Avigilon Dual Head Camera

An Avigilon Dual Head Camera is a type of surveillance camera that has two cameras connected to one housing. This allows the user to have multiple viewpoints from one location, providing a wide area of coverage with fewer cameras needed. The Dual Head Camera can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications, and offers HD resolution for clear images even at night time due to its built-in infrared LEDs.

It also includes advanced analytics such as motion detection and facial recognition capabilities which helps security personnel detect potential threats quicker than ever before. In addition, it features vandal proof casing making it ideal for locations where vandalism may occur. All these features combine together make the Avigilon Dual Head Camera an excellent choice for any surveillance solution.

Avigilon Dual Head Cameras are an innovative and reliable security solution for businesses of all sizes. These cameras feature two lenses that provide a 180-degree field of view, allowing them to capture images from both ends at the same time. This ensures complete coverage in any area where it is installed, providing maximum protection for sensitive areas or assets.

The combination of advanced imaging technology and on-board analytics enable these cameras to detect suspicious activity quickly and accurately, helping you keep your property secure 24/7. With their intuitive design and easy installation process, Avigilon Dual Head Cameras are an ideal choice for any business looking to upgrade their surveillance system.

Avigilon Dual Head Camera


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What is an Avigilon Dual Head Camera

An Avigilon Dual Head Camera is an advanced surveillance device that can capture multiple perspectives at once. It uses two independent cameras in one housing to provide 180-degree coverage of a given area. The dual head camera offers high resolution video with superior low light performance, as well as integrated analytics such as motion and audio detection for improved security monitoring.

This type of system is perfect for areas where a single camera cannot cover the entire space or when there are obstructions that block traditional views. With its advanced features, the Avigilon Dual Head Camera provides businesses and organizations with reliable protection against potential threats while delivering efficient management of their security systems.

An Avigilon Dual Head Camera is a Camera With Two Separate Lenses And Sensors That Enable It to Capture Two Different Fields of View Simultaneously, Making It Ideal for Monitoring Large Areas

The Avigilon Dual Head Camera is a powerful security device that offers the ability to capture two separate fields of view simultaneously, making it ideal for monitoring large areas. This type of camera features two lenses and sensors that allow it to cover more ground than traditional single-lens cameras, providing an enhanced level of surveillance coverage. With its dual head design, this camera can record video from both angles in one frame at the same time.

Additionally, the dual head camera can be used with Avigilon’s analytics software which enables users to perform sophisticated object searches and track movement over time within recorded videos. The Avigilon Dual Head Camera is a great solution for businesses or organizations looking to monitor wide open spaces while ensuring they have efficient footage retrieval capabilities.


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What Type of Images Does the Avigilon Dual Head Camera Produce

The Avigilon Dual Head Camera produces high-resolution images in both color and monochrome. The camera features dual 1080p resolution sensors that can capture clear, detailed images even in low light conditions. With the WDR feature, the camera is able to compensate for harsh lighting to produce a balanced image with improved contrast and visibility.

Additionally, this type of camera uses advanced analytics such as video motion detection, line crossing detection and object left/removed detection to help identify any potential incidents or threats quickly and accurately.

The Avigilon Dual Head Camera Produces High-Quality Megapixel Images in Both Day And Night Conditions Due to Its Advanced Image Processing Algorithms And Hdr Technology

The Avigilon Dual Head Camera is a powerful surveillance tool that produces high-quality megapixel images in both day and night conditions. Its advanced image processing algorithms allow it to capture crisp and clear images in any lighting condition while its HDR technology ensures accurate color representation regardless of the level of light available. This makes it ideal for monitoring outside locations or areas with low levels of illumination, providing users with superior image quality even when visibility is poor.

Moreover, the camera’s dual head design allows for greater coverage area without compromising on detail, giving users peace of mind that their security systems are up-to-date and reliable.


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Is the Avigilon Dual Head Camera Suitable for Outdoor Use

Yes, the Avigilon Dual Head Camera is suitable for outdoor use. It features a durable, weatherproof design that can withstand harsh temperatures and wet conditions. Its IP66-rated housing protects it from dust and water ingress, meaning it won’t be damaged in rain or snow.

