Dexis Intraoral Camera

A Dexis Intraoral Camera is a dental imaging device used to capture high-resolution digital images of the teeth and mouth. It includes a camera head, wand, and monitor that allow dentists to view images of patients’ mouths in real time. The camera can be used for diagnosis, treatment planning and monitoring progress over time.

With the help of this technology, dental professionals can easily detect problems such as cavities or cracks in teeth before they become visible with traditional x-ray techniques. Additionally, it provides improved accuracy when compared to traditional x-rays and allows for faster decision making during treatments. This type of device is extremely useful for both patients and dental practitioners alike as it offers an efficient way to diagnose issues quickly and accurately without any radiation risk associated with other types of imaging methods.

The Dexis Intraoral Camera is a revolutionary piece of dental technology that has revolutionized the way dentists are able to diagnose and treat patients. This camera allows for high resolution images of teeth, gums, and other oral structures in order to detect any potential issues or areas of concern quickly and accurately. Not only does this reduce treatment times for the patient, it also increases accuracy in diagnosis and treatments.

Its small size makes it easy to use inside a patient’s mouth while still providing clear images that can be used as an educational tool between dentist and patient.

Dental Multifuntional Teeth Whitening Light Unit M-68 with CCD Intra Plastic Denture Oral Camera and 8 Inch LCD Screen

Dental Multifuntional Teeth Whitening Light Unit M-68 with CCD Intra Plastic Denture Oral Camera and 8 Inch LCD Screen

500 Pieces Intraoral Dental Camera

500 Pieces Intraoral Dental Camera

Universal Dental Intra oral Camera

Universal Dental Intra oral Camera

Superdental led 740 Camera

Superdental led 740 Camera

Universal Dental Intraoral Camera LCD Monitor Holder

Universal Dental Intraoral Camera LCD Monitor Holder

How Do You Use an Intraoral Camera With Dexis?

Dexis Intraoral Camera: Using an intraoral camera with Dexis is a simple and straightforward process. First, the user must connect the intraoral camera to their computer via USB cable. Once connected, they can launch the software provided by Dexis and follow its instructions to begin using the device.

The software will guide users through setting up the camera for imaging, including exposure settings and focus adjustments. After all of these steps are complete, users can take high-resolution images with just one click of a button. These photos can be then stored in patient files as part of their record to enable easy retrieval when needed for diagnosis or treatment planning purposes.

What Camera is Used in Dental Clinic?

Dexis Intraoral Camera: In a dental clinic, the camera used is typically an intraoral or digital X-ray imaging system. Intraoral cameras are small hand-held devices that take images of the inside of the mouth and teeth. Digital X-ray systems use radiation to capture detailed two-dimensional images of teeth and other structures in the patient’s mouth, providing a clearer view than traditional film x-rays.

These systems can also store hundreds of images for future reference and analysis.

Why Would a Dentist Use an Intraoral Camera?

Dexis Intraoral Camera: An intraoral camera is a highly useful tool for dentists, as it allows them to get an up-close and detailed look at the teeth and gums. This helps dentists diagnose problems more accurately, as well as track changes over time. Intraoral cameras also allow dentists to take digital images of the inside of the mouth that can be used in patient education or shared with other healthcare providers.

Additionally, intraoral cameras are invaluable during complex procedures such as root canal therapy, where they provide real-time visuals that help guide treatment decisions. All in all, an intraoral camera is an essential piece of dental equipment because it provides both clinicians and patients with crucial information about oral health issues.

How Do I Connect My Intraoral Camera?

Dexis Intraoral Camera: To connect your intraoral camera, you’ll need to plug the USB cable into a port on your computer or laptop. Once connected, open up the imaging software that came with the camera and follow any instructions to install it. You may be asked to enter a product key or activation code for the software in order for it to work properly.

Once installed, launch the program and configure it so that it can detect your intraoral camera when you turn it on. Finally, make sure all necessary drivers are installed before connecting your intraoral camera directly into an available USB port on your computer or laptop.

Dexis Intraoral Camera Price

Dexis Intraoral Camera: The cost of a Dexis Intraoral Camera varies depending on the specific model you are looking for. Generally speaking, these cameras typically range from around $4,000 to $7,000 USD. Of course, it is important to remember that this price does not include installation and other associated costs that may be required with setting up the camera in your dental practice.

