Fj Cruiser Backup Camera

The FJ Cruiser Backup Camera is a great feature to have on your vehicle. It provides an extra level of safety and convenience when backing up or parking, since it allows you to see what is directly behind the vehicle while in reverse gear. The camera is mounted on the rear window, allowing for a wide-angle view of your surroundings and usually comes with distance warning lines, making it easier to gauge how much space you need when reversing or parking.

The camera can be used both day and night due to its low-light sensitivity setting which helps make sure that you always get a clear image no matter what time it is. The system also includes audio warnings for obstacles that are detected within close range as well as an auto shut off feature so that you never accidentally leave the camera running when not in use.

The FJ Cruiser Backup Camera is a must-have for any driver looking to add an extra layer of safety and convenience when reversing their vehicle. The camera provides a crisp, clear view of the area behind your FJ Cruiser, so you can safely back into tight spaces or parallel park with confidence. With its easy installation process and wide angle lens design, this backup camera ensures you’ll have the perfect view no matter where you choose to go.

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Does 2011 Fj Cruiser Have Backup Camera?

The 2011 FJ Cruiser does not come equipped with a backup camera as standard, however it is available as an aftermarket option. The camera mounts to the frame above the rear license plate and can be wired into existing wiring or connected via Bluetooth depending on the model purchased. Additionally, some third party vendors offer add-ons that allow for integration of a rearview camera into the factory-installed audio/video system.

Is the Fj Cruiser Ever Coming Back?

Unfortunately, Toyota has announced that the FJ Cruiser is no longer in production and will not be returning. The last model of the FJ Cruiser rolled off the assembly line in June 2014, making it one of Toyota’s shortest-lived models. However, despite its short run, the FJ Cruiser was a success for Toyota as fans around the world loved its classic styling and rugged utility capabilities.

Although there are rumors that an updated version might come out someday, at this time there is no official word from Toyota on whether or not they plan to bring back this beloved vehicle.

What Year Did Toyota Start Having Backup Cameras?

Toyota began offering backup cameras as an option in select 2003 models, but it wasn’t until 2006 that the automaker made them standard on all vehicles. The first model to feature a rearview camera was the Lexus RX 400h luxury SUV, which came with a backup camera as standard equipment. Since then, Toyota has been continuously refining its technology and making backup cameras more widely available across its range of cars, trucks, vans and SUVs.

As of 2021, most new Toyotas come with either built-in or aftermarket options for back up cameras.

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Backup Camera?

The cost of getting a backup camera installed in your vehicle depends on the type of vehicle, the make and model, as well as the complexity of installation. On average you can expect to pay anywhere from $150-$500 for installation, with most installations ranging around $300. If you are looking for additional features such as night vision or wireless capabilities then you could end up paying closer to $600 or more.

Additionally, if your car does not already have a display monitor that is compatible with a backup camera system then it will be necessary to purchase one separately which could add an additional $100-$200 onto the total price.

Fj Cruiser Backup Camera Location

The backup camera on the Toyota FJ Cruiser is located in the center of the tailgate. It consists of an adjustable lens, which allows drivers to adjust their view depending on how far they’re backing up and what obstacles may be in their way. The image from this camera is also displayed on a small LCD screen mounted near the rearview mirror, making it easier for drivers to see exactly what’s behind them when reversing.

Fj Cruiser Backup Camera Install

Installing a backup camera to your FJ Cruiser can be an easy and straightforward process. With the right tools and instructions, you can have a reliable rear-view camera in no time! Make sure to purchase one that is compatible with your vehicle’s make and model as well as any additional options such as night vision or wide angle lenses.

Once everything has been acquired, you will need to run wiring from the back of the car through to the cabin area where you’ll mount the monitor. This should not take more than an hour for most people who are comfortable with basic electrical work.

Fj Cruiser Backup Camera Not Working

If the backup camera on your FJ Cruiser is not working, there are a few potential causes. First, it’s possible that the camera itself is malfunctioning due to age or damage. Another possibility is that the electrical connections between the camera and its monitor are faulty or need replacement.

Additionally, you may want to check if any of your vehicle’s fuses have blown out – this could be preventing power from reaching both components. If none of these solutions work, then it may be time to take your car into a professional for further troubleshooting and repair.

Fj Cruiser Backup Camera Replacement

Replacing the backup camera in your Fj Cruiser is a relatively simple task that can be done at home. The most important thing to keep in mind when replacing the camera is to make sure it matches the model of your vehicle. Additionally, you’ll need to have basic tools such as screwdrivers and wire cutters on hand for installation.

You may also need some electrical tape or solder depending on the type of connection between your new camera and existing wiring harness. Following these steps will ensure a successful replacement of your Fj Cruiser’s backup camera.

Fj Cruiser Backup Camera Upgrade

The FJ Cruiser Backup Camera Upgrade is one of the most popular upgrades for this vehicle. This upgrade allows you to have a clear, real-time view of what’s behind your car while reversing, helping to make parking and maneuvering in tight spaces much easier. It also features night vision capabilities so you can see even when it’s dark outside.

The camera also offers an extended field of view, so you won’t miss anything that might be lurking around the corner or at the edge of your rearview mirror. With its simple installation process and inexpensive cost, it’s no wonder why the FJ Cruiser backup camera upgrade is such a popular choice among owners!

Fj Cruiser Backup Camera Wiring

One important factor to consider when installing a backup camera for your Toyota FJ Cruiser is the wiring. You will need to ensure that you have all of the necessary components, such as power and ground wires, in order to complete the installation properly. Additionally, it’s important to make sure that these cables are properly routed so that they don’t interfere with other parts of your vehicle and cause potential damage.

With careful planning and attention to detail, you can easily install a backup camera on your FJ Cruiser without any issues.


In conclusion, the Fj Cruiser Backup Camera is a great option for anyone who wants to add an extra layer of security and convenience when backing up their vehicle. The camera allows drivers to clearly see what’s behind them so they can maneuver with confidence. Its wide-angle lens captures a full view of what’s behind the car, helping reduce blind spots and potential accidents.

With a weather-resistant design and easy installation process, this backup camera system is sure to provide peace of mind while driving.

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