Canon Ew 73D Lens Hood

The Canon EW 73D Lens Hood is a snap-on lens hood designed for the EF 70–200mm f/2.8L IS II USM telephoto zoom lens. It provides extra protection against flares and other unwanted light sources while also helping to reduce glare when shooting in bright conditions. The petal design allows full use of the zoom range without vignetting, and it has an inner ribbing that helps to minimize reflections within the hood itself.

This lightweight plastic hood is easy to attach and detach and comes with a soft case for convenient storage when not in use.

The Canon EW 73D Lens Hood is an essential accessory for any avid photographer. This lens hood helps to protect the front element of your lens from unwanted light and stray elements, while also providing a more aesthetically pleasing look to your photo. Additionally, this lens hood makes it easier to attach and detach filters or other accessories quickly and easily without having to worry about scratching or damaging your lens in the process.

With its durable construction and sleek design, the Canon EW 73D Lens Hood is an ideal choice for photographers looking for quality protection at an affordable price.

JJC LH-73D Lens Hood, Replaces Canon EW-73D

Do Canon Lens Hoods Fit All Lenses?

No, Canon lens hoods do not fit all lenses. The type of lens hood you need depends on the size and shape of your lens – with some larger lenses actually needing multiple hoods depending on their design. Additionally, each Canon camera series uses a different mount system – meaning that if you’re using a Canon EOS Rebel Series DSLR, then the EF-mount versions of their standard line up of lenses will require an EF-mount compatible lens hood.

Do Canon Lenses Come With a Hood?

Yes, most Canon lenses come with a hood. The hood is designed to help prevent lens flare and reduce the amount of light that enters the lens in order to produce higher quality images. It also helps protect your lens from physical damage and dust particles.

Depending on the type of Canon Lens you have purchased, it may include either a petal-type or cylindrical-type lens hood as part of its package. Additionally, many retailers offer additional compatible hoods for Canon Lenses if desired.

Do Photographers Use Lens Hoods?

Yes, photographers use lens hoods. They are a necessary tool to reduce flare and improve contrast in photos. Lens hoods help to block out stray light that may otherwise enter the lens and cause reflections or “flare.”

The shape of the hood also helps to protect the front element of the lens from scratches or other damages caused by accidental contact with objects. Not only do they offer protection, but they can also help increase image sharpness by providing shade for the front element of your lens. Additionally, some photographers will use a lens hood when shooting into bright sources of light such as sunrise/sunset or streetlights in order to avoid glare and ghosting effects on their images.

Do You Need a Lens Hood for a Wide-Angle Lens?

Yes, a lens hood is highly recommended for wide-angle lenses to reduce flare and ghosting. Lens hoods are designed to block out ambient light that can cause unwanted reflections on the front element of the lens and create undesirable vignetting effects in your photos. They also help protect lenses from accidental impacts by providing an extra layer of protection between the lens and any surface it may come into contact with.

Additionally, as a bonus feature, some types of lens hoods can actually add a bit of extra contrast to your images due to their shape which helps improve image quality overall.

Canon Ew 73D Lens Hood


Canon Es-65B Lens Hood

The Canon ES-65B Lens Hood is an essential accessory for any photographer. It shields the lens from direct sunlight, reducing flare and ghosting while also providing physical protection against accidental bumps or drops. Additionally, it helps to increase contrast and improve image sharpness by preventing stray light from entering the lens system.

With its lightweight design and compatibility with a variety of camera lenses, the Canon ES-65B Lens Hood is an ideal choice for all types of photographers.

Canon Ew-73E

The Canon EW-73E Lens Hood is an ideal accessory for your EF-S 17–85mm f/4–5.6 IS USM or EF-S 10–22mm f/3.5–4.5 USM lenses, providing maximum shielding from the sun and other sources of strong light while still allowing full use of the zoom and focus functions. With its petal shape, it not only blocks unwanted light but also reduces flare and ghosting that can occur with backlight shots. Constructed from high quality plastic, this hood features a bayonet mount so you can easily attach it to compatible lenses without having to remove existing filters first.

Canon Ew-52 Lens Hood Review

The Canon EW-52 Lens Hood is an ideal accessory for any photographer looking to protect their lens from sun glare, dust, and unwanted light. This hood has a lightweight design and fits snugly onto your lens so you can be sure your photos are protected in even the most difficult lighting conditions. The petal shape allows greater flexibility when composing shots and its sleek black finish looks great with any camera setup.

Reviews of the Canon EW-52 have been overwhelmingly positive, praising its convenience, durability, and value for money.

Canon 67Mm Lens Hood

The Canon 67mm lens hood is a great accessory for photographers who need to protect their lenses from unwanted flare and ghosting. This lens hood sits on the end of the camera’s lens, blocking out any extra light that could cause glare or other issues with your photo. It also helps reduce vignetting, which can be caused by bright sunlight or other sources of light hitting the edges of your photo.

The Canon 67mm lens hood provides an added layer of protection to ensure you get high-quality photos every time!

Canon 18-135 Lens Hood Size

The Canon 18-135 lens hood size is EW-78E, which is a bayonet style lens hood. This specific size ensures that the hood fits securely onto the camera and helps protect the lens from unexpected elements such as wind, rain, or sunlight. Additionally, this particular size of lens hood also helps to reduce ghosting and flare while enhancing image quality.

Canon Et-77 Lens Hood

The Canon ET-77 Lens Hood is an essential accessory for photographers using the EF 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USM lens. It helps to protect your lens from accidental knocks and bumps while shooting, as well as providing a shield against flare caused by extraneous light sources. The hood also makes it easier to handle the lens in bright conditions, allowing you to keep your focus on capturing great shots without worrying about glare or reflections ruining your images.

This lightweight yet durable hood will help you get the most out of your photography equipment, ensuring that all of your photos are perfect every time!

Canon Rf 85Mm F2 Lens Hood

The Canon RF 85mm F2 Lens Hood is a great choice for photographers who want to maximize their lens’s performance. This hood helps reduce glare and flare, while also providing protection against dust, moisture and scratches. It provides enhanced contrast, sharpness and color saturation when used in bright light conditions.

Additionally, it is designed to be lightweight and easy to install on your camera or lens. With its durable construction and high-quality optics, this lens hood will help you take beautiful photos with excellent clarity and detail!

Canon Rf 16Mm Lens Hood

The Canon RF 16mm Lens Hood is designed to protect your lens from unwanted glare, dust, and accidental impact. It also helps reduce vignetting caused by light entering the lens at extreme angles. Constructed of durable plastic material, this hood mounts onto the end of any compatible Canon EF-M mount camera lens for a secure fit.

The petal shape design allows you to easily adjust the angle and direction of the hood while mounted on your camera body or tripod head. With its lightweight design and superior protection features, the Canon RF 16mm Lens Hood is an ideal accessory for protecting your valuable photography gear!


In conclusion, the Canon EW 73D Lens Hood is a great addition for any photographer looking to enhance their work. It provides excellent protection against flare and ghosting while also providing a more stable grip on the lens. The EW 73D Lens Hood can also help increase contrast and reduce vignetting in your photographs.

With its durable construction, easy installation, and superior performance, this lens hood will be an exceptional asset to anyone’s photography kit.

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