Samyang Vdslr Lens Kit

The Samyang VDSLR Lens Kit is a great choice for photographers looking to get the most out of their DSLR camera. It includes three lenses: a 24mm F1.4, 35mm F1.4 and 85mm F1.4, all with fast maximum aperture ratings that provide excellent low light performance and shallow depth of field effects. The kit also comes with an adjustable lens hood which helps reduce flare from bright lights sources as well as prevent moisture from entering the lens barrel when shooting outdoors in humid conditions.

Additionally, each lens features multi-layer anti-reflection coatings for improved clarity and color accuracy in both photos and videos taken with this set up. Overall, this VDSLR Lens Kit provides amazing image quality at an affordable price point making it perfect for any photographer looking to take their images to the next level!

The Samyang VDSLR Lens Kit is perfect for any photographer looking to expand their lens collection. The kit includes three lenses – a 24mm, 35mm and 50mm – giving you the flexibility to capture both wide angle and telephoto shots with ease. All three lenses are made from high-quality glass, ensuring crisp images in any light conditions.

Plus, each lens is designed to be lightweight and compact for easy transportability when shooting on location or traveling. With this kit at your disposal, you’ll have everything you need to take stunning photos that really stand out!

Samyang VDSLR II Cine Lens Kit Mini Review 14 24 35 50 85 135 mm

What is Vdslr Lens?

A VDSLR lens is a type of interchangeable lens made specifically for use with digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras. Unlike traditional lenses, which are designed to work with film cameras, these lenses feature an electronic interface that allows them to be used in conjunction with digital camera bodies. This makes them ideal for professionals and hobbyists alike who want the high quality images associated with DSLR photography without having to worry about compatibility issues between their body and lens.

VDSLR lenses also offer faster autofocus capabilities than standard DSLR lenses, allowing photographers to capture quickly moving subjects more easily. Additionally, they often come equipped with image stabilization technology, which helps reduce blurriness caused by shaky hands or windy conditions.

Is Rokinon And Samyang the Same?

The answer is yes. Rokinon and Samyang are two brand names for the same line of lenses manufactured by South Korea’s Samyang Optics Co., Ltd. Both brands offer a variety of manual focus, prime and zoom lenses for SLR cameras with various mounts including Canon EF, Nikon F, Sony A, Pentax K-mounts, MFT (Micro Four Thirds) systems and more.

The lens designs are identical across both brands; however the physical construction may vary slightly depending on the mount type used. While prices may also differ between Rokinon and Samyang lenses due to variations in distributor pricing strategies or additional features like lens hoods or carrying cases that come included with some models, you can generally expect similar performance when comparing comparable lenses from either brand name.

How Good is the Samyang Cine Lenses?

The Samyang cine lenses offer excellent image quality and resolution, with very good sharpness and color accuracy. They are well-built, reliable lenses that can withstand frequent use in rough conditions. The focus ring is smooth and precise, with a large range of focal lengths available to suit any type of cinema production.

Additionally, the lens construction allows for minimal breathing when focusing or zooming – making them ideal for professional cinematography work. Overall, Samyang cine lenses are an excellent choice for anyone seeking high-quality optics at an affordable price point.

Are Samyang Lenses Compatible With Canon?

Yes, Samyang lenses are compatible with Canon cameras. These lenses feature a Canon EF-mount, which is the standard mount for most of the company’s DSLR line. The wide selection of lens options available from Samyang includes manual focus and autofocus models that offer sharp optics and great image quality at an affordable price point.

Additionally, these lenses can be used on both full frame and crop sensor bodies, making them a versatile choice for any photographer looking to add some creative flair to their photographs.

Samyang Vdslr Lens Kit


Samyang Cine Lens Kit Sony

The Samyang Cine Lens Kit for Sony is a must-have for any serious filmmaker. This highly rated set of lenses includes the 14mm T3.1, 24mm T1.5, 35mm T1.5, and 50mm T1.5 cine prime lenses to give you the ultimate in professional quality optics and results. With their advanced multi-layer coating technology, you can be sure to get crisp images with vibrant colors every time you shoot with these amazing lenses!

