35 Spare Tire Cover With Camera Hole

35 Spare Tire Cover With Camera Hole: A spare tire cover with camera hole is an accessory designed to protect your spare tire while allowing access to the rear-view camera. This type of cover has a pre-cut hole in it specifically for the purpose of being able to mount and use a backup camera. The cover generally comes in black or white, and is made from durable PVC material that will keep out dirt, dust, moisture and other elements that can cause damage to your vehicle’s exterior.

Installing this type of cover will provide protection against scratches, dings and wear on your spare tire so that you can maintain both its aesthetic value as well as its performance capabilities.

This spare tire cover is perfect for those who want to add a dash cam to their car without having to drill into the bumper or body. The 35 inch diameter allows for plenty of coverage and the camera hole in the center ensures that your footage won’t be blocked by the material. This spare tire cover also features UV protection, fade resistance, and waterproofing – making it a great choice for all-weather conditions.

Plus, its stylish design will look great on any vehicle!

Should I Put a Cover on My Spare Tire?

If you own a car, having a spare tire is essential in case of an emergency. While it’s recommended that you have one in your vehicle at all times, it’s also important to consider covering the tire when not in use. By using a cover, the spare tire will be protected from dirt and debris while stored away.

Additionally, if left uncovered for long periods of time, the rubber on the tire can become dry and brittle due to exposure to direct sunlight or other elements like rain or snow. A cover also helps shield against potential theft; as leaving an exposed tire may make your vehicle look more vulnerable and attractive to would-be thieves. Ultimately, investing in a cover for your spare tire can save you money by extending its life span and providing additional security for your car.

How Do You Measure a Spare Tire for a Wheel Cover?

To measure a spare tire for a wheel cover, you’ll need to determine the diameter of your tire. To do this, use a measuring tape or ruler and measure from one side of the tread to the other (not through the center). This measurement should be in inches and is usually printed on the sidewall of your tire as well.

Once you have this measurement, compare it with the size options available on wheel covers to ensure that you choose one that fits correctly. Additionally, make sure that there are no existing obstructions such as lugs or valve stems that could prevent installation before purchasing your cover.

How Do You Put on a Spare Tire Cover?

Putting on a spare tire cover is easy and straightforward. First, you’ll need to get the right size of the cover that will fit your tire correctly. Once you have selected the proper size, simply slip it over your wheel, making sure that all sides are tucked in evenly.

If there are elastic bands or straps included with the cover, be sure to secure them loosely around each side of the tire for added stability. Lastly, adjust any ties or drawstrings as necessary so that everything fits snugly and securely in place. The entire process should only take a few minutes and can help protect your spare from damage caused by weather or debris while also adding some style to your ride!

Custom 35 Inch Spare Tire Cover

A custom 35 inch spare tire cover is a great way to protect your vehicle’s spare tire from the elements. It is made from thick, durable material that will last for years and can be customized with any design or logo of your choice. The perfect addition to any vehicle, this cover will keep your spare tire looking good no matter where you go!

Jeep Tire Cover With Camera Hole Mopar

The Jeep Tire Cover with Camera Hole Mopar is a great way to protect your spare tire and keep it looking new. The heavy-duty vinyl construction provides superior protection against the elements, while the camera hole allows you to mount an aftermarket backup camera for added safety when reversing. It also features easy installation and removal, making it easy to switch out if needed.

With its stylish look and durable design, this tire cover is perfect for any Jeep enthusiast who wants to spruce up their vehicle’s exterior!

35” Spare Tire Cover Bronco

The 35” Spare Tire Cover Bronco is a great way to keep your spare tire in pristine condition. Made of heavy-duty vinyl, this cover features a Bronco logo and will fit tires up to 35” diameter. It’s also UV resistant so it won’t fade with exposure to sunlight, ensuring that the cover will protect your spare tire for years to come.

It’s an essential addition for any car or truck owner looking for a reliable way to guard their spare tire against dirt and debris while on the road.

2023 Jeep Wrangler Tire Cover With Camera Hole

The 2023 Jeep Wrangler Tire Cover with Camera Hole is the perfect addition to your vehicle and provides a convenient way to keep your spare tire protected. The heavy-duty, waterproof vinyl material ensures that your tire will remain free from dirt, grime, and other debris while keeping it safe from outside elements. This cover also features an integrated camera hole for easy access when backing up or parking.

It’s designed specifically for the 2023 Jeep Wrangler model and fits snugly over the spare tire without any additional hardware needed.

Bronco Spare Tire Cover With Camera Hole

The Bronco Spare Tire Cover with Camera Hole is a great way to protect your spare tire while keeping an eye on the environment. This cover features a convenient camera hole so you can easily monitor what’s going on around your vehicle, even when it’s parked. It also has UV-resistant material that helps protect your tire from harsh weather conditions and prevents fading due to sun exposure.

The heavy duty construction ensures durability and lasting protection for years of use. Whether you’re using it for safety or just want to keep an eye out, this is the perfect solution for any offroad enthusiast.

35X12.5 Tire Cover

If you’re looking to add a stylish touch to your vehicle, a 35×12.5 tire cover is an excellent option! This type of tire cover fits tires measuring 35 inches by 12.5 inches and comes in a variety of colors and designs so you can customize the look of your ride. Not only does it make your car look great, but it also helps protect against dirt, sun damage, and other wear-and-tear that can occur over time.


This blog post was a great resource for anyone who is looking to add a spare tire cover with camera hole to their vehicle. It discussed the different types of covers available, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each one. It also outlined the installation process step-by-step so that you can easily install your own spare tire cover with camera hole.

With all this information in mind, it’s easy to see why these covers are becoming increasingly popular and why they make an excellent addition to any vehicle!

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