Canon K35 Lens

The Canon K35 lens is a set of vintage lenses developed in the 1970s and 1980s. They are renowned for their sharpness, wide aperture range, and low distortion. The lenses were made with a 35mm format, making them ideal for cinema cameras or still photography.

The K35 Prime Lenses consist of three focal lengths: 18mm, 24mm & 50mm providing coverage from ultra-wide to normal focal length fields of view. They feature an impressive T-stop rating between 2.3 – 2.8 which enables filmmakers and photographers to achieve great depth of field control even in low light situations without having to use ND filters or increase exposure time due to faster shutter speeds .

The Canon K35 lens is a highly sought after lens for filmmakers and photographers alike. It’s renowned for its sharpness, color rendering, and shallow depth of field capabilities. Its fast maximum aperture allows it to perform well in low-light settings while still producing great images with plenty of bokeh.

The versatility of the K35 makes it a great choice for any type of photography or filmmaking application. Whether you’re shooting landscapes, portraits, weddings, or anything else – the Canon K35 is sure to provide stunning results!

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What are K35 Lenses?

K35 lenses are a type of lens manufactured by the German optics company Zeiss. They’re designed for use in 35mm full-frame cameras, and feature a high degree of sharpness and contrast across the entire image field. The K35s have been praised for their smooth bokeh and natural color reproduction, which makes them ideal for portraiture or any other application that requires excellent optical performance.

With an aperture range from f/1.4 to f/22, they also offer photographers great control over depth-of-field effects like selective focus or shallow depth-of-field shots with a dreamy background blur. Thanks to their impressive build quality and optically superior glass elements, K35 lenses are some of the most sought after pieces of equipment among professional photographers looking to get the best out of their images.

Does Canon K35 Cover Full Frame?

No, the Canon K35 lenses do not cover full-frame sensors. The K35 lenses were designed for 35mm film cameras and are limited in coverage to a 36×24 mm image format. They will work with digital cameras with APS-C sized (23.6 x 15.6 mm) sensors but they cannot be used on full-frame DSLR’s due to their restricted coverage area.

As an alternative, there is also the Super 35 format which covers slightly more than APS-C at 24x16mm, but still short of what is needed for full frame usage.

Do K35S Cover Full Frame?

No, the K35 lenses do not cover full frame. They are designed for Super 35mm and APS-C cameras, which have a much smaller sensor size than a full frame camera. The K35s also come with an image circle that is slightly larger than the required area to cover Super 35mm or APS-C sensors, but it still won’t be enough to cover a full frame sensor.

When using these lenses on a full frame camera, you may experience vignetting in certain areas of the image due to their limited coverage.

Canon K35 Lens


Canon K35 Price

The Canon K35 is an extremely sought-after piece of cinema equipment, and for good reason. First released in 1978, the lens was used by top Hollywood directors like Ridley Scott and John Carpenter to shoot some of the most iconic films ever made. It’s no surprise then that it comes with a hefty price tag – a vintage version can cost anywhere from $2,500 to over $10,000 depending on condition and availability.

However, if you’re looking for something more affordable but still have quality optics that deliver cinematic results, there are modern versions available at much lower prices starting around $1,600.

Canon K35 Lenses for Sale

Canon K35 lenses are for sale, and they are some of the best in the business! They feature a sharp image quality with low distortion, great color and contrast rendition, plus a wide range of focal lengths to choose from. Many photographers swear by these lenses for their reliable performance and excellent image quality, making them an ideal choice for professional or amateur photography alike.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your equipment or just starting out in photography, Canon K35 lenses offer a great option at an affordable price.

Canon K35 Original

The Canon K35 Original is a renowned set of lenses that were created by Canon in the 1970s and used throughout the industry for 35mm motion picture filmmaking. They are highly regarded amongst cinematographers for their ability to capture a unique look with beautiful color rendition, sharpness, contrast and bokeh. Today, these vintage lenses remain sought after among filmmakers looking for that distinctive cinematic feel.

Canon K35 Lenses Rental

Canon K35 lenses are an excellent option for photographers looking to rent quality, professional-grade equipment. Canon’s K35 series offers a wide range of prime and zoom lenses that provide outstanding image sharpness and clarity, even at wide apertures. This makes them perfect for shooting in low light situations or capturing unique perspectives with shallow depth of field effects.

Additionally, renting these lenses is much more cost effective than purchasing them outright – allowing photographers to experiment with different focal lengths without breaking the bank.

Canon K35 Primes

The Canon K35 Primes are a series of lenses that were introduced in the 1970s and quickly became popular among cinematographers. They are renowned for their sharpness, low distortion, and creamy bokeh making them ideal for capturing cinematic images. These lenses feature an advanced optical design with internal focusing that enables precise control over focus placement even at close distances.

Additionally, they have a robust build quality that gives them increased durability and allows for accurate use over long periods of time.

Canon K35 Tls

The Canon K35 Tls is a series of lenses produced by Canon that were used in various feature films, commercials and television shows. The lenses are known for their sharpness, color rendition and depth of field. They offer an impressive range of focal lengths from 12mm to 180mm, allowing photographers to capture wide-angle views or get up close with telephoto shots.

Additionally, the K35s have great low light performance and flare control which makes them perfect for shooting in difficult lighting conditions.

Canon K35 35Mm

The Canon K35 35mm lens is an incredibly versatile and popular piece of cinema optics. It was first released in 1976, and has since become a staple in the industry due to its unique blend of sharpness and clarity. Its wide-angle design makes it great for capturing scenes with depth, while its fast maximum aperture allows users to take advantage of low-light situations.

With its robust construction and incredible image quality, the Canon K35 35mm lens is sure to please filmmakers everywhere!

Canon K35 Anamorphic

The Canon K35 Anamorphic lenses are an iconic set of prime lenses from the 1970s and 1980s. They offer stunningly sharp images, vibrant colors, and a unique horizontal flare that creates an unmistakable look. These lenses also have a long minimum focus distance making them ideal for close-up shots.

The K35 Anamorphics are considered to be some of the best vintage cinema lenses available, favored by many filmmakers for their classic aesthetic.


Overall, the Canon K35 lens is an excellent choice for anyone looking to get into photography or upgrade their current equipment. With its sharpness and smooth bokeh, it brings a unique quality that no other lens can offer. Its durability makes it perfect for any situation, while its price point allows it to be accessible to photographers of all levels.

As long as you take good care of your lens and practice proper maintenance, you’ll have this dependable piece of equipment in your arsenal for years to come!

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