Samyang Vdslr Mk2 Kit

The Samyang Vdslr Mk2 Kit is an ideal solution for professional filmmakers and videographers. This kit includes a 16mm T3.1 ED AS UMC CS lens, follow focus system with hard stops, matte box, shoulder rig, baseplate and more to ensure smooth operation of your camera set up. The lens features low-dispersion elements with high resolution optics that help reduce chromatic aberration while providing sharp images without colour fringing or distortion.

Additionally, the included follow focus system has adjustable tension for precise control over the focusing action as well as accurate marking disks for repeatable settings when switching between multiple shots or lenses.

Samyang Cine Lens Kit E Mount

The Samyang Cine Lens Kit E Mount is a great choice for filmmakers looking to get the most out of their camera. The kit includes four lenses that cover focal lengths from 12mm to 85mm, giving you versatile options no matter the shot. Each lens is constructed with multi-layer coatings and an aperture range of T2.2 – T22, allowing you to create stunning visuals with low light performance and beautiful bokeh effects.

With its lightweight design and robust construction, this cine lens kit is perfect for capturing cinematic images in any type of environment.

Samyang Cine Lens Kit for Canon

Samyang’s Cine Lens Kit for Canon is a great choice for filmmakers looking to upgrade their kit. This lens set includes the Samyang 24mm T1.5, 35mm T1.5 and 50mm T1.5 lenses- all of which feature low distortion, superb image quality and smooth focus pulls with accurate markings ideal for video recording applications. Furthermore, each lens has been designed with advanced optics that help capture sharp images even in low light conditions while minimizing flare or ghosting effects – making them perfect tools for creating cinematic masterpieces!

Samyang Cine Lens Kit Ef Mount

The Samyang Cine Lens Kit EF Mount is a great choice for filmmakers who need a reliable and high-quality lens set. This kit includes four lenses, each with an ultra-wide angle of view that will allow you to capture stunning cinematic shots. It also features 14 aperture blades per lens, making it ideal for low light shooting as well as creating smooth bokeh effects in your video footage.

Each lens is constructed with superior glass optics, ensuring crisp image quality and minimal distortion. The lenses are also compatible with Canon EF mount cameras, giving you the flexibility to use them on any camera body or setup.

Samyang Lens

The Samyang lens is an incredibly versatile piece of equipment that can help photographers capture stunning shots. It offers a wide range of focal lengths, from 8mm to 800mm, making it suitable for a variety of photographic styles and subjects. The lens also boasts high-quality optics with low dispersion glass and multi-layer coating technology, allowing you to achieve sharp images with great color rendition and minimal aberrations.

Furthermore, the build quality is excellent, ensuring durability in all shooting environments. All in all, the Samyang lens is an ideal choice for aspiring photographers looking for a reliable and affordable solution to their photography needs.

Samyang Vdslr Mk2 Review

The Samyang Vdslr Mk2 is an impressive piece of camera equipment, offering outstanding image quality and excellent features for those looking to take their photography game to the next level. Its lightweight body makes it easy to carry around, while its advanced autofocus system ensures that you can capture stunning images in any situation. The camera also offers a wide range of manual settings and exposure modes, allowing users to get creative with their shots.

With such great features at a reasonable price point, this could be the perfect choice for anyone looking for a high-quality DSLR experience without breaking the bank.

Samyang Cine Af Lens

The Samyang Cine AF Lens is a great choice for filmmakers and videographers looking to capture professional-quality footage. Featuring ultra-high resolution optics, wide angle coverage, and fast autofocus capabilities, the Samyang Cine AF Lens provides users with an amazing cinematic experience. With its intuitive design and durable construction, this lens makes it easy to create stunning shots that are sure to impress.


The Samyang Vdslr Lens Kit is a great pick for those looking to take their photography skills up a notch. With its wide array of lenses, it offers versatility and clarity that will give you the best possible results. Whether you’re an experienced photographer or just starting out, this kit has something to offer everyone.

It also comes at an affordable price so that you don’t have to break the bank in order to get started with your own professional-grade lens setup. The Samyang Vdslr Lens Kit is sure to be a great investment for any aspiring photographer!

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