Dexis Intraoral Camera Troubleshooting

Dexis Intraoral Camera: If you are having trouble with your Dexis intraoral camera, there are a few troubleshooting steps that can help. First, make sure the camera is plugged in properly and all cables are securely connected to both the computer and the camera. If this doesn’t solve your issue, check to see if your software is up-to-date and compatible with the latest version of your operating system.

Additionally, it’s wise to run diagnostics on any hardware components related to the camera (such as memory cards). If these tactics don’t work, contact an authorized technician for assistance or reach out to Dexis’ technical support team.

Dexcam 3 Intra-Oral Camera

Dexis Intraoral Camera: The Dexcam 3 Intra-Oral Camera is a state-of-the-art dental imaging device that allows dentists to capture high resolution images of the inside of a patient’s mouth. This revolutionary device provides an easy and efficient way for practitioners to accurately diagnose oral issues, allowing them to provide better quality treatment than ever before. The camera has a range of features such as adjustable brightness and contrast, autofocus in dark areas, and built in flash modes which allow users to capture amazing images with ease.

Dexis User Manual Pdf

Dexis Intraoral Camera: The Dexis User Manual PDF is an invaluable resource for anyone using the popular Dexis software. This comprehensive guide provides detailed instructions on how to set up, use and maintain your Dexis system. The manual covers everything from basic installation and operation to advanced troubleshooting methods and tips for maximizing the performance of your system.

With its clear explanations and step-by-step directions, the Dexis User Manual PDF ensures that you get the most out of your experience with this powerful imaging solution.

Mouthwatch Intraoral Camera

Dexis Intraoral Camera: The Mouthwatch Intraoral Camera is an advanced dental imaging tool that captures clear and detailed images of the inside of a patient’s mouth. This camera allows dentists to gain more accurate insights into oral health problems, helping them diagnose and treat issues quicker and more efficiently than ever before. The Mouthwatch Intraoral Camera also offers enhanced visibility for improved accuracy during procedures, making it an invaluable asset for any modern dental office.

Pro-Sys Intraoral Camera

Dexis Intraoral Camera: The Pro-Sys Intraoral Camera is a high tech digital imaging device that allows dentists to get an up close and detailed look at the inside of your mouth. This camera offers clear, accurate images with no distortion, allowing dental professionals to quickly diagnose issues in hard-to-see areas or identify signs of problems early on. It also helps reduce diagnostic errors, as well as improve patient education about their oral health.

With this technology, patients can feel more confident knowing they are getting the best possible care from their dentist.

Dexis is 3700

Dexis Intraoral Camera: Dexis is a digital radiography system used by many dental practices to capture high-quality images of teeth and other oral structures. It’s known for being reliable, efficient, and providing detailed images with low radiation dose levels. The Dexis 3700 model is the latest version in the Dexis line and provides an even higher level of image quality than previous models.

This state-of-the-art system makes it easier for dentists to diagnose their patients quickly and accurately thanks to its powerful sensor technology.

Dental Intraoral Cameras Compatible With Eaglesoft

Dexis Intraoral Camera: Dental intraoral cameras are becoming increasingly popular in dental practices, and many of these cameras are compatible with Eaglesoft practice management software. This software helps dentists manage patient data more efficiently and store digital images for better patient records, making them a great tool for today’s modern dental office. The integration of an intraoral camera into the Eaglesoft system allows the dentist to quickly view high-resolution images from the comfort of their chairside workstation or even remotely via secure web access.

This makes it easier to diagnose conditions accurately without having to take time away from seeing patients.


The Dexis Intraoral Camera is an invaluable tool for any dental practice. It helps to save time and money, while also providing accurate images of a patient’s mouth. Dentists can use the camera to diagnose issues quickly and accurately, allowing them to treat patients more efficiently.

The camera also helps build trust with patients by giving them clear pictures of their teeth and gums that they can see themselves. With its easy setup, convenience, accuracy, and affordability, the Dexis Intraoral Camera is an excellent choice for any dental office looking to improve their practice’s efficiency.

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