rubber grips and flexible joints, so you can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Micro Ca-150 Inspection Camera

The Micro CA-150 Inspection Camera is a great tool for professionals who need to inspect hard-to-reach areas. This camera features a 3” LCD display, allowing users to view images in high resolution and capture videos or photos with its 5MP sensor. The camera also has 4 adjustable LED lights that provide superior illumination and clarity when inspecting dark spaces.

With an IP67 waterproof rating and an 8mm lens diameter, the Micro CA-150 provides detailed inspection of inaccessible places such as walls, pipes, engines, HVAC systems and more.

Ridgid Micro Ca-25 Replacement Parts

Replacing the parts of your Ridgid Micro CA-25 drain cleaner is easy and affordable. There are a variety of replacement parts available for this model, including cables, cutters, blades, drum assemblies and more. All of these components can be found online from authorized Ridgid retailers.

Additionally, many local home improvement stores also carry Ridgid replacement parts that will fit the Micro CA-25 model.

Ridgid Micro Ca-25 Battery Holder

The Ridgid Micro Ca-25 Battery Holder is a great way to keep your batteries organized and protected. It comes with two holders that can hold up to three batteries each, and it features a strong clip that keeps the holder securely attached to any belt loop or pocket. This battery holder also has an extra storage compartment for other small items such as keys, coins, or screws.

It’s designed with a durable construction and weatherproof material so you can have peace of mind knowing your important items are safe from the elements.

Ridgid Micro Ca-25 Inspection Camera Review

The Ridgid Micro CA-25 Inspection Camera is a great tool for any DIYer looking to inspect hard-to-reach places. This camera boasts excellent image resolution, as well as an LED light that allows you to see exactly what you’re inspecting in dark or low lighting areas. The cable itself is very flexible and can reach up to 25 feet in length, making it perfect for a variety of tasks.

In addition, the device features onboard recording capabilities so you can share your findings with others easily. All in all, this inspection camera offers great value and performance at an affordable price point.

Milwaukee Inspection Camera

The Milwaukee Inspection Camera is an essential tool for professionals who work in tight spaces. This camera features a built-in LED light, allowing users to inspect dark areas without needing additional lighting. It also has a 5-foot flexible cable and an adjustable stand that can be used in any position.

Its robust construction makes it ideal for harsh environments, while its waterproof design ensures reliable operation even when exposed to water or other liquids. With its convenient one-handed operation, the Milwaukee Inspection Camera is perfect for inspecting pipes, drains, walls and more!

Ridgid Inspection Camera Extension

The Ridgid Inspection Camera Extension is an invaluable tool for any professional or DIYer who needs to inspect hard-to-reach places. This extension provides up to 40 feet of reach, allowing you to see and diagnose problems without having to crawl into tight spaces. The camera features a 1080p HD image sensor and LED lighting that allows you to capture clear images in dark or dimly lit areas.

With its waterproof design, the extension is perfect for inspecting drain lines, plumbing pipes, HVAC systems and more.

Ridgid Micro Inspection Camera

The Ridgid Micro Inspection Camera is a great tool for inspecting inaccessible areas. It features an articulating 3ft cable, an adjustable LED light and a screen that displays live images in high resolution. This camera is perfect for plumbing, automotive and electrical applications as it helps you identify problems quickly and accurately without the need to take apart complex machinery.

Its easy-to-use design makes it suitable for both professionals and DIYers alike.


In conclusion, the Micro CA-25 Digital Inspection Camera is an innovative tool that can help you save time and money when it comes to inspecting difficult-to-reach areas. It is easy to use and provides a clear image of what you are inspecting. With its various accessories, this product offers great versatility and value for your inspection needs.

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