American Monster off Camera

American Monster off Camera is a documentary series that tells the stories of some of America’s most notorious criminals. The show focuses on the violent and often shocking acts committed by these individuals, as well as how their crimes affect their victims and families. It also examines why people commit heinous crimes, and what can be done to prevent such tragedies in the future.

Through interviews with victims, family members, investigators, psychologists and more, viewers gain an intimate look at both sides of these cases. American Monster offers insight into society’s criminal justice system while exploring several different aspects related to crime in America today.

American Monster off Camera is a documentary series on Investigation Discovery that profiles notorious crimes and their perpetrators. Featuring exclusive interviews with victims, family members, law enforcement professionals, lawyers, and other key people in the case – this show shines a light on how these heinous acts affect not just those directly involved but also entire communities. Through each episode viewers receive an intimate look at why these horrific events happened and learn about the psychological aspects of human evil from experts in the field.

American Monster – Leben für die Kamera (Off-Camera) – S3 E10

What Platform is American Monster On?

American Monster is available to stream on a variety of platforms, including iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play Movies & TV, YouTube Movies and Microsoft Store. It can also be purchased or rented through these services. Additionally, you may be able to find American Monster episodes via cable providers such as Comcast Xfinity On Demand or DISH Network’s Hopper 3 DVR service.

Is American Monster Real?

No, American monster is not real. It is a term used to describe the violent and criminal behavior of certain people in America that has been sensationalized by media outlets over the years. While there are certainly some dangerous individuals living in the United States, they do not represent an entire nation or culture.

In reality, most Americans are peaceful citizens who abide by the law and strive to make their communities better places to live.

Is American Monster on Discovery Plus?

Yes, American Monster is available to watch on Discovery Plus. The show follows everyday people whose life stories have taken a dark turn as they attempt to uncover the truth behind unexplained and often unexplainable events that changed their lives forever. Each episode reveals the hidden secrets of those involved in each case by exploring motives, pasts and behaviors that may offer clues to what really happened.

All four seasons are available for streaming now on Discovery Plus with new episodes airing weekly.

Is American Monster on Amazon Prime?

Yes, American Monster is available to stream on Amazon Prime. The series consists of four seasons and each season features a different set of gripping true crime stories. Each episode follows the twists and turns taken by law enforcement as they investigate cases ranging from murder to kidnapping to fraud.

You can watch all four seasons on Amazon Prime for free with an active subscription.

American Monster off Camera


American Monster Episode List

The American Monster series, which aired on Investigation Discovery from 2016-2018, featured a total of 24 episodes. Each episode focused on the case of an unsolved homicide or other serious crime that left its victims and their families searching for answers and justice. Some of the cases explored include the rape and murder of high school student Angie Dodge in Idaho Falls, ID; the disappearance of Florida mother Jennifer Kesse; and the mysterious death of college student Taylor Behl in Virginia.

American Monster Netflix

American Monster is a true crime documentary series from Netflix that features gripping stories of shocking crimes. Each episode provides an in-depth look at the case, offering interviews with those closest to the victims and exploring how each tragic event affected the community. With its thought-provoking storytelling, American Monster has become one of Netflix’s most popular true crime series.

American Monsters

American Monsters are legendary creatures that have been passed down through generations of folklore. These monsters vary greatly across different regions in the United States and often take on characteristics of their environment, such as the Wendigo from the Great Lakes region or La Llorona from Mexican-American culture. American Monsters can be both frightening and fascinating, offering us a glimpse into our nation’s past and exploring themes like fear, superstition, and mythology.

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American Monster on Investigation Discovery

Investigation Discovery has been airing the true-crime drama series “American Monster” since 2016. This show looks into horrifying cases of people who are hiding dark secrets, while providing insight into what drove them to commit such crimes. Each episode follows a different case and interviews those involved, as well as family members, friends and neighbors to gain a better understanding of the events that led up to the crime.

The stories are intense and gripping, making it one of Investigation Discovery’s most popular shows.

American Monster Ashlee

American Monster Ashlee is a true crime documentary series that follows the case of convicted murderer Robert Giese. The four-part docuseries, which aired on Investigation Discovery in June 2018 and was produced by Double A Films, examines the life of Giese and his fatal relationship with 13-year-old victim Amy Allwine, who he brutally murdered in Wisconsin in 2009. Through interviews with law enforcement officers, family members, and other involved parties as well as reenactments of key moments from the trial, American Monster Ashlee offers an insightful look into a complex criminal investigation.

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American Monster New Season 2022

The long-awaited third season of American Monster is officially set to premiere in 2022. Following the gripping cliffhanger at the end of Season 2, fans are eagerly anticipating what’s next for our favorite characters. From mysterious disappearances to spine-tingling suspense, this season promises plenty of surprises and thrills as it dives deeper into the dark secrets hidden beneath a small town’s idyllic facade.


This post has offered a glimpse into the complex and troubling story of American Monster, an unsolved case that continues to haunt investigators. It highlights the power of storytelling in conveying vivid details about a person’s life, even if they are long gone. The lack of closure for this case serves as a reminder that even when time passes and technology advances, some things remain unsolved mysteries.

Despite its tragic ending, American Monster’s story is one that will continue to be told for years to come.

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