Holga 120 Pan Panoramic Medium Format Camera

The Holga 120 Pan is a medium format camera designed and produced by the Hong Kong based company, IMAO Corporation. This camera was released in 2010 as an updated version of their popular classic Holga Camera. The distinct feature of this model is that it has a panoramic format which makes it ideal for capturing wide-angle shots.

It uses 120 film and comes with two shutter speeds (1/60th sec & B). Additionally, the camera also features multiple exposure capability, bulb mode, built-in flash diffuser, cable release socket and tripod mount which make this camera versatile to use in any lighting situation. Its main purpose is to capture artistic photos with its characteristic vignetting effect due to its plastic lens and light leaks making it great for creative photography projects.

The Holga 120 Pan is a medium format camera that offers both creative and advanced photographers the chance to capture amazing panoramic photos. Featuring an optically-corrected lens and 3 exposure modes, this versatile camera allows for easy control over your shots with its wide angle lens. With its intuitive design, capturing breathtaking scenery or special moments has never been easier.

Whether you’re shooting landscapes or portraits, the Holga 120 Pan will help you create masterpieces!

Holga Panoramic Pan 120 — is it any good?

What Film Can I Use in Holga 120?

Holga 120 is a medium format film camera that has become an iconic part of the analogue photography scene. It can be used with a variety of different films, both color and black and white, such as Ilford HP5 Plus 400 Black & White Film, Kodak Portra 160 Color Negative Film, Lomography Redscale XR 50-200 Color Negative Film and many more. You can find various types of Holga 120 compatible films online or in specialty camera shops for reasonable prices.

When choosing which film to use in your Holga 120 it’s important to consider the type of photos you want to take and what type of effect you want to achieve from your shots. Experimentation with different films will help you decide which one suits your style best!

Is Holga Medium Format?

No, Holga is not a medium format camera. It is an inexpensive plastic camera that uses 120 film and produces images with vivid colors, soft focus and vignetting around the edges due to its low cost plastic lens. The most popular version of the Holga has a fixed aperture of f/8 and shutter speed of 1/100th second, so it’s not ideal for quick-paced photography or low light conditions.

However, some models feature adjustable aperture settings or built-in flash units to help capture better exposures in challenging lighting situations.

How Do You Use a Holga 120 Pan?

Using a Holga 120 pan is quite simple. First, you’ll need to load the camera with your choice of film (120 or 220). Once loaded, make sure that the back of the camera is securely closed and secure any lens caps before shooting.

The next step is to adjust the aperture by rotating the knob on top of the camera body clockwise until it reaches your desired setting. After this, set your shutter speed which can be found on a separate dial near the viewfinder. Finally, press down on the shutter button located at the front of your Holga 120 pan to take a photograph!

What Film is Best for Holga?

For the best results, choose a Holga 120N film that is ISO 80-100. This type of black and white or color negative film will work best with your Holga camera. If you are looking for more creative shots, consider using slide films such as Fuji Velvia 50 or Kodak Ektachrome 64T.

These types of slide films will give your photos bold colors and sharp contrasts that make them stand out from other images. Additionally, some photographers prefer to use disposable cameras when shooting with their Holgas due to the fact they offer a unique combination of affordability and convenience while still allowing you to capture great images.

Holga 120 Pan Panoramic Medium Format Camera

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Holga 120 Pan Panoramic Medium Format Camera Review

The Holga 120 Pan Panoramic Medium Format Camera is a great choice for anyone looking to get into medium format photography. With features such as multiple exposure capability and full manual control, this camera allows you to create interesting and unique panoramic images with ease. The lens produces sharp results, even in low light conditions, making it an ideal tool for capturing landscapes or cityscapes.

It’s lightweight design makes it the perfect companion when traveling or hiking. All in all, the Holga 120 Pan is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a reliable and affordable entry point into medium format photography.

Holga 120 Pan Flickr

Holga 120 Pan Flickr is a popular photography community that allows members to share their Holga camera photos with others. Holga cameras are known for having an unconventional lens and producing images with distinctive features such as vignetting, blurring, light leaks, and stark contrast. Members of the community can upload their photographs to be shared in discussion forums or on the Flickr page itself – making it easy for photographers from all around the world to connect and discuss their art.

Holga 120 Pan Reddit

The Holga 120 Pan Reddit is a medium format camera that produces unique and interesting photos. It has a 12mm plastic lens, which gives users the ability to create dreamy and soft-focused images, as well as wide angle shots with plenty of depth of field. With its light weight, simple controls, and affordable price point, it’s an ideal choice for photographers looking to experiment with different techniques or just have fun shooting creative images.

Holga 120 Pan for Sale

The Holga 120 Pan is an affordable, high-quality panoramic camera that produces stunningly vivid photos. It features a sharp lens, wide angle of view, multiple exposure capabilities and a unique double image effect. With the Holga 120 Pan you can capture sweeping landscapes or creative portraits in large format.

This easy to use camera is available for sale now and makes a great addition to any photographer’s toolkit.

Holga 120 Pan Photos

The Holga 120 Pan camera is a unique, low-budget film camera that produces photos with an interesting, lo-fi style. It uses medium format film and has a fixed lens with two aperture settings – f/8 and f/11 – which result in soft focus images with vignetting along the edges. These features give the photographs a dreamy, nostalgic feel that can’t be recreated digitally.

Holga 120 Pan Modification

The Holga 120 Pan is a modified version of the classic Holga 120 camera, an iconic piece of plastic-lens photography gear. This modification adds a panoramic feature to the camera allowing for wider shots and providing more creative possibilities with each shot. The addition of this feature makes it easier to capture sweeping landscapes and cityscapes without having to buy a dedicated panoramic camera or stitch together images from multiple frames taken with any other type of camera.

It also has improved features like built-in color filters and bulb mode which allows you to capture long exposures, making it even better for capturing low light scenes at night or in dark environments.

120 Panoramic Camera

The 120 Panoramic Camera is the perfect tool for capturing stunning, wide-angle shots. Designed to capture an ultra-wide field of view, this camera takes photos with a horizontal angle of up to 180° and vertical angle up to 100° without any distortion or image stitching. The camera features advanced image sensors and powerful software for creating sharp, vibrant images that are sure to impress!

Holga 135 Pan

The Holga 135 Pan is an analogue camera that has been around since the early 1980s. It is popular among photographers for its unique, low-fi aesthetic and distinct square format which gives photos a dreamy, vintage feel. The Holga also features a simple plastic lens and two shutter speeds – giving users creative control over their images.

Its distinctive look makes it ideal for capturing scenes with character or abstract impressions of nature. Whether you’re looking to capture timeless photographs or experiment with alternative photography techniques, the Holga 135 Pan is sure to provide plenty of inspiration!


The Holga 120 Pan is a great camera for anyone looking to get into medium format photography. It is affordable and easy to use, making it an excellent choice for those just starting out with this type of photography. It’s light-weight design makes it the perfect travel companion, especially when taking panoramic shots due to its full 180° viewfinder.

The ability to switch between standard 6x4cm frames and 12×6 cm panoramic frames ensures that you will always have plenty of options when shooting your next masterpiece. With its unique styling, fun features, and affordability, the Holga 120 Pan can be a great addition to any photographer’s toolkit!

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