Lens Case Duo 40

Lens Case Duo 40 is a two-in-one camera case for DSLR cameras and lenses. It is made of high-grade, durable nylon material and has an adjustable shoulder strap for easy carrying. The interior features two removable padded compartments to store a camera body with lens attached, plus one additional lens up to 4” long.

Each compartment can be filled with foam inserts that are included in the box and customized to fit the particular gear inside. There’s also an outer pocket for memory cards or other small accessories. With its lightweight design and water resistant exterior, Lens Case Duo 40 provides photographers with a convenient way to safely transport their equipment while on the go.

The Lens Case Duo 40 is a must-have for photographers of all skill levels. It features two separate compartments that can easily hold multiple lenses, as well as an adjustable divider that gives you the freedom to customize your organization needs. The interior is soft and padded with foam, while the exterior has a hard shell design that helps protect your equipment from shock and scratches.

With its lightweight construction and convenient carrying handle, this lens case makes it easy to transport your gear wherever life takes you!

Lens Case Duo Series – Protective cases for DSLR and Mirrorless lenses

Q1: What Type of Lens Case is the Lens Case Duo 40

The Lens Case Duo 40 is a two-in-one lens case designed to fit two lenses and other accessories. It features a solid, hardshell construction made from shock absorbent EVA foam with an extra layer of padding for added protection. The interior consists of two padded dividers that can be adjusted or removed to accommodate different sizes of lenses and the outside has four pockets which are great for holding filters, flashes, batteries or any other small photography related items.

The included shoulder strap makes it easy to carry around and its water resistant coating will keep your equipment safe even in wet conditions.

Q2: Does the Lens Case Duo 40 Fit All Types of Lenses

No, the Lens Case Duo 40 does not fit all types of lenses. It is designed to hold two small zoom or prime lenses under a combined length of 8 inches (20 cm) and diameter up to 3.5 inches (8.9 cm). The case will accommodate most consumer-level DSLR camera lenses with a maximum size of 70-200mm F2.8 as well as some larger telephoto lenses like the 400mm F2.8 models, depending on their exact size specifications in terms of length and diameter.

5 X 9 Inches And May Not Be Able to Accommodate All Sizes Or Shapes of Lenses

The 5 x 9 inch size of a lens pouch can be limiting when it comes to accommodating all sizes and shapes of lenses. If the lens is too large or has an unusual shape, it may not fit inside the pouch. It’s important to make sure that whatever type of lens you are buying fits securely within the pouch before you purchase it.

Additionally, some types of lenses require special care for storage so be sure to read up on any instructions provided by manufacturers if necessary in order to keep your lens safe from damage for years to come.

Please Check Your Specific Lens Measurements before Making a Purchase

When buying a new lens, it is important to make sure that the lens fits your specific camera. The exact measurements of lenses vary depending on the type and brand of camera you have, so it is essential to double-check these dimensions before making a purchase. Knowing the proper measurements for your camera will ensure that you get the best fit for your needs and avoid any potential compatibility issues.

Additionally, be sure to check other necessary information such as filter size, image circle coverage and focal length range before making a final decision. Taking into account all of this data can help you find a lens that will work perfectly with your camera setup and produce top-notch results.

Q3: Is There Any Additional Protection for My Lenses Included With This Product

Yes, additional protection for your lenses is often included with certain products. Depending on the product, this can include things like a protective case or pouch to keep your lenses safe when not in use, lens caps to protect them from dust and scratches, and even cleaning cloths designed specifically for lenses. If you’re unsure if any of these accessories are included with a particular product, it’s best to check the manufacturer’s website or contact customer service directly.

Lens Case Duo 40

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Think Tank Lens Case Duo 30

The Think Tank Lens Case Duo 30 is the perfect way to store and protect your lenses while on the go. This lightweight case features two separate compartments, giving you plenty of room for both a wide angle lens and a telephoto lens. The exterior fabric is highly durable, providing great protection against dust, dirt, moisture and other elements.

