Imx415 Camera Module

The IMX415 Camera Module is a high-performance image sensor that offers a wide range of features for applications such as automotive, surveillance, and industrial. The module has an effective pixel size of 1.12 μm, providing outstanding performance in low light conditions with its global shutter technology. It also offers excellent color reproduction thanks to its back side illuminated architecture.

Additionally, the IMX415 Camera Module supports 12-bit RAW output mode and up to 90 frames per second at full resolution making it suitable for high speed video capture applications. With its small form factor (29mm x 29mm) and low power consumption (2W), this camera module can be used in space limited environments while still being able to deliver superior imaging quality even in challenging lighting conditions.

The IMX415 Camera Module is a great choice for any project that requires high-quality video, images and audio. This tiny camera module packs a powerful punch with its 1/2.3” CMOS image sensor and 5MP resolution, giving you stunning visuals no matter the lighting conditions. Plus, it supports H.264 & MJPEG dual streaming to ensure smooth playback of your projects on virtually any device or platform.

With its plug-and-play capability and wide range of settings available, this camera module is an ideal choice for videographers looking for top quality footage without breaking the bank!

What is the Image Quality of Imx415?

The Sony IMX415 image sensor is a highly advanced 1/2.8″ CMOS sensor that provides excellent image quality and clarity with up to 12 megapixels of resolution. It has an active array size of 2688 x 1520 pixels, a signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of 59 dB, and a dynamic range of 74 dB at 10 fps frame rates. Its light sensitivity rating is ISO 400, while its color depth reaches 16 bits per channel in RAW format files.

This allows the user to capture high-quality images even in low light environments. Additionally, it features HDR shooting capabilities and can also record Full HD 1080p video at 30 frames per second for smooth playback on any compatible device or display system.

What is Sony Imx415?

The Sony IMX415 is a 1/2.8-inch back-illuminated CMOS image sensor with an active pixel array of 3840 (H) x 2160 (V). It features high sensitivity, low noise and wide dynamic range in its small form factor, making it ideal for a variety of applications including automotive cameras, surveillance systems and drone cameras. The IMX415 also includes advanced imaging functions such as HDR processing, improved rolling shutter performance and enhanced color fidelity.

Its 12 MP resolution allows for higher quality images without the need to interpolate or downscale from larger sensors.

What is the Difference between Sony Imx334 And Imx377?

The main difference between the Sony IMX334 and IMX377 is that the former has a lower resolution than the latter. The Sony IMX334 has a maximum resolution of 16 megapixels, while the IMX377 offers up to 20 megapixels. Additionally, the IMX334 offers 3×2 binning mode for improved low-light performance with reduced noise levels.

On the other hand, the IMX377 features 4K (ultra high definition) video recording capabilities at 30 frames per second along with high dynamic range (HDR) modes and advanced color reproduction technology. Furthermore, both sensors are equipped with on-chip phase detection autofocus which allows faster focusing speeds compared to traditional contrast detect autofocus systems.

What Resolution is Imx335?

The IMX335 image sensor is an 1/2.8-inch progressive scan CMOS image sensor produced by Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation that supports a resolution of up to 2.1 megapixels (1920 x 1080). It features advanced signal processing technology, such as high sensitivity and low noise levels, resulting in excellent quality images even in challenging lighting conditions. Additionally, the IMX335 supports a wide dynamic range with HDR support for both stills and videos.

The sensor also has built-in motion detection capabilities that make it ideal for security cameras or any application requiring motion tracking capabilities.

Imx415 Datasheet

The IMX415 is an image sensor from Sony Corporation that features a 1/2.8-inch type stacked CMOS image sensor with a resolution of 8MP and the ability to capture 4K video. It also has dual gain output, high dynamic range, and low noise characteristics ideal for applications such as surveillance cameras, automotive cameras and machine vision systems. The datasheet provides more information about its specifications like frame rate, signal to noise ratio, quantum efficiency power consumption etc.

Sony Imx415 Review

The Sony IMX415 is a popular image sensor used in many advanced digital cameras. It offers excellent performance, providing detailed and vibrant images with accurate color reproduction. With its large 1/2-inch size, the IMX415 has an effective resolution of 8 megapixels, allowing for clear and crisp photos even when shooting at high ISO settings.