In addition to its rugged exterior, the camera also features advanced imaging technology such as wide dynamic range (WDR) to ensure clear images even in bright sunlight or backlit scenes. Plus, with powerful analytics capabilities like motion detection and object recognition onboard, you can trust this camera to keep an eye on your property 24/7 no matter what the weather brings.

Yes, the Camera Has Been Designed Specifically for Outdoor Use, Boasting Ip67-Rated Weatherproof Housing And Operating Temperature Range from -40°C (-40°F) to +50°C (122°F)

The Olympus Tough TG-6 camera is a great choice for outdoor photography enthusiasts. Built to withstand the elements, it features an IP67-rated weatherproof housing that protects against dust and water splashes, as well as a wide operating temperature range from -40°C (-40°F) to +50°C (122°F), so you can take it anywhere without worrying about harsh conditions compromising its performance. With this rugged yet versatile camera in your arsenal, you can capture stunning images no matter where life takes you!

Avigilon Dual Head Camera

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Avigilon H5A Dual Head Camera Price

The Avigilon H5A Dual Head Camera is a powerful and versatile surveillance solution that offers high-definition images at an affordable price. It features two 4MP HD cameras, allowing for 180 degree views with a wide field of view. Additionally, the camera supports advanced analytics such as motion detection and tampering alarms to ensure comprehensive security coverage.

The Avigilon H5A Dual Head Camera typically retails for around $1,100 USD depending on where you purchase it from.

Avigilon H5A Camera Price

The Avigilon H5A camera is an industry-leading security solution, providing reliable and advanced surveillance capabilities at a competitive price. The base model of the Avigilon H5A starts at around $2,000 USD, making it one of the most cost-effective options for businesses looking to upgrade their CCTV systems. With its robust durability and wide range of features, this camera can provide years of quality service without breaking the bank.

Avigilon Wireless Cameras

Avigilon Wireless Cameras offer superior quality images and video, providing users with maximum security coverage without the need for cabling. These cameras are designed to be easy to install and use and can provide high-definition images even in low light conditions. With a wide range of options available, Avigilon Wireless Cameras are ideal for any type of application where surveillance is required.

Avigilon Corner Camera

The Avigilon Corner Camera is a powerful security solution for businesses. This camera provides superior image quality and clarity, even in low-light conditions. It also utilizes advanced analytics to detect and alert you of any potential threats or suspicious activity at the edge of your field of view.

With its unique design, this camera can be installed in tight corners or other hard-to-reach places that are often overlooked by standard surveillance systems. Additionally, the Avigilon Corner Camera can record up to 180 days worth of footage with its on-board storage capacity.

Avigilon Camera

Avigilon camera systems are high-quality video surveillance solutions that provide superior image detail, accuracy and scalability. Using advanced analytics technology such as facial recognition, they can help organizations proactively identify potential security threats and respond quickly to any suspicious activity. Avigilon’s cameras offer a wide range of features including HD resolution, night vision capabilities, wide dynamic range (WDR), on-board storage and much more.

Additionally, their cloud services make it easy for businesses to access live or archived footage from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Multi Sensor Camera

Multi sensor cameras are a powerful and versatile tool for capturing images in any environment. These cameras are equipped with multiple sensors that allow them to capture different kinds of light, enabling them to take pictures in low light conditions, as well as record video footage with superior image quality. Furthermore, they can also be used for object tracking, facial recognition and other applications where more data is needed than a single camera can provide.


Avigilon dual head cameras are a great choice for those looking to protect their businesses or homes with the latest security technology. These cameras provide superior image quality, advanced analytics capabilities, and an easy installation process. With its two heads, it can monitor multiple areas simultaneously and capture more detail than traditional single-head camera systems.

This makes it ideal for large spaces where you need coverage from many different angles. In addition, these cameras offer night vision capabilities and remote monitoring features that make them even more reliable and secure when used in outdoor settings. Avigilon dual head cameras are the perfect solution for any security needs!

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