Inside each compartment are dividers made from soft brushed tricot that keep your lenses snugly in place without bumping or scratching them. With its sleek design, this case is ideal for photographers looking for an efficient way to carry their gear safely.

Think Tank Lens Case Duo 10

The Think Tank Lens Case Duo 10 is an excellent choice for anyone who needs to store and protect two lenses at once. This case provides ample space and padding, allowing you to keep your lenses safe from damage while on the go. It features a customizable divider system which allows you to configure the interior of the case according to your specific lens sizes, as well as a durable exterior shell with lockable zippers that provide security and peace of mind.

Additionally, it’s small enough to fit inside most backpacks or camera bags for easy transport. With its high-quality construction and generous storage capacity, the Think Tank Lens Case Duo 10 is ideal for photographers looking for reliable protection for their gear on their travels.

Zoom Lens Case

A zoom lens case is a great way to protect your valuable lenses while travelling. It provides padding and protection from the elements, and helps keep dust, dirt, water and other debris away from your equipment. Zoom lens cases come in various sizes to fit different types of lenses, so you can find one that fits yours perfectly.

They also provide extra space for filters or other accessories you may need on the go. Investing in a good quality zoom lens case will help ensure your lenses have long-lasting protection when transporting them between shoots or locations.

Lens Cases for Canon

For Canon photographers, lens cases provide an essential layer of protection for your equipment. These cases come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit the exact specifications of each lens. The material used is typically durable nylon or neoprene that offers excellent insulation against dirt, dust, and moisture while also offering some shock absorption.

Cases can be found in colors to match any Canon camera body as well as neutral colors like black or grey. Lens cases are a useful tool for protecting your lenses from everyday wear and tear as you travel with them on-the-go!

Lens Pouch

Lens pouches are a great way to protect your camera lenses from dust and scratches when not in use. They come in various sizes, materials, and designs to suit all types of cameras and lenses. Lens pouches also provide extra padding for impact protection if you ever drop your lens or bump it against something hard.

Investing in a good quality lens pouch is an easy way to make sure that your expensive equipment stays safe while on the go.

Small Lens Case

A small lens case is a great way to keep your lenses safe while traveling. It’s lightweight, durable and designed specifically to protect the delicate glass of camera lenses. They come in various sizes and materials so you can find one that fits your needs.

Many feature waterproof zippers and padded interiors for extra protection against bumps and scratches. If you’re an avid photographer or just starting out, having a quality small lens case is essential for keeping your lenses secure on the go.

Hard Shell Lens Case

A hard shell lens case is an invaluable piece of equipment for any photography enthusiast. Not only does it provide a safe and secure place to store your lenses, but the hard exterior also helps protect against dust, dirt, moisture, and other environmental hazards. Most hard shell cases feature foam inserts that can be customized to fit each individual lens perfectly, ensuring maximum protection while still allowing you to easily access your gear.

Neoprene Lens Case

Neoprene lens cases are must-have photography accessories for your camera gear. These lightweight and durable cases provide a safe and secure way to store and transport lenses. They are made of neoprene, a soft, flexible material that is waterproof, dustproof and shock absorbent.

A neoprene lens case also helps protect against scratches when storing or transporting lenses in backpacks or other bags. With its convenient size, an easy-access zipper closure and adjustable straps, these protective lens cases make it easier than ever to keep your valuable equipment safe from the elements while you’re on the go.


In conclusion, the Lens Case Duo 40 is an innovative and convenient way to store and transport your camera lens. It has a modern design that offers ample storage while being lightweight enough to take with you wherever you go. Its padded interior provides extra protection for your lenses during transit.

What’s more, its adjustable dividers make it easy to customize the case for just about any size of lens or combination of lenses. With all these great features, it’s no wonder why this lens case is gaining in popularity among photographers everywhere.

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