Canon 514 Xl Super 8 Camera

The Canon 514 XL Super 8 Camera is one of the most iconic and recognizable cameras in filmmaking history. It was released in 1965 with a range of features that made it stand out from other film cameras at the time, such as its wide-angle lens, reflex viewfinder, and built-in light meter. The camera used an interchangeable magazine for filming up to 50 feet of film footage at once and had manual controls for exposure settings.

It could also take still photographs using Kodak Ektachrome color reversal film stocks. It was popular among amateur filmmakers due to its relatively low cost compared to professional grade equipment and its versatility when shooting indoors or outdoors. Today, many vintage enthusiasts are still using the Canon 514 XL Super 8 Camera for their projects because of its superior quality results even by today’s standards.

The Canon 514 XL Super 8 Camera is a classic piece of filmmaking equipment that has been used by filmmakers since the 1970s. It’s renowned for its excellent image quality and wide range of features, giving it a great reputation among professional filmmakers and enthusiasts alike. This camera is perfect for capturing stunning visuals on film, whether you’re shooting vintage-style shorts or high-end Hollywood movies.

With its versatile lens mount and robust construction, the Canon 514 XL Super 8 Camera will help you create beautiful cinematic footage with ease.

Canon 514XL Super 8 Camera – Overview & Testing

What Year was the Canon 514Xl Made?

The Canon 514XL was first released in 1971 and was one of the earliest models of Super 8mm cameras. It featured a single lens reflex viewfinder as well as an auto exposure system, allowing for more precise control over the image’s brightness. The Canon 514XL also had an extensive range of accessories that could be used to customize it to whatever filmmaking needs you might have.

In addition, this camera featured the unique ability to record sound directly onto film strip with its special audio cartridge attachment. This feature set it apart from other cameras at that time and made it a popular choice among professional filmmakers who wanted both superior picture quality and reliable sound recording capabilities in one package.

What Film Does Canon 514Xl Use?

The Canon 514XL is a Super 8 mm movie camera released in 1971. It is capable of shooting both silent and sound movies, making it one of the most popular cameras of its time. The Canon 514XL uses the Kodak Ektachrome 64T color reversal film, which produces vivid colors with excellent contrast and sharpness.

The film can also be used for still photography, allowing users to capture high quality images in both cinematic and still formats. Additionally, this particular model has two speeds: normal 8 fps (frames per second) or single frame mode at 1/50th sec shutter speed for stop motion effects.

What is the Frame Rate of Canon 514Xl?

The frame rate of the Canon 514XL is 24 frames per second (fps). It is a Super 8 format movie camera that was launched in 1971 and had several improvements over its predecessor, the Canon 514. The improved features included a new zoom lens, increased battery life and an improved viewfinder display.

The 24 fps frame rate allows for smooth motion capture even at higher speeds due to the high shutter speed and gives filmmakers more control over their shot composition. This reliable film camera has become a favorite among amateur and professional cinematographers alike for its versatility, affordability, quality performance and low maintenance costs.

Is Super 8 Film Still Available?

Yes, Super 8 film is still available. There are numerous places online where you can purchase it, as well as specialty camera stores and photography supply retailers. The film comes in a variety of sizes and speeds depending on what type of camera and look you are trying to achieve.

Prices vary depending on the size and speed but generally range from around $12 to $40 per roll for standard Super 8 film with faster film being more expensive. Additionally, there are a few companies that offer processing services for this format so once your footage has been shot it can be developed into viewable media such as digital files or prints.

Canon 514 Xl Super 8 Camera


Canon 514 Xl Price

The Canon 514 XL is a professional-grade motion picture camera that was released in 1972 and has become one of the most popular models for filmmakers. The original price tag on the Canon 514 XL was around $2,000 USD, although you can now find used or refurbished ones at much lower prices. It’s a great choice for anyone looking to capture high quality footage without breaking the bank.

Canon 514 Xl Film

The Canon 514 XL is a classic 35mm film camera released by Canon in 1967. This rangefinder model has been popular with amateur and professional photographers alike due to its reliable performance, versatility and affordability. Its durable design includes a fixed 50mm lens with an impressive maximum aperture of f/1.8, capable of delivering stunning images even in low-light conditions.

With the option to use manual or automatic exposure settings and easy access to shutter speed and ISO controls, this camera provides users with full creative control over their photography.

Canon 514Xl Super 8 Camera Manual

The Canon 514XL Super 8 Camera Manual is a comprehensive guide to the iconic camera. It includes detailed instructions on how to use and maintain the camera, as well as tips for getting great footage with it. The manual also covers some of the advanced features of this classic film-making tool, making it an essential resource for anyone looking to get the most out of their Canon 514XL Super 8 Camera.

Canon 514Xl Super 8 Camera for Sale

If you’re looking for a classic Super 8 camera, the Canon 514XL is an excellent choice. This vintage model was released in 1976 and offers high-quality footage with its single-lens reflex design. It also has several features that make it convenient to use, such as variable shutter speeds and Auto Exposure Lock (AEL) mode.

Plus, there are plenty of used models available on the market at reasonable prices, making this an affordable option for anyone interested in capturing classic Super 8 films.

Canon 514Xl Super 8 Camera Review

The Canon 514XL Super 8 Camera is a great choice for anyone looking to get into analog filmmaking. It offers an impressive range of features, from its sharp and bright viewfinder to its professional-grade audio capabilities. The camera also provides exceptional image quality and advanced exposure controls, allowing you to create stunning cinematic images for your projects.

With reliable auto exposure and manual settings, the Canon 514XL Super 8 Camera is sure to be a favorite among filmmakers.

Canon 514Xl Ebay

The Canon 514XL is a classic 8mm movie camera from the 1970s that was popular for its easy-to-use features and reliable performance. It can be found on eBay from various sellers, offering different condition levels as well as bundled accessories such as tripods and lenses. Whether you’re looking to start your own vintage film collection or just want some footage with a classic look, the Canon 514XL is worth checking out!


In conclusion, the Canon 514 XL Super 8 Camera is an excellent choice for anyone looking to get started in film making. It’s easy to use, reliable and produces great images. The camera has been around for more than 40 years, so it has stood the test of time as one of the best cameras available for Super 8 filmmaking.

With its wide range of features and accessories available, this camera can easily be adapted to suit any filmmaking needs.

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