Horseshoe Curve Live Camera

The Horseshoe Curve Live Camera is a live camera located in the Altoona, Pennsylvania area. It is located at the top of an iconic railroad bridge and provides viewers with a stunning view of the landscape below. The camera captures real-time footage of passing trains and rolling hills as they travel through this historic area.

The iconic shape of the curve gives viewers an up-close look at how railroads have shaped our nation’s history since its inception. With panoramic views stretching over miles, visitors can get a sense for how it was to ride along some of America’s most important train tracks during their heyday. Additionally, they may also be able to spot some wildlife or other interesting sights that dot the horizon while enjoying all this pass has to offer from their own homes or devices!

Experience the beauty of Horseshoe Curve National Historic Site from anywhere in the world with the live camera! Take a virtual tour and view breathtaking panoramic views of this amazing geographic formation from all angles. Watch as trains speed by, see wildlife roaming around, and experience awe-inspiring sunsets.

With the Horseshoe Curve Live Camera, you can get a glimpse into one of Pennsylvania’s most iconic destinations without ever leaving home.

World Famous Horseshoe Curve – Altoona, Pennsylvania, USA | Virtual Railfan LIVE

How Often Do Trains Go Through Horseshoe Curve?

Trains pass through Horseshoe Curve in Altoona, Pennsylvania approximately every 12 minutes. This rail line is a major east-west corridor, so trains come and go frequently throughout the day. During peak times of travel such as rush hour or holiday periods, the frequency of train traffic at this busy location can increase significantly.

On average, up to 30 freight and passenger trains traverse the area each day. The historic site also attracts many visitors who use it as an observation point for watching passing trains from different angles along its curves – making it one of the most popular tourist spots on the entire eastern seaboard!

What Town is Horseshoe Curve In?

Horseshoe Curve is located in Altoona, Pennsylvania. It is an engineering marvel that was created by the Pennsylvania Railroad and opened to traffic in 1854. The curve has a length of about 2,375 feet (724 meters), making it one of the longest curves on any main line railroad in the United States.

Horseshoe Curve offers amazing views of downtown Altoona as well as nearby mountains and valleys. Visitors can take guided tours around the curve or even ride along on a vintage steam train!

What is Altoona Pennsylvania Known For?

Altoona, Pennsylvania is known for being a major hub and transportation center in the state. Located along the Juniata River, it was founded by entrepreneur Alexander Campbell as a railroad town in 1849. It quickly grew from just 500 people to over 10,000 by 1860 due to its convenient location at the base of the Allegheny Mountains and on the main line of several railroads.

Today Altoona is home to many attractions such as The Horseshoe Curve National Historic Landmark which features an incredible view of 3 tracks that were used for passenger service during World War II. Additionally, visitors can enjoy outdoor activities like camping or fishing at Canoe Creek State Park or take part in cultural events such as music festivals and theater productions at Mishler Theatre.

Horseshoe Curve Live Camera


Horseshoe Curve Website

Horseshoe Curve Website is a great resource for anyone interested in learning about the history and significance of Horseshoe Curve, one of the most iconic landmarks on the Pennsylvania Railroad. The website provides an overview of the curve’s story, photos, videos and other information about its construction and importance to transportation in America. There are also interactive maps showing how freight and passenger trains use this route today.

Whether you’re a train enthusiast or just want to learn more about a unique piece of American history, be sure to visit!

Horseshoe Curve Virtual Railfan

Horseshoe Curve Virtual Railfan is an online railfanning experience that allows viewers to watch real-time rail activity from the comfort of their homes. The virtual platform offers a live feed of trains passing through Horseshoe Curve in Altoona, Pennsylvania. Viewers can also utilize interactive map tools to track the location and speed of each train as it passes along the curve.

With this unique experience, fans of all ages can explore and appreciate one of America’s most iconic pieces of railway heritage without needing to leave their home!

Virtual Railfan Live

Virtual Railfan Live is an online streaming platform that provides live footage and recordings of trains from across the world. It features a variety of cameras located at various locations, allowing viewers to take in stunning views of train tracks and locomotives as they travel along their routes. With its extensive library, Virtual Railfan Live also offers educational videos on different types of trains and railroads, making it a great resource for anyone interested in learning more about the railroad industry.

Strasburg Railroad Webcam

The Strasburg Railroad Webcam is a great way to enjoy the sights and sounds of the scenic Lancaster County, Pennsylvania countryside. Located just outside of Paradise, PA, this live streaming video feed provides breathtaking views of the trains as they pass by on their route from Strasburg to Paradise. Visitors can also get a glimpse of nearby farms and rolling hills in addition to watching the steam engine puffing along its tracks.

The webcam is accessible 24/7 so you never have to miss out on any action!

Horseshoe Curve Admission Prices

Admission to the Horseshoe Curve National Historic Site is free of charge, however there are additional fees for guided tours and access to special exhibitions. The fee for a standard tour of the site is $6 per adult (18+) and $3 per child (ages 6-17). Access to special exhibits or programs may have an additional cost.

Horseshoe Curve Store

The Horseshoe Curve Store is a unique shopping experience located in Altoona, Pennsylvania. It offers over 10,000 items of nostalgic memorabilia and classic Amish-made products like quilts, crafts and furniture. The store has been around since the 1970s and continues to be a popular destination for visitors looking to explore the history of the region.

Whether you’re looking for something special or just browsing the selection, it’s sure to have something that catches your eye!

Horseshoe Curve Train Schedule

The Horseshoe Curve train schedule is a daily service that runs between Altoona and Johnstown, Pennsylvania. The trip typically takes about two hours and includes stops in Lewistown, Huntingdon, Mount Union, Hollidaysburg and Duncansville. Passengers can view the current train schedule online or at the ticket offices located at their origin station.

Horseshoe Curve Derailment 2022

On June 4, 2022, a Union Pacific freight train derailed at the Horseshoe Curve in central Pennsylvania. The derailment occurred when the train failed to slow down as it approached the sharp curve and skidded off of the track. Fortunately, there were no reported injuries or fatalities; however, some cargo on board was damaged and spilled onto the tracks.

As a result of this accident, Amtrak service through this area was temporarily suspended while crews worked to clear up debris from the crash. This incident serves as a reminder for all rail passengers to remain alert and cautious when approaching curves in order to avoid potential derailments like these.


The Horseshoe Curve Live Camera is an amazing resource that allows users to observe the beauty and movement of a historic railway from anywhere in the world. Its simple setup, reliable streaming, and comprehensive view make it an ideal source for both railfans and those interested in history. This live camera has been helping people keep up with the progress of this engineering marvel since its launch, giving us all a unique perspective on one of Pennsylvania’s most treasured landmarks.

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