Orbs Caught on Wyze Camera

Orbs caught on Wyze cameras are often believed to be paranormal phenomena. They appear as glowing circular shapes in videos and photos, and have been reported by many people around the world. However, most experts agree that orbs seen on Wyze cameras are simply reflections of dust particles or other objects in the air reflecting light from the camera’s flash or night vision mode.

This phenomenon is known as “reflection orb,” which occurs when a particle absorbs light from a source such as the camera’s LED light, then reflects it back toward the lens and appears as a circle. The vast majority of orbs captured with Wyze cameras are nothing more than this kind of reflection artifact; however, some argue they could also be caused by insects flying nearby at high speed.

Have you ever seen mysterious orbs floating around in your home? Many people have reported seeing strange, glowing spheres of light captured on their Wyze cameras. These orbs have sparked curiosity and speculation among paranormal investigators who believe they could be evidence of the supernatural.

While many experts remain skeptical, some theorize that these unexplained phenomena could be spiritual entities or even extraterrestrial beings visiting our world. It’s an intriguing mystery that may never be solved!

Orbs!? So many caught on Wyze camera 2020

Can You Tell If Someone is Watching You on Wyze Camera?

Yes, you can tell if someone is watching you on a Wyze camera. The camera has motion detection technology which will alert you when it detects any movement in the room or area it’s monitoring. You’ll also receive notifications for sound detections as well, so if anyone speaks or makes noise near the camera, you’ll be alerted about that too.

Additionally, Wyze cameras have two-way audio and video capabilities so that you can actually talk to whomever is near your camera from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. This allows for real-time communication between yourself and whoever may be around your Wyze Camera at any given time.

What are the White Things Floating in the Air on My Camera?

The white things that you are seeing on your camera can be caused by a variety of factors. It could be dust particles, pollen, moisture or even insects that have made their way into the lens area. If the objects appear to move around when you pan the camera, it is likely due to air currents carrying the particles through the space.

You can try wiping down your lens with a clean cloth and then use compressed air to remove any trapped dirt or debris that could be causing interference. Additionally, if you suspect moisture in your lens area, using an anti-fog solution may help reduce fogging up of your lenses.

Can Wyze Outdoor Camera Be Hacked?

Yes, Wyze outdoor cameras can be hacked. It is important to note that the risk of being hacked increases with any technology connected to the internet. However, Wyze does have several safety measures in place to protect its customers from potential hackers.

The camera utilizes a secure connection and encryption protocols for data transmission security. Additionally, all firmware updates are signed with an authentication certificate before installation which prevents malicious code from being installed on your system. Finally, it is recommended that you use strong passwords as this will also help reduce the chances of someone gaining access to your device or network.

Are Wyze Cameras Safe?

Wyze cameras are incredibly safe and secure. They use end-to-end encryption for all of their video streams, meaning that the data is encrypted from the camera to your device, so it can’t be intercepted by a third party on its way. Additionally, Wyze cameras have two-factor authentication set up to ensure that only you can access the live feeds and recordings stored in their cloud storage system.

Furthermore, they also offer an option to turn off remote access when not needed which further limits any potential security risk.


In conclusion, the orbs caught on Wyze camera can be attributed to a variety of causes from dust particles to bugs. Although it is difficult to determine the exact cause without further investigation or analysis, there are many potential explanations for this phenomenon. It is important to remember that most of these occurrences are harmless and nothing more than an interesting sight for viewers.

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