Amber White Led Strobe Light Bar

Amber White LED Strobe Light Bar is an emergency vehicle warning light that provides intense, bright visibility in all weather conditions. It has multiple strobe patterns and can be easily wired into any 12V system. This light bar features a polycarbonate lens cover with high-quality LEDs for maximum brightness.

Each module contains 9 ultra bright 3 watt white lights and 4 amber LEDs offering a total of 84 watts of power output per unit making it one of the most powerful warning systems available on the market today. The included mounting hardware allows for easy installation to almost any flat surface or vehicles roof top rack.

Amber White LED Strobe Light Bars are the perfect solution for any vehicle looking to add a unique and eye-catching look. This strobe light bar has an impressive 240W output and is waterproof, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It features 18 LEDs in each of its four lighting zones, giving you plenty of flexibility when it comes to customizing your lighting setup.

The amber color gives off a distinctive glow that will surely draw attention wherever your vehicle goes!

SL-CIG-BAR-LED207DS AMBER WHITE 47" Inch 88W Emergency LED Strobe Roof Security Light Bar Slim

What are Amber Strobe Lights Used For?

Amber strobe lights are widely used as a warning device. They produce bright flashes of light that can be seen over long distances, and they can be installed on vehicles, buildings or other structures to alert people of potential hazards. Amber strobes are particularly popular for use in construction zones, hazardous material transport and emergency services such as fire trucks and ambulances.

In addition to their safety benefits, amber strobe lights also have aesthetic value since they give off an attractive colored glow when illuminated at night.

Can Any Led Be Used As a Strobe Light?

Yes, any LED can be used as a strobe light. LEDs have the ability to rapidly turn on and off with minimal energy consumption, which makes them ideal for use in strobe lights. To create a strobe effect, an alternating current signal is sent to the LED at regular intervals.

This causes it to blink on and off in rapid succession, creating the desired flashing effect. In addition to being energy-efficient and cost-effective, LEDs are also highly durable and long-lasting compared with other types of lighting sources like incandescent bulbs or fluorescent tubes.

What Does a White Strobe Light Mean?

A white strobe light is a warning signal that denotes an emergency situation. It is specifically used in industrial and commercial buildings, as well as on ships and trains, to alert people of hazardous conditions or potential danger. White strobes are typically placed in areas that have been identified as hazardous, such as chemical storage rooms or fire exits.

When activated, the light will emit a bright white flash at regular intervals to draw attention to the area where it has been installed. This helps ensure that everyone in the vicinity is aware of any developing dangers so they can take appropriate action.

What is the Difference between Amber And White Offroad Lights?

Amber and white offroad lights are two of the most popular types of auxiliary lighting for vehicles. While both provide additional illumination and increased visibility, there are a few key differences between them. Amber lights have been specially designed to cut through dust, fog, rain, or snow and increase visibility while driving in inclement weather conditions or at night.

These lights also have the ability to punch further into dense vegetation than white offroad lights do. White offroading lights on the other hand generally offer more overall lumens output which can be helpful when driving over longer distances or in open terrain with little obstructions. Additionally, white LED light bars tend to be more energy efficient than amber LED light bars since they produce fewer watts per lumen output.

Amber White Led Strobe Light Bar


Amber And White Strobe Light Kits

An amber and white strobe light kit is a great way to add additional visibility to your vehicle. These kits typically come with four LED’s, each of which produces an alternating amber and white signal that can be seen from nearly any angle. In addition, these lights are waterproof and shock resistant for increased durability in tough conditions.

With this type of lighting system, you’ll be sure to increase the safety level of your vehicle both on highways and off-road trails.

Amber/White Strobe Lights

Amber/White Strobe Lights are a type of warning light used to indicate potential danger or alert other drivers. Amber is often used to warn of slow-moving or stopped vehicles, while white can be used as an indicator for emergency vehicles such as fire trucks and ambulances. These lights must meet certain standards set by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 108 (FMVSS 108), which regulate the intensity, flash pattern, visibility range, and other factors.

Amber Warning Lights for Trucks

Amber warning lights are a necessary safety feature for all trucks, especially those that are used in commercial capacities. These lights alert other drivers to the truck’s size and presence on the road, helping to ensure everyone stays safe. Amber warning lights also make it easier for authorities to locate a truck if there is an emergency or accident situation.

Amber Warning Lights for Vehicles

Amber warning lights are a type of vehicle lighting used to indicate that there is an issue with the car. Amber warning lights typically appear on the dashboard and are typically yellow or orange in color. Common amber warning lights include headlights, brake lights, turn signals and diagnostic warnings.

It’s important to always pay attention to any amber warning light that appears in your vehicle as they may signify a serious problem that needs immediate attention from a professional mechanic.

Amber Light Bar

Amber light bars are a great addition to any vehicle that needs increased safety, visibility, and security. Amber is the most common color used in emergency vehicles such as police cars, fire trucks, ambulances, and tow trucks. The amber lights provide a warning signal to other drivers on the road of an approaching emergency vehicle or of potential danger ahead on the roadway.

An amber light bar can also be used for utility and construction purposes where visibility is important during low-light conditions.

Emergency Lights Car

Emergency lights in cars can be essential for keeping drivers safe, especially when driving at night or during bad weather conditions. These emergency lights are typically installed in the front and rear of a vehicle, and they help to alert other motorists that a car is stopped on the side of the road. Emergency lights can also be used to signal distress, such as when a driver needs roadside assistance after experiencing mechanical difficulties while travelling.

Furthermore, these lights can also be used to indicate when another vehicle has pulled over ahead of you so that you know it’s safe to pass them.


This Amber White Led Strobe Light Bar is an excellent choice for anyone looking to add a little extra lighting to their vehicle. It has a sleek design, easy installation, and produces bright amber light that will help drivers stay safe on the road. Plus, it’s durable and long-lasting, so you won’t have to worry about needing to replace it anytime soon.

All in all, this LED bar is an affordable way of adding a bit of ambiance and safety to your ride without breaking the bank!

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