Additionally, it boasts improved low light sensitivity compared to previous models making it ideal for night photography. All in all, the Sony IMX415 is one of the best sensors available on the market today – delivering great results no matter what you’re shooting!

Sony Imx415 Vs Imx335

The Sony IMX415 and the Sony IMX335 are both CMOS image sensors that can be found in a variety of devices, including digital cameras, surveillance systems, and automotive cameras. The IMX415 is larger than the IMX335 with 1/2.3-inch sensor size compared to 1/3.7-inch sensor size respectively. Both provide good image quality but the larger surface area of the IMX415 allow for more light which results in much better low light performance and higher resolution images than the smaller IMX335 can offer.

Furthermore, due to their differences in physical size, they have different depth of field capabilities; whereas the large surface area of an Imx415 allows for shallow depths of field (meaning subjects closer up appear sharper), an Imx335 has greater depth of field meaning that subjects further away from each other will also remain sharp when focused on together.

Imx415 Usb

The IMX415 USB is a high-performance, low-power image sensor that was designed specifically for use in cameras and other imaging devices. It features an 8 megapixel resolution, a 1/2.3” optical format size, and captures both photo and video images with excellent clarity and detail. The device also offers advanced features such as on-chip color correction matrix (CCM) to adjust white balance automatically under various lighting conditions, auto exposure control (AEC), wide dynamic range (WDR) capture capabilities, digital image stabilization (DIS) support for reducing motion blur as well as built-in USB 3.0 interface for faster data transfer speeds between the camera and computer or external storage.

Sony Starvis Imx415

The Sony Starvis IMX415 is an image sensor that was released in 2017 and is used for a wide range of applications, including security cameras, automotive cameras and drones. It features high sensitivity, low noise and exceptional image quality even in low light conditions. The 1/2.8-inch type backside illuminated CMOS sensor offers up to 2MP resolution with a 2.9 μm pixel size and supports multiple frame rates up to 60 fps at full HD 1080p resolution.

Additionally, it has features such as HDR (High Dynamic Range) support, Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), Digital Image Stabilization (DIS) and Automatic Exposure Control (AEC). With its excellent performance capabilities the Sony Starvis IMX415 is an ideal choice for many imaging requirements today.

Sony Imx415 Specs

The Sony IMX415 is a powerful image sensor that packs an impressive array of features. It has a 1/2.3″ back-illuminated CMOS image sensor with 24 megapixels and 4K video recording capabilities, as well as a high dynamic range (HDR) mode for capturing stunning photos in any lighting condition. Additionally, it offers fast autofocus speeds, improved low-light performance, and advanced noise reduction technology to help you get the most out of your images.

Imx415 Vs Imx477

The Sony IMX415 and IMX477 are both camera sensors used in smartphones, drones, and other imaging applications. The IMX415 is a 1/3” 8MP sensor with an active pixel size of 3.75μm² that uses the same global shutter design as its predecessors but has improved low-light performance due to its larger pixels. The IMX477 is also a 1/2.8″ 12MP sensor, however it features a rolling shutter design which can improve speed at the expense of some distortion when capturing fast-moving objects or scenes with high contrast levels.

Sony Imx415 Vs Starvis

The Sony IMX415 and Starvis sensors are both excellent options for camera systems. The main difference between the two is that the IMX415 has a larger image sensor size, allowing it to capture more detail in an image. On the other hand, Starvis offers better low-light performance than the IMX415.

Additionally, due to its smaller size, Starvis cameras tend to be cheaper than their IMX415 counterparts. Ultimately, what type of sensor you choose will depend on your needs and budget – if you need higher resolution images with good low-light performance then go for an IMX415 system; however if you’re looking for something more affordable then a Starvis system might be right up your alley.


The IMX415 Camera Module is a great choice for those looking for a high-performance imaging solution. Its small size, low power consumption, and advanced features make it an ideal choice for mobile devices and other applications that require portability and convenience. With its wide range of supported image resolutions, frame rates, and interfaces, the IMX415 Camera Module offers users a powerful yet flexible system to capture stunning images with ease.

In conclusion, this camera module is sure to be popular among photographers due to its flexibility in capturing beautiful pictures without compromising on quality or performance.

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