Surface Mount Led Strobe Lights

Surface mount LED strobe lights are lighting products that use light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to create a flashing effect. These lights are often used in emergency and safety applications, such as on fire trucks or police vehicles, but they can also be used for decorative purposes. Surface mount LEDs provide superior durability compared to traditional bulb-based strobes, as well as improved efficiency and brightness.

They require less power than incandescent bulbs and generate very little heat. Additionally, these lights can last up to 100 times longer than comparable halogen devices, making them a great choice for long-term installations where frequent replacement is not feasible.

Surface mount LED strobe lights are the ideal choice for any application that needs a bright, long-lasting light source. These lights are designed to be installed on flat surfaces and provide an impressive amount of light output without taking up much space. They use significantly less energy than traditional strobes and are built with solid-state construction for superior durability.

Whether you need a reliable warning signal or just want to add some extra lighting to your vehicle, surface mount LED strobe lights offer an efficient and cost effective solution.

LB1088-6 Amber LED Surface Mount Strobe Lighthead


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What Type of Power Supply Can Be Used for Surface Mount Led Strobe Lights

Surface mount LED strobe lights typically require a low-voltage DC power supply to operate. 12V and 24V are the two most common voltages used for these types of lights, however it is important to check the specifications on your particular lighting system in order to make sure you purchase the correct voltage. Once you have determined what voltage your system requires, look for a regulated or “switching” power supply that can provide this amount of voltage.

It is also recommended that you use an over-current protection device such as a fuse or circuit breaker in conjunction with your power supply as an added precautionary measure against potential electrical hazards.

Surface Mount Led Strobe Lights Typically Require a Voltage between 12V And 24V Dc in Order to Operate Correctly

Surface mount LED strobe lights are a great way to add extra visibility and safety to any vehicle or workspace. These strobe lights typically require a voltage between 12V and 24V DC in order to operate correctly and provide an effective level of illumination. Depending on the size, type, and purpose of the light, you may need more or less power than this range offers; for example, larger lights will require more voltage than smaller ones.

Additionally, when running multiple LEDs from one source it is important to consider how much current each device needs so that you can select a power supply with enough capacity to run all your devices simultaneously without exceeding its rated output power.


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How Bright are Surface Mount Led Strobe Lights

Surface mount LED strobe lights offer incredibly bright and powerful illumination. Depending on the specific model, they can produce up to 10,000 lumens of light output with a wide angle beam spread of up to 120 degrees. The LEDs are usually configured in strips or arrays that generate intense flicker-free light flashes as long as 60 times per second for optimal visibility.

Additionally, most models run off 12V DC power supplies which make them easy to integrate into existing wiring systems for commercial purposes such as security applications and stage lighting.

Surface Mount Led Strobe Lights Can Offer Up to 1,000 Lumens of Light Output Depending on the Model, Making Them Highly Visible Even in Direct Sunlight

Surface mount LED strobe lights are a great option for areas that need to be highly visible, even in direct sunlight. These lights offer up to 1,000 lumens of light output, making them bright enough to draw attention and clearly illuminate their surroundings. Additionally, these lights are usually long-lasting with a lifespan of over 50,000 hours – so you don’t have to worry about replacing them anytime soon!

They also have various features such as adjustable flashrates or dimming capabilities and can be used indoors or outdoors. All in all they make an excellent choice for any application requiring high visibility lighting that stands out from the crowd.


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What Type of Mounting Options are Available for Surface Mount Led Strobe Lights

Surface mount LED strobe lights are a great choice for any environment that needs an efficient and reliable form of warning lighting. They come with a wide variety of mounting options, including flush-mounting, pole-mounting, wall-mounting and rail-mounting. Flush mounted LED strobes can be installed directly into the ceiling or surface by drilling small holes in the material.

Pole mounts allow you to attach your light to existing poles or posts while wall mounts provide flexibility in placement by allowing you to affix them directly onto walls or other vertical surfaces. For installations on horizontal surfaces such as ceilings, rail mounts allow you to use standard T-bar rails for installation without having to drill any additional holes. All mounting types offer secure attachment and stability so your lights will stay securely in place no matter what type of environment they’re used in.

