Best Backpack Mount for 360 Camera

The best backpack mount for a 360-degree camera is the Freedom360 Backpack Mount. It is designed to attach securely to any size backpack or strap and can hold up to seven cameras. The mount has adjustable arms so you can get the perfect angle for your shot, and it also comes with an included waterproof case that allows you to take your camera out in wet conditions without worry.

Additionally, its quick release system makes setup and takedown fast and easy, allowing you to capture footage without having to stop and set up your gear again. All of this makes this a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable way to capture amazing 360-degree footage while on the go!

The best backpack mount for a 360 camera is one that provides maximum stability and protection. Look for a mount with adjustable straps, so you can customize the fit to your exact needs. Make sure it has plenty of padding to keep your camera safe from bumps and jolts while you’re on the go.

Also, make sure it’s lightweight yet strong enough to hold up in all types of terrain and weather conditions. With the right backpack mount, you can be sure that your 360-degree footage will come out perfect every time!

Simple backpack mount for 360 cameras! Just get a selfie stick and do this!

How Do You Use the Insta360 Backpack Mount?

Using the Insta360 backpack mount is an easy way to capture stunning, first-person footage on your next adventure. To use the backpack mount, you’ll need to attach it securely onto a suitable backpack or strap. Once attached, simply thread your Insta360 camera into the top of the mount and tighten until secure.

Then adjust the angle of the camera so that it’s pointing in line with your gaze while wearing your pack. With this setup, you can record hands-free videos as you explore nature or take part in exciting activities such as skiing, mountain biking or skydiving!

Does Insta360 Fit Gopro Mounts?

Yes, the Insta360 ONE X camera has a GoPro mount adapter that allows it to be connected to any standard GoPro mount. This means you can attach the camera to virtually any action-camera accessory, including drones and helmets. The adapter is made out of high-grade plastics and aluminum alloy for durability and strength.

Additionally, because the Insta360 ONE X records in 360 degrees, you get a much larger capture area with your GoPro accessories than if you were using just a single-lens setup.

How Do You Mount And Film a 360 Camera?

To film with a 360 camera, you’ll need to first mount the camera securely. This can be done by using either a tripod or mounting it on a flat surface. When mounting your camera, make sure that the lens is aligned in the middle and that there are no obstructions around it.

Once mounted, you’ll need to adjust the settings of your camera such as shutter speed and white balance so that your footage looks good. Finally, once you’re happy with the setup of your camera, start recording and slowly move around in circles to capture all angles!

What is the Best Way to Use a 360 Camera?

The best way to use a 360 camera is to capture the entire scene or environment in one shot. To do this, it’s important to set up the camera at the right height and position so that you can get an even spread of coverage from all angles. You should also take into account any objects that might block part of the view when setting up your shot.

Additionally, if you’re shooting video with a 360 camera, make sure that you move around slowly and keep movements minimal so as not to cause nausea for viewers who will be experiencing your footage in virtual reality.

Best Backpack Mount for 360 Camera


Insta360 One X2 Backpack Mount

The Insta360 One X2 Backpack Mount is the perfect accessory for adventurous videographers. This mount attaches securely to your backpack, allowing you to film hands-free as you explore the outdoors. The mount also features a secure quick release system so you can easily remove it when not in use.

With its adjustable design and lightweight construction, the Insta360 One X2 Backpack Mount is an essential item for anyone wanting to capture their outdoor adventures with cinematic quality video.

Gopro Backpack Mount

The GoPro Backpack Mount is a great accessory for any serious adventurer. It allows you to easily attach your GoPro camera to the top of your backpack and capture all of the action without getting in the way. The mount is made from high-quality materials and designed to be lightweight yet durable, ensuring that it won’t add unnecessary weight or bulk to your pack.

With its adjustable straps, it can fit onto almost any style of backpack, making it an incredibly versatile tool for capturing amazing footage on the go!

Insta360 Third-Person Backpack Mount Bundle

The Insta360 Third-Person Backpack Mount Bundle is the perfect solution for shooting immersive 360° video with your Insta360 camera. The bundle includes a backpack mount, handlebar mount and an adjustable chest harness that allows you to capture smooth, stable footage of yourself while on the go. With these mounts, you can set up shots in any environment and easily move between different perspectives without having to stop recording.

This makes it ideal for capturing dynamic moments like bike rides or hikes from a unique perspective.

360 Camera Helmet Mount

A 360 camera helmet mount is an accessory that can be used to securely attach a 360 degree camera to a user’s headgear. This type of mount provides the user with hands-free access to their recording device, allowing them to capture and share immersive content without being hindered by cumbersome equipment. The ability to easily and quickly set up a shoot also makes this type of mount particularly useful for those wishing to produce virtual reality (VR) media or other forms of interactive video content.

Best Gopro Backpack Mount

The GoPro Backpack Mount is an ideal accessory for anyone who wants to capture high-quality footage while on the go. It easily attaches to any backpack, allowing you to mount your GoPro camera securely and conveniently in a wide range of positions. The mount also helps with stability when mounting cameras, providing clear images regardless of what you’re shooting.

With its lightweight design, it’s perfect for long hikes or other activities away from home where you want to capture memories without having bulky equipment weighing you down.

Gopro Gimbal Backpack Mount

The GoPro Gimbal Backpack Mount is an innovative way to capture smooth and steady footage while on the go. It securely attaches a gimbal to your backpack or camera bag, making it easier than ever to get great quality video with minimal effort. This mount allows for full 360° rotation, giving you the perfect creative angle for whatever shot you’re attempting.

With its lightweight design and durable construction, this mount is sure to be a valuable tool in any videographer’s arsenal.


Overall, the best backpack mount for 360 cameras is one that fits your specific needs. There are a variety of options available in terms of weight, size, and features. Depending on what you plan to use your camera for and where you’ll be taking it, there’s sure to be an ideal backpack mount out there for you.

Ultimately, finding the right backpack mount will give you peace of mind while capturing stunning 360-degree photos and videos with ease!

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