Motor Cycle Camera Rigging

Motor cycle camera rigging is the process of attaching a camera to a motorcycle in order to capture footage from the rider’s perspective. This type of setup can be used for creating documentaries, movies, commercials, events or simply capturing amazing shots while riding on two wheels. A variety of rigs and mounting systems are available that can securely attach cameras to motorcycles with minimal vibration and movement.

Commonly used items include suction cups and tie-down straps with quick release buckles. Additionally, there are many specialty brackets available that attach directly onto your bike such as handlebar mounts or windshield mounts so you don’t have to worry about losing any pieces during your ride!

Motorcycle camera rigging provides a unique way for filmmakers to capture stunning footage from the back of a motorcycle. By utilizing special rigs and mounts, cameras are securely attached to motorcycles, allowing the operator to record fast-paced action shots or steady tracking shots with ease. With this technique, it’s possible to achieve incredible angles that aren’t available using traditional methods.

Whether filming on location in an urban cityscape or cruising through the countryside, motorcycle camera rigging is an invaluable tool for capturing dynamic images and creating truly cinematic experiences.

Where Should I Mount My Camera on My Motorcycle?

When it comes to mounting your camera on a motorcycle, the best place is usually in line with the handlebars, or just behind them. This will give you an unobstructed view of the road and any obstacles that may be ahead. You should also make sure that the mount is secure enough so that there is no risk of it becoming dislodged during sudden movements or when riding over rough terrain.

Additionally, if possible try to find a mount which allows for some flexibility in terms of movement, as this can help ensure you capture all angles while riding. Finally, make sure to invest in quality accessories such as straps and cases designed specifically for cameras mounted on motorcycles – these will keep your camera safe from vibrations and other environmental factors while out on the road.

How Do You Record Yourself Riding a Motorcycle?

To record yourself riding a motorcycle, you’ll need to invest in the appropriate recording equipment. First and foremost, you’ll want a reliable camera that is capable of capturing high-quality video footage from multiple angles. To get the best results, use a GoPro HERO8 or similar action camera with built-in image stabilization and waterproof capabilities.

Next, mount your camera securely on your bike using an adhesive mounting system or handlebar clamp for stability while riding. Finally, make sure you have adequate lighting so that the footage can be seen clearly when playing back the recordings. Once everything is set up properly, hit the road and enjoy!

How Do You Carry a Camera on a Motorcycle?

When carrying a camera on a motorcycle, it is important to make sure the camera is secured and safe from any potential damage. If you are using a DSLR or other large-bodied camera, then it’s best to invest in a specialized backpack or bag that can be mounted onto the bike itself. This will keep your gear safe and secure during long rides.

For smaller cameras such as point-and-shoots, you may want to look into small pouches that attach directly onto the handlebars for easy access. Additionally, if possible try to find cases with additional padding for extra protection against vibrations and impacts while riding. With these items properly attached, you should now be able to safely carry your camera on your next biking adventure!

Where Do You Mount a 360 Camera on a Motorcycle?

When mounting a 360 camera on a motorcycle, it is important to make sure that the camera is securely mounted in order to avoid any potential damage or accidents. The best place for the camera mount is at the center of the handlebars, as this provides an unobstructed view of both sides and front of your bike. Be sure to use appropriate hardware such as sturdy screws and bolts when securing the mount onto your handlebars.

It may also be necessary to use additional straps or bungee cords in order to secure it further. Additionally, if you are using an action camera like a GoPro with its own waterproof casing, make sure that all seals are properly secured before riding off!

Camera Mount for Motorcycle Helmet

A camera mount for a motorcycle helmet is an essential tool that allows you to capture the amazing sights and sounds of your ride. It helps you take professional-looking video footage on your journey, allowing you to share incredible memories with family and friends. With modern mounts designed to fit securely onto most helmets, it is easy to attach a GoPro or other camera so that you can film from the perfect angle at any time during your ride.

Motorcycle Camera 360

Motorcycle Camera 360 is a revolutionary new product that allows motorcycle riders to capture stunning, high-definition video of their rides. This camera can be easily mounted on any type of helmet and captures footage from all angles using an ultra-wide angle lens. With features such as GPS location tracking, seamless loop recording, and the ability to take still photos while riding, Motorcycle Camera 360 provides an unparalleled experience for motorcycle riders looking for a way to document and share their adventures.

Ram Mount Motorcycle

Ram Mount Motorcycle is a great choice for those looking to securely mount their devices on their motorcycle. This unique mounting system utilizes patented rubber ball and socket technology, allowing you to easily adjust the angle and position of your device for optimal visibility while riding. The mounting hardware is designed to be strong and durable, providing reliable support no matter what terrain or weather conditions you may experience.

It’s easy to install too, requiring only basic tools and an hour or two of your time. With Ram Mount Motorcycle, you can enjoy worry-free rides with all your essential devices safely mounted by your side!

Motorcycle Phone Mount

Motorcycle phone mounts are essential for riders who want to have their device easily accessible while on the go. They provide a secure, stable mounting solution that can be attached to almost any type of motorcycle handlebar and can hold most smartphone sizes. These mounts come in different styles and materials such as metal, plastic and rubber, making them suitable for varying types of weather conditions.

Motorcycle phone mounts also allow riders to keep their eyes on the road while navigating or listening to music without having to fumble around with their device.

Motorcycle Gps Mount

Motorcycle GPS mounts offer riders the convenience of having a reliable navigation system while they are out on the road. These mounts easily attach to your handlebars, allowing you to see directions quickly and clearly without taking your eyes off the road. They also help keep your device secure during bumpy rides and will not interfere with other controls or equipment on your bike.

With a motorcycle GPS mount, you can make sure that you always stay on course – no matter where life takes you!

Ram Mount Gopro Motorcycle

The RAM Mount Gopro Motorcycle mount is the perfect way to capture your ride. It features a durable, shock-absorbing construction that securely clamps onto any handlebars and can be adjusted to fit most motorcycles. The adjustable ball head ensures you get the perfect angle no matter where you’re riding, and its stainless steel hardware prevents rusting in even the harshest conditions.

Plus, it’s fully compatible with all GoPro cameras so you can start recording your rides right away!

Ram X Mount Motorcycle

The Ram X Mount Motorcycle is a great choice for riders who need an all-purpose bike that can handle any terrain. This rugged motorcycle features a powerful four stroke engine, adjustable suspension and long travel shocks to ensure smooth rides over rough terrain. The frame is made from lightweight aluminum alloy which makes it easy to maneuver while still providing plenty of stability.

With its superior off-road capabilities and exceptional reliability, the Ram X Mount Motorcycle is sure to be an excellent addition to any rider’s collection.

Garmin Ram Mount Motorcycle

Garmin’s Ram Mount Motorcycle kit is the perfect way to securely mount your Garmin device on your motorcycle. With this easy-to-install mounting solution, you can easily access and view all of your GPS data while keeping both hands free for riding. Plus, the rugged construction ensures that it won’t come loose or vibrate during rides, so you’ll always have an accurate reading of where you’re going.


Overall, motor cycle camera rigging is a great way to get unique and exciting shots for film production. With the right gear and knowledge of what you need to do, it can be an incredibly fun experience. It’s important to take the necessary safety precautions when rigging a camera on a motorcycle so that everyone involved remains safe throughout the process.

Motorcycle camera rigs offer endless possibilities in terms of angles, movement, and speed which can add an interesting element to any shot or scene in your production.

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