Depending on the Model, There May Be Various Mounting Options Such As Screw-In Or Adhesive Backing Plates That Allow You to Easily Install Your Surface Mounted Light Anywhere You Need It Without Having to Drill Any Holes into Walls Or Other Surfaces

Surface mounted lights provide a great way to easily add lighting without the hassle of having to drill holes into walls or other surfaces. Depending on the model, most surface mounted light fixtures come with mounting options such as screw-in or adhesive backing plates that allow you to securely install your light in any desired location. This makes it possible for you to quickly and easily set up a well-lit area anywhere in your home, business, or outdoor space without the need for tools.

With the right mounting option, you can also be sure that your surface mounted lights will stay safe and secure no matter where they are installed.

Surface Mount Led Strobe Lights


Surface Mount Amber Led Strobe Lights

Surface Mount Amber Led Strobe Lights are an efficient and cost-effective way to increase visibility and safety in any environment. They provide a bright, strobing light that can be seen from great distances and are designed for use in both indoor and outdoor applications. These lights utilize low power consumption LEDs, making them energy-efficient while still providing the same intense luminescence of traditional halogen bulbs.

With their robust construction, these lights are highly durable and weather resistant so they can withstand harsh environmental conditions without compromising performance or reliability.

Grill Strobe Lights for Trucks

Grill strobe lights for trucks are a great way to add safety and visibility to your vehicle. These lights mount onto the grille of your truck, acting as both an emergency warning light and additional lighting source when driving in low-light conditions. Grill strobe lights can be used for construction work or other jobs that require extra visibility on the road.

They provide up to 30 times more brightness than traditional headlights, making them perfect for staying visible in nighttime traffic or bad weather conditions.

Led Grill Strobe Lights

Led Grill Strobe Lights are a great way to add style and safety to your vehicle. They offer bright, long-lasting lighting that is much brighter than traditional halogen or incandescent lighting. LED lights come in many different styles and colors, allowing you to customize the look of your car with ease.

Their low power consumption also means they don’t drain your battery like other types of lighting would, making them an economical choice for any driver who wants their car to stand out on the road!

Slim Led Strobe Light

Slim LED strobe lights are becoming increasingly popular due to their efficient design and energy-saving capabilities. These type of lights use less electricity than traditional halogen bulbs, making them a more cost effective lighting solution. Additionally, the slim design allows for easy installation in tight spaces or even on walls or ceilings.

With a wide range of colors and settings available, these versatile lights can be used to create exciting visuals for any event.

Surface Mount Led Lights Automotive

Surface mount LED lights are a great way to upgrade your vehicle’s lighting system and add some style. They offer superior brightness compared to traditional halogen bulbs, while consuming less power and generating less heat, meaning they can last longer. Surface mount LED automotive lights also come in many different shapes and sizes so you can find the perfect fit for your car or truck.

With their improved performance and sleek design, surface mount LED lights are an ideal choice for any driver looking to enhance the look of their ride.

Vehicle Led Strobe Lights

Vehicle LED strobe lights are becoming increasingly popular among motorists looking to increase their visibility and safety on the road. These high-intensity, long-lasting lights provide a highly visible signal of your presence that can be seen even in foggy or rainy conditions. They have several different flashing patterns, allowing you to customize the lighting for specific scenarios such as driving in traffic or heavy weather.

Additionally, they use less power than traditional halogen bulbs and require less maintenance over time. With all these benefits, it’s no wonder vehicle LED strobe lights are rapidly becoming an essential part of any driver’s toolkit!


Overall, Surface Mount LED Strobe Lights offer a variety of advantages over traditional strobe lights. They require less power to operate and can be programmed with different brightness settings and colors. Moreover, they are easy to install and have long-lasting durability.

With their many benefits, it is clear that surface mount LED strobe lights are an excellent choice for any lighting project or application.

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